System in Different Worlds
4 Chapter 3 System and Abilities
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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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4 Chapter 3 System and Abilities

(A.N) Almost forgot about writing up a new chapter today due to me just indulging into my laziness anyways I manage to wake myself from it and wrote this chapter for you all.

Tatsumi who at this moment is currently in a daze as the words he just uttered is starting to sink in.

Tatsumi: Wait! I di- Huh?

As Tatsumi was about to explain himself he notices that Seika wasn't there anymore yes, our MC over here used a skill he had refined since his past life, fleeing. As he also bent light around him to make himself completely camouflaged as he made his escape, obviously without forgetting to grab his weapon that was still in the ground.

Seika: (God damnit, system I thought I retracted my charm, why did Tatsumi ask me such a question?).

[Well Seika, there is a simple reason for this blunder you see, Tatsumi was still influenced by your charm that was blasted at him when you arrived, plus there something I should add, although it wouldn't affect males due to you perfectly restraining your charm aura, you still have a face that surpasses what is considered perfection....(by gods) and it is probably best if you actually restrain your presence itself so that people specifically females wont notice you when you are walking down the streets in the empire.]

Seika hearing the system's suggestion immediately withholds his presence and now people won't notice him until they touch or he calls them out (Just think of him becoming like Kuroko in Kuroko no Basket) and couldn't help but notice the difficulty of up keeping it as he needs to make a conscience effort to withhold his presence. As he just continues walking a direction before finding a log and sits down onto it.

Seika: *Sigh* (System why has god given me something so troublesome and useless as this charm?)

[I would say that your charm is not totally useless, troublesome it is indeed but in the information of what god gave me I believe that this charm can help you lose what you would call your V-card and prevent NTR or I believe what it was from happening.]

At this moment Seika's body got tense as his fingers is gripping into his palm as a cold look appears on his face.

Seika: (System I would like you to know that I'm not a virgin, I thought you would know that).

[What? There was someone other than your mother that actually loved you? With your condition back then no one else should have cared about you or loved you.]

Hearing this a bitter smile showed on Seika's cold face as he couldn't help but recall those few moments in his past life.

Seika: (It was never love, she never loved me haha, that is something that you are right about system, something that you are indeed right about).

At this point blood could be seen dripping down from his hands as his nails pierced through his skin from it pressing against it to hard, but the pain helped Seika snap out of his thoughts as he decides to ask the system some question about itself and his own abilities.

Seika: (So anyways system, now that we have found out where we are currently could you explain your functions and also explain some of my abilities that I currently have as well?).

[Sorry about making you remember things about your past Seika, but as for my functions that is simple, first of all the most obvious is the shop function, which has a collection of all powers, items, manuals, bloodlines etc, you can even buy lottery tickets to try your luck and get something good but be wary as it can also get pretty bad things as well such as a literal piece of shit if you are unlucky enough. Inventory is explanatory in itself you can store basically an unlimited amount of anything inside except for livings beings, though weapons that have souls in them are able to be stored inside if the are unbounded or they are yours personally. Status brings up your stats, and now one of the slightly complicated functions is the mission function. So there are two types of missions, hidden missions and public missions. Now then hidden missions are basically missions you'll never know about until you complete them, so for example it could be about killing a character or making that same character fall in love with you, since they are hidden they are not compulsory or are changeable. Public Missions now are random missions given by me when requested or are missions made by something you strongly desire and as such a mission is made to help motivate in your cause, though one thing about public missions is that you will never receive a mission about forcefully making you capture someone's heart or making you do something you don't want to do for example forcing you to kill off orphans or something like that. The only time you will be forced or have to comply to finish or do the quest is if your life is on the line or extreme danger is befalling upon you, think of these ones kinda like the another Zenkai on top of your other ones.]

A.N (Just gonna split up the information here, will probably do this again when someone else has to bring up a lot of information in the story)

