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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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1 Prologue

Seika has found himself sitting in a room, made purely of a white material. He looks around and finds a radiant being sitting in front of him.

Seika: So where am I and how should I address you, I thought I should be dead as the last thing in my memory was me on my death bead.

Seika after saying that had a depressed look on his face as he seemed to remember something sour.

???: Well my child, see you have performed an enormously good deed in your life and have in turn garnered an enormous amount of good karma in your life, and you may address me as father if you would like.

Seika: I'd prefer not utter that term you see…. It brings back many bad things in my mind and I'd prefer not going through those things ever again, but anyways back to my first question is this place heaven or hell?.

???: Well you can just call me God as the other mortals have referred to me by this term and no this is not heaven or hell this is in the realm outside of the universe where I can govern and overlook everything within this universe.

Seika: So God, why have you brought me here to just to tell me my karmic merit, as far as I'm concerned I have done nothing worth noting to be brought in front of you.

God: Well child you see, your mere existence is the real reason why you have such good deeds. You see the reason for all those bad thing happening in your life is due to you inheriting all the world's sins, so after your death all evil was wiped out.

God at this point had a guilt riddled in his voice as he slowly told Seika.


Seika can be seen with tears coming out as God's guilt only worsened after Seika's outburst, he truly felt guilty as such things was simply unavoidable even with his powers, he couldn't control the evil nature of man and he couldn't control who would bring end to the evil of the world.

God: I'm truly sorry child to what happened to you and your mother. I shall let you know that your mother has been awarded the highest place in heaven, so you shouldn't worry as your mother is having a calm luxurious life in heaven and anyways I give you a proposal, I shall allow you to transmigrate or reincarnate into whatever fictional world as you call them as you'd like and I'll even grant you six free wishes to boot.

Seika: So what you are basically saying is that I get to go reincarnate and transmigrate into a fictional world? So those anime and novels aren't fake then?

God: Of course they aren't fake you see those authors who "made up" those stories actually are what you can call seers who can glimpse into other worlds and they just wrote down what they saw and made books about them.

Seika eyes sparkled a bit he couldn't help it as during his torturous life, the only thing that brought a little comfort in his heart was reading and watching manga, novels and anime it made life a tiny bit more bearable.

Seika: I see well I would like to be transmigrated first of all, because even though my family situation you could say was not remotely great I don't want to have someone else as my biological mother and for my six wishes wishes I would like:

A system that could help my grow stronger in my journey

Could you give me eternal youth or where I'll never die of old age

Could you give me the ability to travel between worlds and bring other with me

The ability to fuse bloodlines together

I get to pick the first few bloodlines

I would like to look like a mix of dante from devil may cry and allen walker from D. Gray man with the Noah skin tone with the mark on his left eye with the noah skin tone.

God: Hmmm well I can grant your wishes, but concerning the last three wishes you see, to be able to travel to other worlds you have to gain enough strength, but I can add a feature to the system where it can absorb essence to be able to fuel the transfer, but this process would take time and such weakness can be rectify once you become stronger. The bloodline fusing ability though while I can give it to you, do know that if you have bloodlines of opposing forces such as holy and unholy you will die as the rejection of both forces will explode your body but I think you can come up with a way to bypass that, and for the amount of bloodlines you can pick at first I'll allow you to pick five.

Seika grew excited at the notion of becoming strong and at the fact of being able to live a joyful fulfilling life in the new world.

God: As for the world I'm going to send you first it will be.

((A.N) So um not sure where I wanna chuck the MC oh yeah I already decided on the first four bloodlines which will be the Evil God's bloodline and the Eternal Night Devil bloodline from Against The Gods, The Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline and The All Seeing Eyes of God bloodline from Kekkai Sensen. You guys can decide on the other bloodline and the world he'll be sent to first. My choices were between Akame ga Kill, One Piece, Naruto, Magi?, but not Dragonball sorry didn't want him going to other worlds and being like bang bang to planets ya know and there is a restriction to powers he can use, so he can't use ki, chakra etc when he hasn't visited that world unless he unlocks it from the system and if you're wondering about the Evil God seeds, well he won't have them all and they can only be developed through absorbing the elements themselves or through a bloodline that correlates with the element, meaning he'll have the darkness seed from the devil bloodline and a light seed from the evil god bloodline and even the all seeing eye bloodline. Strength of the affinity toward the element of a bloodline does affect the completion rate of the evil god seeds though as for example an imp will probably only make up 5-10% of the fire god seed.)


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