The CEO is My Childhood Friend
5 A Genius in Motion
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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5 A Genius in Motion

One week passed since the two met.

They spent almost every hour of the day together. While Minhyun studied, Yoona would sit by his side patiently reading a book. After teaching himself all the content he needed to memorize, the children would venture outside underneath the blue sky or explore the mansion. The lonely times he spent at the table soon turned into fun conversations. Every night, Minhyun slept with a smile on his face, excited for the next day to come.

He had forgotten about the hardships of his past as he looked towards the future.

Every day was a bliss.

Yoona also taught him about the things regular children did. He learned about the famous children songs everyone sang. The animations that were popular among the children. He even learned about a few celebrities. Of course, his face scrunched up when he heard about Yoona's crush on a pretty idol. What was so good about him? Minhyun thought he was much more handsome.

Stupid idol.

In the end, after spending time with her, Minhyun finally felt like a kid.

All his life, father was trying to turn him into an adult. So much stress was put upon his shoulders due to the weight of his inheritance. He needed to be prepared for the future to come.

However, Minhyun was a child like Yoona. He didn't deserve to be treated so coldly. He needed a break from everyone's expectations.

Yoona did exactly that. She didn't care for his status as the heir. She liked him for who he was as a person. He could be himself around her without being judged.

But he knew this happiness wouldn't last.

Yoona wouldn't be able to stay at the house forever. One day she would be smiling by his side and the next, she would be gone. Vanish. Something would tear them apart. After all, Minhyun's life never had happy endings. The fears in his heart continued to grow every passing hour. The pain wouldn't stop; more excruciating than the gazes. In fact, while Yoona accompanied him, he didn't even noticed those treacherous gazes. The silence was no more as well.

She relieved the pain, yet her disappearance would become the greatest pain of all.

That is why Minhyun made measures for her to stay longer. He wanted to savor every second he had with her. Perhaps, at the worst points in his life, he could remember the memories he'd had with her and strive for his own happiness.

The first measure was to meet Yoona's mother.

When the mother saw the children, she was absolutely frightened. Her life flashed before her eyes. She never expected for her daughter to escape the room and to meet up with the heir of the household. When she saw Minhyun, the woman immediately bowed down on the floor, begging for mercy. She had committed the grave sin of breaking the rules.

Minhyun quickly urged her to stand up.

To her surprise, he bowed slightly, thanking her for bringing Yoona to the estate. He also said not to worry as he will take responsibility for protecting the two.

Despite the short time they spent together, Minhyun already had a deep affection for Yoona. Whether it was love or platonic affection, he did not know. He just knew that she was someone he wanted to keep by his side forever. He told the mother to let Yoona stay in the house for the time being.

Either way, the mother couldn't say no to the heir so she accepted his request. She knew about his loneliness and the troubles he had in the mansion. In her heart, she was thankful that he had taken an interest in her daughter.

Minhyun let out a sigh of relief. Now, he did not need to worry about Yoona leaving on her part.

In fact, it was easier for the mother to let Yoona live in the worker's residence. After her divorced husband passed away from a car accident, the mother was left to take care of their daughter. However, she did not have enough money or the resources to support the two of them. That is why Yoona was brought to the estate. The mother had no other choice.

To think that the young heir would allow Yoona to stay. She found herself gravely lucky.

The second measure was to delete all digital evidence of her presence.

Due to the precious antiques and paintings in the house, some retailing for over a million dollars, there were security cameras placed around the estate. If by chance, father were to see those tapes, it would be the end of his time with Yoona.

With the help of the frightened security guards, he replaced all the clips of him and Yoona from the system. Since he was well-versed with the computer (not the internet however), he was able to quickly and efficiently remove all digital traces of the girl.

Thirdly, he made sure that the amount of money flowing in and out would not give away Yoona's existence.

To put it in simple terms, the food was costly. Though the figures were nothing compared to his father's fortune, the double in food costs would definitely catch someone's eye sooner or later. Minhyun knew his father well. He was meticulous and made no mistakes. The people who worked closely under him were the same. Eventually, the extra decrease in food expenses would be known.

Everyday, an average of 600 - 700 dollars was spent on his three meals. The materials used for his food was all high-quality, the finest in the world. Although reluctant, he convinced the workers to buy more 'cheaper ingredients' so that the same 700 would be sufficient for the two of them.

At first, the chefs were reluctant. They were used to working with the best materials. However, once they saw the angered look on the young heir's face, they had no other choice to agree.

Finally, his last step to preventing Yoona from being caught by his father was to scare the workers once more.

He needed absolute assurance that they would be loyal to him.

So what did the young master do? He made sure everyone knew about the difference in his personality when Yoona was there, and when she wasn't. During the times she was away like the washroom breaks, when he was getting ready, or bedtime hour, Minhyun would instantly be in a sour mood. He would lash out at the workers and continuously keep an angry glint in his eye. Of course, all of this was an act, he wasn't truly angered by their actions. Nonetheless, he needed to act for the sake of his happiness.

Through his efforts, everyone in the house knew about the young heir's temperament without the presence of the little girl.

When she was there, he became a nice child again.

If one was to compare which side of the young master they liked, everyone would pick the later. Therefore, if one of them would tattle on the young girl, for the rest of his life, Minhyun would be in a foul mood.

None of them wanted that. They wanted to work with ease. When Minhyun was angered, it was more likely for them to get fired.

After plotting and taking action, everything was going to Minhyun's plan.

This was the best he could do to protect the mother and daughter duo. And to protect himself.


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