Stages of love
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Stages of love
Author :lilsteph
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2 Tutorial

Now i'm going to start preparing for my exams in order to get into the higher institution of my choice. I have always loved University Of Ibadan in the city where i reside and the course of my dream is medicine and surgery but the cut off mark is very high for that course in that university and i need to study very hard. I decided to let mom know i want to join a tutorial class

I have a friend in my street named joyce and mom decided to ask her about any tutorial she knows of, luckily she attends a tutorial for UTME exams that is the exam we do to get into the university. Joyce took me to the tutorial center in other to register and i was told to resume lectures the next day
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Next day***

Today being a tuesday, i woke up early because i was excited to join the tutorial, i took my bath, eat my food and dressed up i wore a floral gown with my flat baby shoe and tied my hair in to a ponytail. I quickly went to call joyce in her house so that we counld start going to the tutorial, oh i forgot , the name of the tutorial is Apex Tutorial Center.

We trekked to the tutorial because it is not that that far. When i got there , she took me to her class which is now also going to be my class too and i sat in the front. I am a kind of girl who is shy and doesn't relate with people. Fortunately the students there were nice and friendly and in no time we started in interacting that was when the physics tutor came in. He was a strict man but i enjoyed his style of teaching.

I am a very brilliant girl and i learn things fast and the physics tutor got to like me because i answered every question he asked me. Everyone wanted to be my friend there and then. That was when a handsome guy walked in


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