14 forget everything
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Author :kattiee678
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14 forget everything

Olivia I'm sorry for every thing what happened on that day , I shouldn't have done that ..

my heart clench on his words "he was sorry kissing me?did he feel disgusted or like everyone he did this just to hurt me?"

without knowing tears slip from my eyes "say something Olivia:"Reid get closer to me and I take a step back...
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"no it's ok Reid it doesn't matter it's ok"i said closing my eyes .my voice tremble a little and I run before I totally break down in front of him.I don't want to show him how weak I'm ...

I run without knowing where I'm going and crash into someone. ..without looking up I apologize and start to walk.

"wait wait young lady where do you think you're going?"someone grab my waist and turn me around only to find a stranger looking down at me his light green eyes were shining and dirtyblond hair set perfectly....

he was looking into my eyes then lips and chest and again to my eyes "what happened beautiful? you look troubled.. he said in lower voice that only I can hear...

tears comes back with full force and I started crying shaking my head in denial. ....he hugged me little closer my breasts were touching his chest "let me by your drink and make your forget everything beautiful"his lips touch my ear shell. ....

"I don't cringe at his touch or feel anything as if my body was nub hearing what Reid said...and without known my lips move leaving the word that I might regret later but know I just really want to forget everything "

he take me to more private area he sit on the cushion making me sit on his left side and hand me a amber color drink .while sipping on his beer .

I gulp down the drink in one go and cringe on the bad taste he hand me another drink I take it.without noticing his hand sneak around my waist pulling me on his lap ...

when I look up he's eyes were darkened with lust his fingers making circle in my thighs.his mouth come down on my croak of neck "I can't resist you anymore beautiful"he said and kiss my neck making me shiver. ...

my whole body feels hot all of sudden my head start to spinning around I feel weak and uncomfortable, when he suck my earlobe I shudder and tried to push him away....he grab my hand suck in my neck hard enough to leave a hicky behind "don't resist me I promise it started to feel good in no time beautiful"

and I stopped my eyes feel heavy and my arms drops on my side "good girl let me make you forget everything" he said and scope me in his arms and start walking upstairs .....

maybe he's right,maybe I forget Reid it's for good I'm tired so tired of everything I just want to close my eyes and sleep for a long time

"my body hits soft metres he got on top of me his hand sneak on my back and find the zipper he start to open and tears start to fall from my eyes leaving me in my on world. .."I know what was happening but I can't bring myself to resist him or shout for help I'm weak and broken at same time ...

::::to be continued:::


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