System in Different Worlds
6 Chapter 5: Sky Diving
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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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6 Chapter 5: Sky Diving

(A.N) So I realised on the last chapter that I did some math wrong and I also just changed how I ended the chapter a bit nothing big, just didn't like how I phrased somethings.

Seika wakes up as sun beams hits the side of his face inside of his cave, getting up Seika does some stretches as precedes to check around the cave to gather some of his stuff laying around the cave. Walking out of the cave Seika remembers about the bloodline ticket he got as a reward for the quest. So he sits down on a flat rock crossed legged as he makes himself comfortable.

Seika: (System use the bloodline ticket I received yesterday, and integrate it immediately).

[ Understood Using 1x Bloodline Ticket ]

[ Received Golden Crow Bloodline ]

[ Integrating Bloodline 0% ]

[ Integrating Bloodline 10% ]

[ Integrating Bloodline 15% ]

[ Integrating Bloodline 25% ]


As Seika is motionlessly sitting there integrating with the bloodline he hears a bird's cry as he feels something grabbing hold of him as he is then immediately carried upwards.

Seika: (Oh shit).

Yes Seika's abnormally good luck seems to have run out as a giant hawk danger beast has grasped him within its claws and is flying off towards a direction Seika can only hope that he will be able to integrate with the bloodline before the hawk feels the rumbles.

a Half hour later

[ Integrating Bloodline 100% ]

Seika: F*cking finally.

Seika shouts joyfully as he immediately conjures a ball of black ki on his palms (tbh forgot to mention the colour of his ki, well here you go his ki is black). as he throws it upwards decimating the bird as its body explodes into a bloody mist. Seika is elated at his newly freedom but it instantly disappears as he remembers he is far up into the sky as he can now feel the tug of gravity coming to affect as he instantly plummets downwards.

Seika: Stupid bird, not only did you flew me out in the middle of nowhere but now I'm going to die from falling, I didn't even bother learning how to fly F*ck.

Seika panics as he continues his decent downwards, but he stops once he realises something.

Seika: Hold on I wouldn't die from dropping at a mere height of around 100-200 km in the air what was I worried about in the first place.

Seika calming himself remembers the strong body that he possesses as he adjusts his body so that he is not falling headfirst but instead he will land on his feet once he reaches the ground, as he doesn't want to go stupid like a certain other saiyan.


Seika gets confused but recollects himself as he notices that he landed in water instead of on the ground, scowling to himself as his clothes are now wet he comes out from under the water but couldn't help but freeze at what the surface revealed to him. He first noticed the somewhat steamy atmosphere and deduced that he must have landed in a hot spring, but what also caught his eye was the fact that there were four naked women bathing here as they also have their eye on him. You could see their expression go dark as a purple haired lady pulls out a giant ass scissors from no where, a black haired chick draws out a sword, a pink haired small little girl pulls out a giant ass rifle or cannon, and a silver haired lady went into a fighting stance and you could noticed that on her right arm there is a green gauntlet like thing there. Receiving constant signals of danger, Seika hurriedly tried to explain himself.

???: Who are you? Why are you here? Were you sent by the imperial guards? Answer!

The small girl demanded Seika as she was ready to pull the trigger at moments notice.

Seika: *just my F*cking luck* Well the name is Seika, Seika Genshin, As for why well, I was just laying around in the forest when a bird swooped me up and lifted me in the air, it then dropped me and I landed here, so now that you know I'm outta here.

Seika then turns around and starts walking out of the water but stops after he hears a voice calling out to him.

???: I'm afraid you must come with us, you see this place is suppose to be a secret and we are uncomfortable knowing that someone has found this place, so you must come with us to our base as we will do some questioning.

Seika turns around and sees that the silver haired lady was the one who made these demands to him, you could see that on his previously expressionless face there seems to be a slight annoyance building up but he suppresses, he nods at her indicating that he will comply.

Seika: *Sigh* Fine ill come but I really think I shouldn't be standing here while you are all naked.

The four girls looking down as the pink haired girl shrieks as she fires a giant ass laser beam straight towards Seika. Seika seeing this dodges out of the way of the beam as it continues going creating a giant ass path of destruction of everything it touches. Seika looking back could help but have sweat form at the back of his head as he notices that the small girl is firing more towards his way, forcing him to continue on dodging, before decisively deciding to knock her out as he appears behind her and chops the back of her head. Seika then takes a look around as he sees the destruction this small girl made as he couldn't help but cursed.

Seika: Crazy girl, could've killed me here, well Imma go sit there and I promise I won't turn around and look at you guys again and you should take care of this little girl as well I don't want to get killed by a giant laser destroying my body.

Saying this Seika walks over to a tree, sits down and just stares at it as he decided to check on his stats while he is at it.

