System in Different Worlds
2 Chapter 2 Hopping into the new world
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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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2 Chapter 2 Hopping into the new world

God: As for the world I'm going to send you first is... well you gonna have to find that out yourself

If you could see God's face you would see he has a mischievous smirk on his face as a hole opens up below Seika swallowing him up.

God: Well I might as well do a little favor for him huh, I'll give him the charm on par with that man hehe, lets see how he would like playing hide and seek for a while.

At this point God had a eat shitting grin that would spook many other gods in all the multiverse as they would give prayers to the person who is the target of him.

Seika at this moment found himself in the forest, angry at the fact that he was sent to a place without knowing where he was sent to, but he was immediately sent out of his thoughts as he hears something.

[Installing System 25%]

[Installing System 50%]

[Installing System 75%]

[Installing System 100%]

[System Installation Complete]

[Host I have been sent here on the command of God to help you on your journey. Would you like me to keep on calling you Host or prefer it if I talk to you by your given name]

Seika dumbfounded for a moment but couldn't help have a sense of happiness build up inside of him, as he knows that if this is all real then maybe his mother is having a peaceful life in heaven. Sorting out his thoughts Seika replies.

Seika: Yes I would like it if you would call me by my given name, as calling me host sounds like I have a parasite growing up inside of me.

[Understood Seika, all you need to do first is call out Status in your mind and you can also just communicate me through your mind, you wouldn't want people to think your are mentally ill now do you.]

Seika: (Status)


{ Name: Seika Genshin }

{ Stats: }

{STR: 10}

{DEX: 10}

{CON: 10}

{SPI: 50}

{WILL: 50}

{INT: 20}

{Charm: Daoist White level}

{ Special Stats: }

{ Bloodlines: 5x free bloodlines, }

{Skills: }

{ System Functions: }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory }

{ Status }

{ Missions }

(A.N) if you want other functions just say it cause I can't think of anymore right now unless this is all of them.


Seika: (wait.... why is my charm stat so weird, Daoist White level? The hell is that supposed to mean and why does it seem so familiar hmmmm.)

[Seika, your charm is just a small gift from God and you might want to check in a mirror as there seems... to be some changes to how you originally wanted to look like, but it isn't anything bad, and do you want to open the starter gift pack?]

Seika: (eh changes? But sure open up the gift pack *Sigh* only hope the changes are nothing bad.)

[Open Starter Gift Pack Gained: x1 Hand Mirror (Indestructible), 20,000 system points, x1 Masamune , x1 Free clothes ticket , x1 Age Changing Technique, 2x Random Ability tickets, x1 Basic Sword Forms Manual. All items have been placed into your inventory]

[Would you like to learn the Basic Sword Forms Manual and use the 2x Ability tickets? Y/N ]

Seika: (Yes)

[Successfully imprinted Basic Sword Forms Manual and you have gained Vector Manipulation and super High school Level Good Luck]

Seika: (So what now I have accelerators power and I have Komaeda's, I mean Accelerator's is cool but Komaeda's I don't want to have a series of bad luck before the good shit)

[Seika you don't have to worry about that you see the luck factor has been altered so that you won't experience extreme bad luck after a round of good luck you'll just experience some minor annoyances you could say]

Seika: (I'm kinda worried about what you mean by minor annoyances but can it be turned off because If I recall people with high luck usually affect the people around them negatively)

[No the luck can't be turned off, you could say it is like an innate thing but you don't have to worry about it hurting others I think.]

Seika: (Hey, Hey, you can't just try to assure me but then just say I think *sigh* anyways at least life will be interest with every turn in my path)

Seika: (System take out the mirror I'm curious on the changes you said was made to me)

As soon as Seika said that an exquisite looking mirror appeared in his hand that seems to have been created out of gold and adorned with beautiful gems, but such gems seems to have dimmed once he lays eyes on the face being reflected of the mirror.

Red Long hair reaching to his shoulders, with piercing red eyes, light brown skin that is not too dark and not too light , a mark on the left side of his face which seems to be a star and a line that goes down from atop of his eyebrow down to his cheeks. His face has features resembling Dante and Allen but it seems to have someone else mixed in more. He muses trying to remember until it clicks.