[Now then your abilities, first I'll explain your Evil God abilities, now then first you must have noticed that you have three extra seeds which is soul, space and time which will act the same as all the other Evil God seeds and you also have all your profound entrances are open and you will be able to use the Evil God's secret arts that was generously given to you as a bonus with the bloodline. Now then to actually strengthen your Evil God Seeds you do it by absorbing the corresponding element or infuse a bloodline that is in tune with the element, though weak bloodlines of the elements will not give 100% completion of the seed and only peak bloodlines like for example, the golden crow, phoenix and vermilion bird bloodline will give 100%. Though the seeds will give you complete mastery and perception of the elements you will never be able to use the race specific powers of those elements like the phoenix flames, this is where you would need the bloodline for it. Concerning the soul seed, it will complete make you immune to attacks and illusions that come from the soul but attacks from energy like Reiatsu would still hurt, because although it is derived from the soul it is similar to profound qi or other physical energy as it will still hurt you. Now that we are on the subject of energy your ki is at the base of a newborn Legendary Super Saiyan at 10,000 though you only have access to 1% or 100 ki until you can control it perfectly until you reach the max at 10,000 where you will be freely able to cultivate it. You may also be wondering about other energy like chakra and the stuff, well you are unable to use reiatsu because of not being a shinigami, quincy or hollow and as for chakra well you don't actually have chakra coils present in your body as the chakra coils are derived from Kaguya who ate the fruit from the god tree to be able to use it, to get your own chakra coils you must buy it from the store where your body will get reconstructed to hold it. Another question on your mind is "what is the need for profound qi, because I already can live forever without dying of old age and I have ki which can get trained to destroy universes", well profound qi or just qi in general is actual something that will be very useful to you, it can help strengthen your body without you having to do physical exercise to train it, although I have a manual in mind currently you have to little points to afford it. Qi is also the only energy that actually angers the heavens or goes against the base rules set when the multiverse was created and so when beings reach a certain point of strength in their qi they get challenged or a tribulation is sent by the heavens as qi can actually be cultivated to the point of making its own universe, it is also one of the only energies that actually strengthen comprehension and cognitive skills. Ki is an exception because it is actually strength produced purely from the body itself like chakra and as for magic it just uses internal energy to influence the elements outside to do an action like making a fireball. So the most important thing for you to work on is strengthening your body especially since you have the LSSJ bloodline so that the power doesn't overwhelm you when you transform, oh and don't freak out once you see that your form is different from your predecessors.]

[I should mention that your regeneration from your vampire bloodline is not what you think it is currently right now it is at you see right now it is actually at Tier 1, where shallow wounds will rapidly heal, Tier 2 you will recover from flesh wounds, Tier 3 you can survive mortal injuries but not injuries to the heart and brain, Tier 5 you can survive blows to the heart and brain, Tier 6 you can regenerate if you are just a pool of blood. Now to upgrade your regeneration you need to absorb souls from humans or beasts, the requirements are Tier 2: 10,000 , Tier 3: 100,000 , Tier 4: 1,000,000 , Tier 5: 10,000,000 Tier 6: 100,000,000. Absorbing the souls and their essence functions exactly the same as in Hellsing where Alucard releases everything he devoured which includes their abilities. Also before you ever attempt to use some else's sword style or a martial arts you should first always have complete mastery in the foundation or basics of each, so you should know how to execute basic punches and kicks before taking up and mastery a martial art same applies with sword forms, staff forms etc.]

Seika: (hmmm I see ok, system you said you had a technique that can help me with cultivating my body, but currently I don't have enough system points to buy it?).

[Yes Seika would you like to accept the mission to in order to acquire it? And don't worry as you can also spend the remaining points on other items as this mission will just give the technique to you straight away just in case you were wondering.]

Seika: (I understand system give me the missions please).

[New Mission: Get Cultivation Manual]

[Conditions: Kill 10,000 Class 1 danger beasts]

[Rewards: ???]

[Before you ask why the rewards are hidden that is because god told me that doing such things make suspense and that it is amusing.]

Seika: (damn god always finding ways to drive me crazy, oh yeah system how did god make something like you where you are able to infuse bloodlines from other gods into me?)

[It is simple it is because god never made me but as for how I was made that in itself is classified and if you are wondering how god can bestow me upon you I also can't tell you that as it won't change anything regarding the current situation.]

Seika: (Ok I guess it is time to traverse the lands and start killing beasts and grow stronger in the process).

Seika with a foolish grin on his face heads off in a random and gets excited over the prospect of getting stronger, making him feel a bit weird but brushes it off after realising that it is probably due to the saiyan blood in him.


{ Name: Seika Genshin }

{ Stats: }

{STR: 50}

{DEX: 50}

{CON: 50}

{Soul: 50}

{INT: 20}

{Charm: Too Much}

{ Special Stats: }

Evil Spirit Body: [Dark 100%], [Light 100%], [Fire 0%], [Water 0%], [Earth 0%], [Wind 0%], [Space 0%], [Time 0%], [Soul 10%]

{ Bloodlines: Evil God, All Seeing Eyes, Eternal Night Devil, LSSJ, True Vampire, }

{ Skills: Super High School Level Good Luck, Basic Sword Forms Mastery 0%, Regeneration: Tier 1, Hemokinesis, Blood Devour, Telepathy, Telekinesis, }

{ SP: 15,000 }

{ System Functions: }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory }

{ Status }

{ Missions }


(A.N) Yeah so with concerns to heart of the MC in the future I did have someone suggest to not have a harem but idk you can just vote on this personally at most I think 4 at maximum if it does take that route well yeah that's all folks!


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