Ship among the stars
10 A far off danger part 3
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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10 A far off danger part 3

Colton, the first to turn around, was greeted by a green creature that looked like a large greyhound with the claws of a velociraptor.



Colton didn't quite understand what Kalis said but he certainly understood the urgency in her voice.

'Shit I really didn't want her to find out I had this but che sera sera and all that.'

Colton whipped his hand back and grabbed his handgun after flipping off the safety he quickly and accurately put 2 .45 rounds into the beasts forehead.

'3 on the ship plus 2 here I have 3 rounds left, Better start conserving ammo.' Colton furrowed his brow.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???" from his side Kalis shouted at him with a peeved look on her face while holding her ears.


Colton had long ago suffered from and got used to the sound of gun fire and could only shrug at Kalis' reaction as he bent down and picked up the ejected brass.

'I should start saving these too.'

"Commander, beacon?"

"Yeah I found it, but what is that thing?"

"In my language its called a [Gun], to be precise its a [commander model 1911 .45.] Don't you have these in your tim.... your republic?"

"We don't have anything like that no. We use weapons that use concentrated light."



"Nothing, does the beacon work?"

Kalis toyed with the beacon briefly until it started emitting a blinking red light from the top.

"Yes, I guess it does work. We had better leave before more of those monsters show up."

Kalis slipped the beacon into the makeshift sling holding her arm, and turned to leave before a scratching electronic sound could be heard from the cockpit.

"Survivors of the 'Swi....nse' this is the 'Huntsma...row' again this is the '' cal.... surv..... of the ''"


"Yeah I hear it."

Kalis went to the front and came back with a silver disk about the size of a silver dollar.

"No way! The communicator made it out and someone must be close! come on we need to get higher! the jungles blocking the signal."

With that she sprinted past the bewildered Colton and outside, Colton in turn could only turn to follow after her.

'Damn she's fast.'

Colton struggled to catch up on the narrow game trail. By no means would he consider himself slow but the young officer ahead of him was hauling supreme dicks, her sprint through the jungle uninteruped by bramble and vine alike, until her foot caught on a gnarled tree root and she fell face first into a mud puddle and square on her arm.


Colton helped her to her feet and picked the disk out of the mud handing it back to her. Colton was about to continue the frantic run when he noticed moisture in her eyes, taken aback by the usually strong spirited woman.

"Whats the problem?" He asked before immediatly regretting it, recalling another of his fathers ancedotes 'It's not for men to ask son, your supposed to just know, if you ask you will often times just cause more problems but many times if you don't ask you'll never know what it is you need to do. Lifes just a big bitch of a catch 22.' recalling the words brought a stab of sadness to Colts heart.

"I HATE nature, I HATE being on planet, I HATE pirates like you, I HATE that I need rescuing, I HATE that I lost, I HATE that I wasn't good enough, I HATE that all those people died because of me, I HATE THIS FUCKING PRESSURE, I HATE THAT I HAVE TO LIVE FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T!"

By the end she was bawling with her chin to her chest, Colton sighed and reached out to grip her uninjured shoulder.

"Then we had better get living. A good start would be to get to that mountain, then get off this planet. Everything after that you can face as it comes. Hell, you said it youself, I'll probably be executed here in the next few days, but you dont see me crying. Be the big self motivated girl you are and GET YOUR ASS UP THAT FUCKING HILL, MOVE!" Colton said the last few words with his chest.

Kalis dried her eyes and glared at Colton but turned and started her full tilt sprint back towards the mountain.

The journey that had previously taken them a few hours only took an hour and a half with their desperate new pace. Once they arrived at the mouth of the cave they looked around for a path to go higher but finding none, Kalis took the disk out and put her thumb on it.

"Name: LT. Commander Kalis J. Savor. Activate emergency use, Channel 3."

Again the disk emited an electronic scratching sound before a voice finally came through clean and crystall clear.

"This is the Carrier 'Huntsmans Arrow' calling Survivors of the 'Swift Defense'. Anyone else still alive?"

Kalis almost dropped the disk in happyness before replying.

"This is LT. Commander Savor, acting captain of the destroyed cruiser 'Swift Defense'. 'Huntsmans Arrow can you hear me?"

"We've got you Commander, glad to know someone made it out. Whats your location, condition, and number?"

"We've retreived and activated our beacon, Condition is good with minimal injuries, and number is myself and times one prisoner."

"We have a lock on your beacon we are five days out we will get there as fast as possible to rescue you. Just hang on a little longer Ma'am."

"Will do 'Huntsman'."

"And Ma'am theres someone here who wants to talk to you."

Kalis took her thumb off the disk for a moment and sighed.

"Ah shit. Bailey."

She returned her thumb to the disk.


"Hey sis."

A higher pitched female voice came back through the disk, sharp contrast to Kalis' less feminine stern voice.

"I really messed up this time huh?"

"Could be worse at least your still alive."

"I guess thats true."

"We will be there soon to pick you up just hang in there Kali."

"Aye Captain."


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