Ship among the stars
12 A far off ultimatum part 1
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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12 A far off ultimatum part 1

'Why did he have to survive?'

Kalis was very unhappy to say the least, at no point since getting to the clearing had anyone stopped for even a second to listen to what she had to say, not only that but of the half dozen people to make it off of the 'Swift Defense' one of them turned out to be a certain despicable lard ass Captain.

Said Captain was currently stuffing his face with some form of overly oily poultry, not caring about his appearance and the grease running down his chin. Of the survivors currently in the galley of the 'Huntsmans arrow' Kalis recognized 2 from bridge of the 'Swift Defense', 2 from the 'Swift Heat' being Captain Gene and his navigation officer lieutenant Chaple, and 2 enlisted men from the crew of the 'Swift Defense'. She was amazed to learn that the other survivors had gone without food for the majority of the week they were wrecked on planet. She once again felt thankful for able companionship during the ordeal as she didn't have to go without.

"I can't believe you dragged that filthy pirate out with you Commander! That is beneath an officer of the republic. That's below an enlisted man of the republic! WHAT could you have possibly been thinking?" Captain Gene punctuated his dressing down with a foul smelling belch.

'Don't sink to his level girl just keep your cool.'

"I don't know Captain."

"Oh-ho you don't know?"

'Fucking blowhard.'

"No sir. I do not"

Kalis stared hard at Captain Gene after giving her answer, which infuriated him to no end.

"Why you impertinent little-" Before he could finish the big man was cut off by the P.A. system.

"Lieutenant Commander Savor report to Captain Savor. Lieutenant Commander Savor report to Captain Savor."

'So it begins.' Kalis sighed as she stood.

'Only took her 8 hours too.'

Captain Gene sneered at the young women's back as she left the galley before turning to Lieutenant Chapel.

"That bitch thinks she's hot shit just because her little sister is some hot shot pirate hunter for the government. Once we get to port I'll show her, just wait and see. My father will fix that whole family hehe."

Chapel looked at the fat man and sighed, as he too stood to leave he couldn't help but wonder aloud "Who pissed in your cereal?"


Kalis stood outside a metal doorway and steadied her nerves before reaching out pressing the intercom, she always got rattled when she had to speak to her younger sister.

"LT. Commander Savor here to see Captain Savor."

As the door slid open Kalis couldn't help but to gasp. The Captains quarters on a carrier like the 'Huntsmans Arrow' made living quarters on other warships seem Spartan by comparison.

A curt "Come in." was issued from inside. upon entering Kalis came to a desk behind which was seated a red headed woman who appeared to be 1 or 2 years Kalis' junior.

"Do you know why I have called you here lieutenant commander?" The red haired woman who looked to be about 22 with her hair tied in a tight bun, not even allowing a single stray strand to fall near her sparkly hazel eyes.

"No ma'am."

"I've received orders on what is to be done about this..... incident."

"And what is that ma'am?"

"I am to transport you back to headquarters on Rolinsk where you and captain Gene will be questioned on the failure of your mission to escort the supply convoy to its target. We will arrive in approximately 17 hours."

Kalis couldn't help but to gulp, Rolinsk was the planet on which the republics famously hardcore pirate hunting outfit, the 528th special fleet, had its headquarters and shipyard, the 528th was not known for its kindness towards suspected lawbreakers. Consisting of 13 groups and 24 independent crafts, each of the groups were centered around a carrier, the 528th was renowned for tracking down the worst of the worst pirates, smugglers, traffickers, fugitives, and rebel groups, a large portion of the special fleets renowned stems from its tenacity in hunting these scum and their allowances of its members to collect any outstanding bounties on their targets.

"What's to happen to the prisoner, Colton?"

Captain Savor sighed and pulled one of the silver dollar'esq communication disks out of her desk and passed it across to Kalis, softening her gaze towards her older sister.

"The results of his medical exam and a bit of mankind's ancient history luckily nothing digital is ever really lost. Honestly Kali how did you get tied up in something like this?"

Kalis shook her head and put her thumb on the disk causing the information within to be displayed as a hologram in front of her. What she read shocked her as she never really believed his story. '

After reading through the file she looked up at her sister.

"Can I see him?"

"I should say no but I just can't to you. He's on level D in the brig."

Kalis turned to leave but stopped when the younger Savor called out to her.

"You and I are the only ones who know for now I wiped the memory of the A.I. that ran the test. If higher found out his past they would make a lab rat out of him."

"Thank you Bailey."

Kalis made her way to the ships brig, the Petty officer on duty behind the desk at the entry jumped up upon her entry dropping a still active com disk on the deck.

Having done away with the formality and concept of coming to attention a thousand years ago, Kalis was a little taken aback by the mans action.

"Are you ok Petty officer?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Where is the prisoner from the 'Swift Defense'?"

"Cell 5 ma'am."

As she passed Kalis looked down at the active comm disk and grimaced seeing the naked old woman in the hologram.

'I guess everyone has their kink.'

Kalis walked down the hall until she came to the glass wall with 5 painted above it. Unfortunately inside Colton was laying on a cot asleep with his shoulder bandaged up.

'I was hoping to talk to him before we get back but I guess he isn't healed up yet.'

Kalis watched him for a few moments more frowning before turning and going back to her assigned bunk to wait until the appointed time.


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