The Balance
3 On The Menu
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The Balance
Author :rain_carnival
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3 On The Menu

Ren sat leaning on the the side of the cage barely keeping conscious, he could still see the old man in the cage across him. after a while of Ren staring at him, the the old man noticed, he lifted his head and looked over at Ren. for a moment there was no reaction from the old man, " poor thing," he thought," doesn't even look to be 300 and yet already here." the old man looked at Ren observing his thin body covered in tattered clothes. his eyes finally fell on Ren's face, covered by his long jet black hair. through the hair he could see Ren's eyes, they were jet black through out with only a red circle indicating where his iris started. " this is new!" he thought to himself. then his eyes moved on to look for horn.... shock covered his face, "no horns? there is no way.... it cant be."

the old man slowly inched towards the front of his cage.

" hey. hey you."

hearing the old man Ren looked up, this was his first time talking to someone since that day. the last time he had spoken he had asked for a bottle of water. seeing Ren look up the old man asked,

" you dont have horns.... are you human?"

Ren hearing this question was not very puzzled... he had seen those other people walking in and the other people and animals in the cages he had guessed maybe he wasn't even on earth anymore.

" yes." he softly replied.

the old man had been ready for this answer and yet he was still shocked on its conformation. how is this possible, it had been almost 2000 years since the 'rebirth' how could a human still be alive? he had heard that certain groups bred humans as food, but had never truly believed it.

"did you escape from a farm?" the old man asked.

farm? Ren thought what is that supposed to mean?

" farm? no. whats a farm? and where am i now?" he asked back.

" not a farm? then how did you live till now, there is no way you could have been born outside right. are their still humans hiding?" the old man asked eagerly. this was all new to him and since he was going to die soon anyway he would love the distraction from his morbid end.

"what the hell are you even talking about, and what the hell are you even what is everything here? am i on a different planet? did we get invaded by aliens?" Ren retorted, frustrated with the questioning on the old man. nothing made sense to him.

"okay, okay calm down. my name is han, im an oldie and a very low demon, so i cant survive for more than a few thousand years. and do you really not know where you are? a human which means you were either farmed or there are surviving humans." the old demon said.

"what do you mean farmed?" retorted Ren," all i remember is the sky being split with black streams descending into people and then i woke up now."

"wait a minute that's not possible," the old man said with shock," how could you be alive till now? the rebirth of the world happened two thousand years ago i was there is was only 12 then, if you are human there is no way you could have survived till now."

Ren was shocked, two thousand years ago? how am i still alive? am i actually human? many questions flew across Ren's mind. " two thousand years ago? what exactly happened?" Ren asked.

the old man didn't reply he was staring at Ren surprise still written on his face. muttering under his breath not possible over and over again. finally he said," the rebirth of the world was when the earth was turned into a demon planet all the living beings became demons..... only a few still remained human, they were either eaten or just killed. some people became powerful demons some very weak, like me im a weak one just a horned demon but those guys chained over their they are stronger they are the winged ones." the old man explained. Ren looked over at the two demons chained up and having glowing collars, he figured they were to restrict their power.

for some reason Ren didn't react much to this news, he was too weak and barely staying conscious. " where are we now?" Ren asked. hearing Ren's question the old demon chuckled ruefully, " at a restaurant" he replied," we are the items on the menu."


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