Seika: F*ck that's what you meant by Daoist White level charm *sigh*, never knew he would give me charm comparable to White from Cultivation Chat Group *sigh* I just hope I am just a chick magnet not a d*ck magnet f*ck me. Though it seems the shade of my skin has become lighter as a result as well, yeah it looks lighter than it was in my past life and that was the only reason I chose to have the Noah skin tone so I wouldn't lose that aspect of me but its fine I'm just closer to a whiter skin tone, yeah it's fine. But now that I think about it I have his level of looks and the luck to go with it aren't I just a carbon copy?

Putting away the mirror into his inventory Seika asks the system.

Seika: (System, I shall now choose the 5 free bloodlines I get to pick, could you give me the Evil God's bloodline, The All Seeing Eyes of God Bloodline, The Eternal Night Devil Bloodline, The Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline and the True Vampire Bloodline please. I need the Evil God's bloodline as the constitution it gives is something I need as I'm 99% sure it will allow me to take in bloodlines of apposing natures without exploding due to the rejection of each other like what God said.)

[I Understand Seika I'll place the bloodlines inside your body and I'll start in 10 seconds as the process itself brings forth a lot of pain so brace yourself, as it is recommended to stay awake during this process or so I was told but anyways I'm going to start in]


Seika mentally prepares himself for what's to come as he steels his mind










Seika: kuhkk

After the system's voice fell, Seika immediately feels a wave of pain washing over his body as he feels pain that he has never felt before being afflicted onto his body, Seika can hear the system faintly as he focuses all of his will to keeping himself awake as he sees the light in the surroundings are dimming.

[Bloodline fusing 10%]

[Bloodline fusing 26%]

[Bloodline fusing 46%]

[Bloodline fusing 76%]

[Bloodline fusing 100%]

[Bloodline fusion completed]

Seika hearing this is glad as he feels muscle pain, it was as if he has grown 20 meters taller or something.

[Just to inform you Seika the process took around 2 hours to complete, so next time although it was also a slight mistake upon my part as well, you should find a safer place when you fuse with a new bloodline next time.]

Struggling he rises from where he is laying looking around and couldn't help face palming for where he chose to fuse with his bloodlines.

Seika: How could I be so stupid, I'm in a forest in the middle of nowhere out in the open, at least I was lucky enough not to encounter a wild beast during the fusion process (System bring up my status for me please).


{ Name: Seika Genshin }

{ Stats: }

{STR: 50}

{DEX: 50}

{CON: 50}

{SPI: 50}

{WILL: 60}

{INT: 20}

{Charm: Too Much}

{ Special Stats: }

Evil Spirit Body: [Dark 100%], [Light 100%], [Fire 0%], [Water 0%], [Earth 0%], [Wind 0%], [Space 0%], [Time 0%], [Soul 10%]

{ Bloodlines: Evil God, All Seeing Eyes, Eternal Night Devil, Legendary Super Saiyan, True Vampire, }

{ Skills: Vector Manipulation, Super High School Level Good Luck, Basic Sword Forms Mastery 0%, Regeneration, Hemokinesis, Blood Devour, Telepathy, Telekinesis, }

{ System Functions: }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory }

{ Status }

{ Missions }


[Seika I recommend it if you look around and find out what world you landed in, even I don't know as I was installed after your transmigration and God didn't want to explain your situation saying "It is fun like that"]

Seika: F*cking D*ckhead (System take out Masamune from my inventory)

Calling out Seika grasps hold onto an odachi, its length is around 6 feet long, it has a black hilt and guard and its metallic surface radiates an aura of extreme sharpness (If you don't know which sword this is, it is the sword from final fantasy that Sephiroth uses) as if there is nothing it can't cut in this world.

Seika: Well I never expected it to be the Masamune from final fantasy, well I might as well go ahead and look around first and I can practice my sword forms as I go.

[Sorry to ruin your momentum that you have built up but I think you should really wear some clothes you see when you were first transported here you were sent without clothes]

Seika: The f*ck?

Looking down Seika sees his majestic body exposed for all who ever were to pass by to see, but at the same time couldn't help admire the perfect body he currently has completely shadowing how he previously looked.

Seika: (Ok use the free clothes ticket and give me the clothes Broly used in the first broly movie made, but instead of white on the pants replace it with black and have the jewelry have red gems instead of green and get rid of the headband please.)

