Stages of love
3 Isaac
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Stages of love
Author :lilsteph
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3 Isaac

The guy's name is isaac. I knew that because he came to sit close to me and i saw it on his book. As soon as he came in the physics tutor(master victor) asked him a question in physics and isaac answered the question perfectly. Everyone was very impressed, there and then i decided to be his friends. We finished physics class and the other subject tutors came to teach us. Isaac was so attentive in class and he answered question well too.
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I couldn't take my eyes off him, well u must be thinking i have fallen for him right? But no, you are wrong, i actually saw potentials in him and i wanted to study him more and make him my friend because i move with people that has a positive idea and that is very brilliant. There was one time he caught me staring though, i just had to smile at him

After the day work, i saw him leaving and i ran up to him. I told him to wait and he waited for me, i caught up with him and we got talking and i got to know he lives opposite my street, we walked together and decided to meet up at my junction so we could be going to tutorial together

This went on for days and weeks and we became really good friends. We read together and sit together, we eat lunch together too. My tutorial mates started thinking we were dating and of course i didn't care because i didn't need to explain and i know i wasn't dating too. It got to the extent that i wouldn't go to the tutorial if he wasn't going too. Probably he was thinking that we i liked him because he started acting more intimate with me, i was really surprised because it got more serious and i decided to ask him about. He said, he thought i liked him and that he liked me too. I was like, 'oh my, you got me wrong , i just take you as a friend in fact i take you as my brother and i don't want you to misunderstand'. After i said that he just left me. I guess he was angry


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