Seika: (Status)


{ Name: Seika Genshin }

{ Stats: }

{Profound Realm: Elementary Profound Realm 5th stage}

{STR: 683 (4,760 kg + 5000kg = 9,760kg)}

{DEX: 683 (1,632 km/h + 300 = 1,932 km/h )} just gonna make every stage + 300

{CON: 683}

{Soul: 50}

{INT: 20}

{Charm: Too Much}

{ Special Stats: Ki 800 (10,000 Sealed), }

Evil Spirit Body: [Dark 100%], [Light 100%], [Fire 100%], [Water 0%], [Earth 0%], [Wind 0%], [Space 0%], [Time 0%], [Soul 10%]

{ Bloodlines: Evil God, All Seeing Eyes, Eternal Night Devil, LSSJ, True Vampire, Golden Crow }

{ Skills: Super High School Level Good Luck, Basic Sword Forms Mastery 90%, Regeneration: Tier 2 (0/100,000) , Hemokinesis, Blood Devour, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Ki Control Mastery: 8%, }

{ SP: 967,100 }

{ System Functions: }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory }

{ Status }

{ Missions }


Seika: (Oh it seems that the golden crow bloodline completely filled up my fire seed no wonder I didn't feel the difference in heat when landing in the water, but *sigh* I don't know if this is lucky or unlucky, while I do get to see flesh of some maidens, but I almost died and to getting here was also very unpleasant, though I do think it is better that I met night raid out of anyone or anything else).

Seika sorting out his thoughts laments at his current situation and is kinda thrilled to be able to meet other people, though in a unconventional way at least they were not totally repulsed, like everyone else back on Earth was at him, well at least he hopes so. He looks down at his clothes and sees that it is all wet, and his tail that he keeps wrapped around his pants is also wet, he brings up the heat as all the water evaporates off of him making him completely dry.

???: Oi we are ready stand in the middle and just follow along, Akame stay behind him and make sure he does no funny business.

Seika stands up and walks towards the group of girls as the silver haired lady orders the black haired girl named Akame. Akame draws her sword and keeps it on Seika as he follows the purple haired lady (Sheele) and the silver haired one (Najenda) who are currently carrying the trigger happy girl (Mine) as they walk along the path to their base.

After a few minutes Seika sees a big building that has been built into the cliff face, Seika couldn't help but whistle at the excellent piece of architecture as they lead him inside. They bring him to a room and told him to sit down on the chair to which he complies to, when he sits down he hears a *click* noise as he noticed that they chained his arms down to the seat and floor to make sure he can't move although he could probably rip the steel chains of its hinges but he behaves himself.

Najenda: So then I'm still not convince about your story tell me who do you work for.

Seika: *Sigh* You are to skeptical right now, you see what I told you was the truth a bird truly did carry me over and I fell down into the hot springs, where all of you guys were bathing at. Are you making it hard for me because I didn't apologise for seeing you naked? If so I'm sorry, and tbh I don't even know any of you guys so you should feel relieved at the fact that I am not after you. But you mentioned about the imperial guards or something, so that means you are notorious in the capital, are you guys criminals? Because I lived outside of the capital in the village so I don't know what is going on. I was just on my way to the capital in hopes of making some money for myself you see.

Najenda the silver haired lady just sits there head down on her chair thinking over everything that Seika had said. Mulling over her thoughts for a bit Najenda seems to have come to something as she looks up and says to Seika

Najenda: Well then if what you say is true why don't you join us Night Raid. You see the empire is actually on its way to a spiraling downfall due to the minister, our ultimate goal is taking down the current rule of the empire and getting rid of all the corrupt politicians and nobles plaguing this country. Though we Night Raid handle assassinations and reconnaissance, so we need people with necessary strength to be able to fulfill these tasks and seeing your prowess today I believe that you are competent enough to join us.

Seika places a contemplating look on his face as he fakes thinking over the decision and after a minute or two he gazes into Najenda's eyes.

Seika: Alright I agree, to be honest, one of the elders in my village told all the children in our village about the empire especially how bad people are there, but he mentioned about the strength of the empire was. I just look for a good fight so I'll join you guys maybe I'll be able to fight very strong people if I were to join the enemy of a whole kingdom hahahaha.

Seika although lying a bit about the village, he couldn't help but feel his blood boil when he thought about the strength of the people fighting for the empire as he really did look forward to fighting strong enemies, at times like these he couldn't help but wonder how much his bloodlines influence him but just shrugs it of as it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable having his saiyan blood make him enjoy fights as he never really felt such joyful feelings back in his previous life. All the people present felt Seika's battle intent when he declared about wanting to fight strong people and couldn't help but shake their heads a little but also give a small smirk as they look at their new member, after all who here wasn't a little quirky, although Najenda looks at Seika weirdly as she can't help but compare him to Esdeath as they both enjoyed the thrill of battle very much.

???: Yahoo, I'm back hehe, I was able to swindle some money from some poor little kid an-- Oh who is this devilishly handsome man sitting there?

They all turn around and look at a yellow haired girl as she has a small blush on her face, the other girls turn around and take a closer look at Seika and couldn't help but feel shocked at how handsome his face was and it was further enhanced by the his choice of clothing as it gave him a holy royal aura to him, and couldn't help but think to themselves how did they not notice this sooner as blushes crept up to their faces, but they instantly regained the composure due to their hardened wills from all their killings, but little did they know that this was not even his final form.

(A.N) was able to quickly write out this chapter now then, I won't make Seika take part into the mission of where Tatsumi is by the mansion, instead I'll make him take Tatsumi's place in killing the executioner killer that appears in the story. And yeah.


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