[Using 1x Free Clothes Ticket]

A blinding light shone around Seika as he found himself already clothed with the clothes he requested taking out the mirror he couldn't help admire his looks as it seems that he has somehow gotten more handsome but notices that his eyes didn't change.

Seika: Hey why hasn't my eyes change, I'm pretty sure I have the All Seeing Eyes Bloodline.

[ New Mission: Unlock your eyes]

[Conditions: Unknown]

[Rewards: Awaken Eyes, Explanation of uses of eyes, 1000 system points]

Seika: Hoo so it is kinda like the eyes in Naruto eh, I need a trigger to unlock it huh.

[You are completely correct, but I won't divulge what is needed to unlock them and I should probably explain how missions works but I suggest we first get out of this forest and find out where we are.]

Seika: Yes we should get out of here and find out which world we are in and I should let luck decide which direction we are heading to.

Seika spins around and stops facing a direction which seems to lead down hill from where he is. He takes a step but for some reason he loses his footing and starts tumbling down the hill and somehow in the process does not stab himself with Masamune, in the process of him tumbling he loses grip of his sword as it is flung out of his hands and you could hear a beast wail in the distance.

Standing up Seika walks over to the direction of where Masamune flown to and he finds a giant headless beast with Masamune inbedded in the ground, a caravan with two people sitting in it and a young man with brown hair and green eyes, as they all have a baffled look at the sudden death of the beast turning toward the direction of where the sword came from they see a man with no shirt, and has adorned on himself jewelry that personifies the very definition of the word beautiful and radiates an aura of majesty. They feel their face getting hot and a wetness coming out of their noses, but immediately try their hardest to snap out of it as they couldn't help but contemplate whether they are straight or not while rubbing their noses of the blood that came out.

Seika stands there dumbfoundedly as there is an obvious grim look on his face as he sees the reaction of the guys that was basked in all his glory. The young man with brown hair and green eyes avoiding gazing onto this man walks up and introduces himself.

???: He...hello there my name is Tatsumi and is that sword in the ground there yours, that killed the Earth Dragon?

Seika: The name is Seika, Seika Genshin (So I was transported to the world of Akame ga Kill huh) and yes that sword is mine and you could just say I had a lucky shot in killing that beast.

Seika calmly says as he mentally says to the system

Seika: (System could you buy me a skill that can hold back all my charm?)

[Yes would you like Absolute Aura Control for 5000 SP? Y/N]

Seika couldn't help but almost vomit out blood at the price as he hurriedly bought it reducing his balance by 1/4 and quickly restricting his aura. Causing relief to the males in the vicinity as they can now look at him without diverging from the straight path.

Seika: So where are you guys headed to? I got lost on my way to the capital and would like some help finding the direction to reach there. (Damn they really were charmed by me, but at least it aint to the point where they will free willy on me).

Tatsumi: oh yes actually I was heading to the capital myself so you can follow me there, you see me and my friends are supposed to meet up with each other and we'll make our names known throughout the whole empire, but more importantly I would like to ask.

Tatsumi cheerfully said but it disappears at the last bit of the sentence as it is replaced with a solemn tone.

Tatsumi: How are you so handsome?

Seika: Dafuq you gay?

(A.N) So yeah decided to choose Akame ga Kill mostly to develop him to be able to kill and also hone his combat skills in the process and maybe even coin in a certain blue haired girl in the bag too. Also I added a Time, Space and Soul Evil Spirit body to the Evil God bloodline, totally not because I saw another fanfic do this *cough* Ex True God *Cough* and decided I liked it and take it, yeah totally not. The All Seeing Eyes of God will be more powerful than the original as it is "Natural" and not bestowed like it was to Leonardo, also tell me if you want the eyes to look different or the same as the anime, because the only change Imma make to it is changing the colour of the eyes to fit the MC more. I have read the suggestions and thats why I picked the vampire bloodline sorry for not using the noblesse one but, tbh I wasn't really into Noblesse so I dropped it early on so I decided to use Alucards True Vampire Bloodline, btw I might restrict the regeneration to where he is not basically physically immortal until he reaches a certain point in strength or the amount of souls he absorbs correlates to the tier of his regeneration? Idk let me know on that. Oh yeah and 10 is the base stat of an average human male, basically he is 5x stronger than your average male without having to train right now and tell me if you don't like the 2 abilities I gave him and even the insane charm given and I could rewrite it, depending on whether I do actually do it or not though.


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