The Adventure of Kagami
10 Sun The Guardian Spiri
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The Adventure of Kagami
Author :YItachi
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10 Sun The Guardian Spiri

Soon after the wall disappeared I started walking. I am scared but also exited! I want to know what is waiting for me there!

[Ilios Pov]

After walking for 1 hour we find ourselves in front of a door. Touching it, it starts vibrating and suddenly a mouth and a face starts to appear on it. It became like a human face. Suddenly some kind of noise started to come out from his mouth

"l,jcji, dknlvd snns fjlndj … ."

"Haru. What language is this?" I said looking at Haru

"I don't know your highness! This is the first time hearing something like this!"

Then out of nowhere we started to understand what it is says!

"Hi Strangers! I am getting rusty! Hhhh. 30 second to learn a language. Mmm. I am supposed to act as a security guard and make sure that only the owner enter but it is been so long that I forget the owner face! Hhhh! Let is talk a little strangers. Mmm. Since you are three I will answer 3 questions if you answer one! How about that!"

What! He learned our language in 30 seconds and he call himself rusty! Was he supposed to learn any language in a second?

"I don't mind! I will ask first! What is the information that I need to know in order to get a treasures that can help me improve my abilities in this place?" I said

"Good! Good! Hhhh. I was waiting for a question like who are you? Or what are you doing here? Hhhh. You know what! I will talk about myself for free before answering your question. How about that?"

"I don't mind as long as I can get the information that I want."

"Where do I start? OK! According to your memory I can say that this place is a temple from the pre-chaos era!"

According to my memory can this thing read minds?

"Pre-chaos era?" Haru said

"Don't tell me that you thought that this place was like this since the begging! Hhhh. This world was called Rubrum world a perfect peaceful world but one day they found something that nobody should find and they study it for a period of time and made an elixir that should never been created. The elixir of immortality and they mass produce it given it to everybody but they forget that everything has its bound and every elixir has it is side effect the greater it is the more dangers the side effect was! Suddenly one by one the inhabitants of this world turned to Morbus a creature that find pleasure in chaos. After spreading it in this world and destroying everything they made a way to go to other worlds! you know the rest of the story … As for the angles and demons from your world it is true they killed all the Morbus but they also found about the elixir and didn't listen to me and tried to find from the origin of it so I stopped them from using the portal and they no longer can enter this world or who knows what will they create from studying that thing."

What! something that we study for sometime we can create an elixir of immortality, I won't ask about that I don't want to be thrown out like angels and demons!

"Why didn't you stop them when they turned into Morbus in the first place?" Said Haru.

"I made a contract with the owner of this place to protect his people even after they turned into Morbus I can't do anything because all they did was with their own will!"

Stopped the angels and the demons, a temple, a contract. It can read memory and can even stop the Morbus if he wanted!

"What are you?" I said in a low voice.

"Let me see! Mmm. In your world they call me a guardian sprite"

A guardian spirit! Only Warriors with a great deeds have the right to make a ceremony to summon a guardian spirit It is true that in a couple of years I can have one but I am not 100% sure of it. If my half-brother awaken an Emperor talent like the prophecy of the sage Hera stated, his mother the second queen will try her best to make the clan focus all the resources on him and I won't be able to make the ceremony! This is my chance! To protect myself and to protect my brother from his own mother!

"Since you can read minds what do you think of my thought?"

"So your talent is … Your bloodline ability is … I am bored here anyway and you are not that bad so I am ok with it! Let is make a contract!"


At that moment a paper appeared with the world "Contract" on top in front of me reading it and making some modification on it, I signed it.

"I like your mask I will entre it for now and like that I can communicate easily with you!"

The next moment a golden light ball transported from the door to my mask.

[From now on you are the only one who can hear me]

It is like it is speaking inside my mind

[So where is the treasures inside this place?]

[Well there is the Awakening Jar in the other part of the temple but it useless for you since your bloodline ability is already awakened, also it can only be used once … well there is a golden armor and a golden spear Hhhh! Shiny boy!Hhhh! The Morbus took them from the Arum world and couldn't use them but with your bloodline ability there is a high chance you can use them. Also go there alone! Don't trust the one who stayed silent all the time, he is a spy from your father wife]

[Ok! A spy from the second queen I will make sure he won't go with me again!]

"You two wait here the one who follow me, will be killed!"

"Yes your highness!"

[I forget but what can I call you?]

[I like the name of your world first star, call me Sun! as for my appearance once you merge with me my power will fully awaken And you will see me then]

Passing through the door I asked Sun to lock it and I start walking after 40 minutes I found the room that Sun talked about there I found a full golden body armor and a lancer dropping some of my blood on each item they started shining before entering my body! Even the spear entered my right hand and become a small tattoo on my palm! With this I can protect my place and my family in the Sun Clan!

[Yes! Sun can I also go and take the awakening jar?]

[Nah, you won't find it now it is already has been used! So don't be greedy!]


After obtaining these items I choose to stay in this room and train under Sun, I have food and water that can last for 3 weeks! After that I will go out!

[Haru Pov]

Finally his highness made a contract with a guardian spirit and since he got in alone I guess he found something else that he wanted to hide for now. The families who are supporting him in the Sun clan will jump from happiness when I tell them about this! If his highness successfully merged with his guardian spirit in the future he will be one of the Sun clan pillars!

"Don't you think that his highness is acting strangely after merging with that spirit, I suggest to go and look for him?" Said Riku whose was setting besides me.

Riku is a royal guard was appointed by the king to guard Ilios I suspect that he is a spy of the second queen. Well I couldn't tell Ilios based on suspicion only!

"That doesn't concern you! Your job is to follow orders! If you want to move from your place I will kill you myself!"

"But it has been 2 weeks since he has gone!"

"Our job is to wait here we have food and water that can last for 3 weeks, even after 3 weeks if his highness doesn't come our job is to go to the king and tell him while keeping the portal open!"

"Tsk! Ok like you want!"

I know it! He wanted to know what his highness has found so that he can tell the second queen therefore she will pressure the king to make it a clan property so her child can take it in the future. This is my only explanation she even made sure that she was the one to appoint half of the guards that follow his highness!


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