The CEO is My Childhood Friend
3 Protection Measures
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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3 Protection Measures

After conversing in the gardens, the two decided to continue their conversation in the mansion. Lunch time was approaching and Minhyun wanted to bring his newfound friend to the dining hall to eat with him.

How many days has it been since he'd eaten with someone else? Last time father came home was around two weeks ago. Even then, he rarely came to the dining table and ate in his office. The only time he accompanied Minhyun was when he had something to say to his son, and usually, it was never pleasant.

On the daily, for three meals, Minhyun was used to eating at the fifteen-feet, wooden dining table alone. The workers would stand against the wall, not daring to sit beside their young Master.

But today, he was going to have his first meal with a friend. Why did his heart flutter from such a small event? His smile continued to linger as they walked down the halls.

The hallway towards their destination, consisted of beige walls decorated with different paintings. Landscapes, people, animals, and buildings; all of artworks had unique twists compared to the next. No piece was alike. However, there was one characteristic they all had in common. Although painted with reds, blues, and yellows, the colours looked monotone. Dull. The colour scheme was dull. The paintings blended in with the cold atmosphere of the house.

Yoona didn't seem to mind. In fact, her interests in the paintings were preventing them from arriving at the dining hall in due time. Minhyun was patient and he watched over his friend as she admired the pieces.

She found beauty in even the coldest areas.

Minhyun didn't mind waiting for his friend. This was the best time he'd had since forever. Even watching her was fun. She always had a curious glint in her eyes; an adventurous companion.

But he couldn't ignore the load roars coming from her stomach. As her body continued to growl, Yoona hunched over while walking, covering her stomach with her hands. Her cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

"Sorry," Yoona said shyly. "I didn't eat anything today."

Minhyun didn't mind the sound. In fact, he preferred the noises compared to silence. At least the roars of her stomach were humane.

He laughed. "It's okay, I like it. It's cute."

He meant it.

When they reached the dining hall, Yoona quickly ran to the washroom before the food was served. The washroom was not far so he hoped she wouldn't get lost after his instructions.

While she was away, Minhyun decided to use this time to warn the people around him. His eyes darkened as he faced the workers. They gulped. The sudden change in the atmosphere was toxic, too thick to cut with a knife.

"Have any of you contacted father?"

There was not a peep. The workers did what they were best at, they stood still, lifelessly. Not one made the effort to make contact with him.

Minhyun grit his teeth. The silence fueled his anger. There was little time before Yoona would return, yet there was no progress in answers. He slammed his hands against the table, the loud bang echoing through the large room. Everyone leaped in surprise, their eyes heightened with fear.

Finally, one of the maids came forward.

Her greying hair was tied in a bun. The wrinkles around her eyes deepened as she spoke carefully. "Young Master, not one of us have contacted your father. I was watching everyone to make sure."

After seeing Minhyun's harsh reactions towards the butler, everyone realized the importance of the young Miss in his heart. They did not dare contact the Master at the time being. To make the call in the midst of the young master was suicide. He would be furious.

However, some of the workers wanted to call the him while in their bedroom chambers. If the Master found out his son was playing and protecting a trespassing girl, surely the tattler would be awarded. This was all for the heir's 'safety'.

Even as a child, Minhyun could read the greed in their hearts. His ability to read the human soul was far advanced then children of his age; a talent he'd gained from his father. Minhyun laughed bitterly before clenching his fists.

"Thank you," he told the Maid. He turned towards everyone else. "I hope you all listen well. If any of you contact father about this matter - If he finds out about my newfound friend Yoona, then I will personally make your life like hell."

The threat pierced their souls, arising a sense of danger.

He continued: "While my father is away, I am the master of this house. If you run to him, sure, he would award you at the beginning but will he continue to protect you afterwards? My father is selfish. He does not care about any of you. Innocent or not, you will be discarded with the snap of my fingers. In this house, I am the King. Is the unknown chance of being awarded worth it?"

None of them wanted a repeat of the macaroon incident. They knew how insignificant they were compared to the young master. His words only held truth.

When he saw their trembling bodies, Minhyun smiled in satisfaction. "Hell," he repeated. "I will surely make you burn in the inferno of my anger. Make everyone in this house know the consequences."

Deep down, Minhyun was a nice child. These harsh words coming from his mouth were out of character. However, while playing with his friend, he quickly realized the actions that needed to be taken for his happiness to last. He had to abuse his power to protect her.

He also made a mental note to manipulate the security camera footage to remove Yoona from the film. Even the smallest risks made him uneasy.

For once in his life, he was happy. He didn't want to lose it.


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