The CEO is My Childhood Friend
6 She“s Cute As a Fox
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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6 She“s Cute As a Fox

The two friends were currently outside, enjoying the fresh air. It was the afternoon and they had just finished eating.

"Look Mini!"

Minhyun turned his head to look over at the direction Yoona was pointing at. He expected to see something amazing but all he could see was the green and blue. He cocked his head, trying to figure out what was so special about the field. Once he squinted his eyes however, he realized a small fox

Yoona clasped her hands together. "Do you see it? The baby fox is so cute. I want to touch it!"

So that was what it was.

Yoona had a soft spot for animals. She loved all creatures in the wilderness. From the insects to the birds in the sky. Minhyun couldn't understand how so much love was bundled up in her small body.

The little girl prepared to run over. She really wanted to touch the adorable creature once. But before she could chase after it, Minhyun gently grabbed her wrist. She looked over at him curiosity.

"You shouldn't touch it," he warned. "Since the fox is a wild animal, it doesn't like to be touched. Plus, it's dangerous."

From his book knowledge, he knew animals that weren't domesticated should not be bothered. Although he doubted Yoona would be able to teach its fur, he warned her anyways.

Yoona's face fell and she let out a pout. She had no idea that her actions would make the fox uncomfortable. "Okay, if the fox doesn't like to be touch then I'm not going to."

She then quickly let out a grin. "Besides, it's fun to watched too. I don't even need to go close to it."

Minhyun chuckled. "Good girl."

After realizing there was no prey on the fields, the fox scurried to the bush, disappearing from sight.

Yoona sent it a little wave. There was a smile on her face. "Bye bye fox."

Minhyun watched the exchange with a goofy smile on his face. Yoona was too cute, he couldn't help but react this way. When he looked at his friend, he began to understand why she wanted to touch the fox. He felt he same way when it came to her.

However, unlike the creature, Yoona liked the skin-ship.

After hanging out with her, Minhyun realized that he liked it as well. The affection in physical warmth. It was something that had been missing throughout his whole life. Now, he could get hugs whenever he wanted.

He took a step forward and ruffled her hair. The brown hairs at the top began to spike up. Yoona slapped away his hand and shot him a look of playful annoyance. "Mini, don't mess up my hair!"

Maybe not this type of skin-ship.

He chuckled. "I can't help it! You're too cute."

With every minute he spent with Yoona, he couldn't help but fall for her charms. She was a happy virus, always finding her way back into his heart.

She placed her hands against her cheeks in a lovely manner. She fluttered her eyelashes innocently. "Of course I'm cute."

He agreed with her wholeheartedly. In fact, although he didn't want to admit it, Minhyun fought the urge of taking out his phone to snap a picture. He wanted to save this moment on film. She looked really pretty.

His pride didn't allow him to tell her that though.

"Never mind, I think I should stop complimenting you from now on. It's getting to your head. I need to prevent you from becoming arrogant," he teased. He brought out his hand to pinch her cheeks.

"Hey!" Yoona exclaimed before bursting into giggles.

As their friendship progressed, their relationship became more playful. Minhyun was able to open up and say a few jokes, something he never expected to do before. The person he was before and how he was today was completely different.

In fact, the more time he spent with her his body began to increase its weird functioning. His heartbeat would pounce faster than normal. His cheeks would redden at the silliest things. Minhyun had never encountered such a problem before.

At first, he thought he had a fever. However, his is assumptions were quickly dismissed when he realized it was summer and he had no sniffles.

Later on, he decided to call the doctor up to get a check up. But for now, he was going to let his sickness take over his body. He didn't want to waste any time with Yoona.


Skin-ship: Korean slang for intimate, non-sexual touch between platonic friends.


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