Stages of love
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Stages of love
Author :lilsteph
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1 Heartbroken

How will i keep living without him? I gave all of my love to him. He was my first boyfriend, the one i truly loved out of all the guys that asked me out. We promised to be together till the end. We were already planning our future together. Why did he just leave me?

My name is stephanie, a graduate of high school, about to go to the higher institution. 15 years of age with a really matured mind. I started dating at 14 years of age and my mom was in support of it too. I fell in love with precious, a 20 year old guy. We loved each other so much or so i thought. We dated for 7 months until today that he broke up with just cause i posted a picture that i snapped with a guy on my social media account. Is that even enough for him to break up with me? And now i have decided to give up on love, cos after all the promises he made to me he just had to find a small excuse to break up with me. I am gonna try to move on, thank God i have 4 more siblings, they can be my companion. Though they can be stubborn at times, i still love them
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F**K LOVE!!!


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