The CEO is My Childhood Friend
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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Minhyun wanted to buy a gift for Yoona.

A little token of friendship per say. He wanted to thank her for being in his life. Although she wouldn't know, Yoona had made such a big difference. The gift of her friendship was priceless. His world was lonely - only the gazes to keep him company. Suddenly, he had her by his side, it was more than he could ask for.

Since, it was his first time buying a present for someone, finding the right item was hard. He didn't know where to start. Plus, the present was to be given to someone he cared about. He had to choose it with extra care.

The main problem was what to give her. He had no idea what she liked.

From the books he read, he saw that girls liked jewelry. Using this clue, he began searching for items from the catalogs stacked in his house. Since Minhyun wasn't able to go outside, many brands provided his family with a different method of shopping. If he found something he liked in the book, he just needed to tell one of the workers, and it would automatically arrive at his house. Sometimes it took a day while, others took a week. It depended on whether or not the product was international and how valuable it was.

However, no matter how hard he searched, there was nothing that matched his expectations. Everything was sub-par. Since there were no females present in the family, It didn't help that most of the books were catered towards him. All he could rely on was the unisex items or the small extra sections placed for the girls.

Once it reached late at night, he sighed in defeat. He almost read all the books but found nothing.

For the next day he made a mental note to obtain more catalogs, specific for female jewelry.

Before getting ready for bed, he placed the catalogs on his bedside counter. In the morning he wanted to look at the last few pages.

However, as he lifted the white covers of his bed, he accidentally elbowed the catalogs. They scattered all over the floor. The maids rushed to pick the catalogs up.

He raised his hand to stop the maids from coming. One book in particular was opened to a page Minhyun hadn't read. While looking at the mess he made, his eyes lingered on the item displayed.

As if Fate was helping him, he finally found a gift worthy of purchase. Fate had been blessing him a lot nowadays.

On a page of black laid a picture of a bracelet with a short description on the side. The fine silver, circular rim was connected with a circular clasp. In the middle of the bracelet was a fox charm, which could reference back to the tiny fox they saw earlier. A unique point of the charm was the alexandrite stone eyes; appearing emerald in light and ruby in darkness. Although it was from the male section of the magazine, the fox was cute enough for Yoona's feminine tastes.

Absolutely perfect. He couldn't wait to see her face when she got it.

Not caring about the hefty price, he immediately told the butler to order the item.


It took two days for the item to arrive.

The extra delay took place because Minhyun requested for their names to be ingrained on the side. He wanted the bracelet to have a special touch so that it would be unique from anything in the world. For his name, he specifically asked to put 'Mini' because it made the bracelet all the more special. The words were written with cursive with a heart between their names.

Mini ♡ Yoona

His ears reddened as he stared at the words.

The fever was back again. He cursed under his breathe.

To his disappointment, although the bracelet was intricate, it was placed in a plain, white box. As he continued to observe it in his hands, he felt like something was missing. What more could he add? He had no crafting talent. If he made the wrong move, he would ruin the box and that would be a disaster.

Just then, he thought of a simple idea. To add a delicate touch, he personally added a red bow. At first, he found making the bow-making hard because it was his first time, but after one or two tries, he succeeded.

Perfect. Everything was perfect.

Now all he needed to do was give the present to her.

Currently, Yoona was in the library looking at some picture books. Minhyun had excused himself while he was with her for the present's arrival. The package had arrived in the middle of the day.

He hid the box behind of his back, tucked deeply within his hands. The library door opened and he made his way inside. Yoona looked up from her book, watching Minhyun as he walked suspiciously towards her. There was no doubt he was acting differently from normal. For some reason, his eyes wavered around looking nervous while his ears were tipped with red.

"What's happening? Why are your ears so red?" Yoona asked.

Minhyun didn't know why is body was reacting this way either. He couldn't answer her question. Instead, he cleared his throat and changed the topic. "I got you something."

She widened her eyes. Her body quickly leaned to the right, trying to see what he was hiding behind of him. "Really?"

He laughed. "Calm down. I'll give it to you in a second."

She jumped up and down, her hands clasped in little fists. She didn't know what the present was, but she was happy by the mere thought of getting one. Plus, it was from her friend Minhyun. No matter what was behind his back, she would absolutely love it.

"Here." He handed over the white box with the red bow wrapped around. He felt slightly embarrassed. This was out of character for him.

She carefully took it with her fingers. "Pretty... The ribbon is especially pretty."

After undoing the bow, she opened the lid. To her surprise, a beautiful silver bracelet was tucked between the red cushions underneath. The emerald eyes of the fox, glistened against the sunlight peering from the windows. Fine details marked the foxes face, making it look just like the one she saw the other day.

Minhyun fiddled with his fingers while biting his lip. In his mind, all he could think of was her possible reactions. What if she didn't like it? That was his biggest fear. Of course, since Yoona was a sweet girl, she wouldn't give a negative reaction but he wanted her to love it from the bottom of her heart.

"Wow," she said in awe. She picked it up with her fingers, bringing it closer to her face. "It's so beautiful."

It was the best present anyone had given her. She was absolutely mesmerized. The bracelet was prettier than all the jewelry the princesses wore in the fairytales.

"Really?" He asked.

The most beautiful smile eloped on her face, making his heart pulsate even faster. The whole world stopped and everything sparkled. For some reason, her movements were in slow motion, allowing him to see every detail.

"I love it," she answered. She hugged the bracelet close to her chest. "Can you help me put it on?"

He nodded and grabbed the ends of the bracelet. Using the clasps at the back, he wrapped it around her slender, white wrist before connecting them back together. He watched as the bracelet fell against her palms, dangling with every movement.

A weird feeling emerged in his chest. Seeing her physically wearing the bracelet was a different type of emotion. He felt warm.

"Thank you so much Mini." Yoona laughed happily. She spun around like a princess. "This is so amazing. The best present in the entire world."

She giggled. "I'm going to show it off to everyone."

Her words made him fly. Did she like it that much? This was beyond his expectations.

To show her one last surprise, Minhyun gently grabbed her wrist and pointed to the side. He showed her the ingrained names. "Look."

She cocked her head. "What does it say?"

For a moment, he forgot that she was only six. "It's our names."

"Really?" Yoona brought the bracelet to her eyes to try to decipher the symbols. Despite not being able to read, the meaning was enough for her to be content.

"Our names made the bracelet ten times better." She paused for a moment. "No a thousand or million times!"

Not only was the bracelet meaningful, but Yoona couldn't believe that it was truly hers. She'd never seen something so beautiful. Her heart exploded with happiness and her eyes couldn't leave her wrist.

Suddenly, a wave of realization hit Yoona's mind. She looked down at her hands. Her mood slightly shifting. "I love your present but I don't have anything to give you."

Minhyun walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder. He didn't give her a present to get anything in return. He gave it to her because he wanted to. There was no need for her to prepare anything, especially since he knew about her family circumstances.

"It's okay, you don't need to," he insisted. "You're friendship is enough. All the memories we have together is the biggest present I could ask for."


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