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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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Aight through the power of my Dao of editing, I removed vector manipulation from the thingy, not that people really didn't want the character to have it but, it is more like I just couldn't find where I could fit it in as eventually the character is body is not going to be damaged by many things anyways and even if he did get damaged he could just heal the wounds back. Secondly I'll only be able to publish new chapters when it is weekends for me since that's when I have free time to do stuff. Now then concerning the character himself, I've been trying to wrap my thoughts around something, should I not give him access to ki, like having it sealed and have it open up when he reaches a certain level of strength, or he spends system points to unlock it or it will come to him once he goes to the dragon ball world. Now concerning the evil god seeds. while bloodlines relating to the element can help make a god seed for him, he can also use the elements to help complete it as well, the thing is how should I incorporate profound qi in this? and should the evil secret arts also affect other forms of energy and power such as ki and chakra? Now then I wonder if you guys want the character to instantly be outclassing everyone in this world, or do you want me to develop him not slowly but not have him instantly op in this world? Just need some ideas as I have plenty of time to do ponder about some stuff. Oh yeah I also changed some things with the system and removed some things I deemed not needed. Smell ya later! @@


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