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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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18 Poor her

The next day, Yoona was standing in front of her closet, debating on what to wear. Since it had been a while since the couple's last date, she decided to dress up. Although they saw each other at school, in between classes and during lunch, she was always wearing comfortable clothes. Today, she wanted to dress nice for once.

After contemplating, Yoona opted to wear a pretty red dress. She knew that Jaemin loved that color, saying that it looked best on her.

She knelt down to rummage a small drawers for jewelry. From her knowledge, the only jewelry she had were the ones given to her by the Moon Siblings and her past admirers. However, while looking through the items, she noticed a bracelet tucked in the corner. A pair of red eyes glowered at her. A shiver ran through her spine. Unable to take her eyes off, she quickly brought it close, wanting to examine the piece further.

Has she always owned such an expensive piece? The bracelet looked as if it was worth millions.

She felt a sense of deja vu [1]. The fox charm felt very familiar. Where did she see it from? The memories were floating in her mind, right at the tip of her fingers, but she couldn't grasp onto them. Her mind was having a hard time processing the information.

Once a few minutes passed, something clicked in her mind and everything hit her like a truck. A wave of memories flashed before her eyes. Although most were in bits and pieces, she remembered the important parts of her friendship with Mini. The rich house that they played in. The cute talks that they shared. If she recalled, he was the one that bought her this bracelet.

As a child, she treasured Mini like family. He was someone she could rely on, especially in the hardest times. When she was young, her father had passed away. His disappearance made a big impact on her everyday life. All the friends she made in kindergarten were ripped away and she had to move to a new area. Everything became unfamiliar.

Suddenly, Mini popped into the picture. As an older brother, he taught her many life lessons and always listened to her stories. He was a really nice nine-year-old. Back then, he was everything to her. The person she had leaned on when life was tough. He was also very mature and smart for his age. Yoona wondered how a child could be that way.

Unfortunately, on the bus ride to their new home, Mother had told her this boy passed away. The feint memory of being heartbroken sprung up in her chest. A sad smile appeared on her face as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Poor child. He had such a good life ahead of him.

She never got to say goodbye and thank you.

Although the bracelet wasn't quite feminine, she decided to wear it. A tribute to Mini, her childhood friend. The bracelet dangled on her wrist, giving her a sense of security.

However, once the fox reached the light she noticed that his eyes changed to a blue shade. She couldn't believe it. How was this possible? Was there a stone that could change colors like this? How expensive was this bracelet?

The first thought that came to her head when she looked into the mirror was that she should wear the bracelet more often. It was too beautiful to be stuck in the closet. Plus, the meaning behind the charm was very nice, it made her happy.

After thirty minutes, Jaemin arrived in front of her house with his sports car. The bright red and extravagant design stood out from the dingy cars on the street. He was leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets. He wore his usual, classy style, which consisted of collared shirts and dress pants. All the girls on the street stopped to stare at the handsome man. Who could he be waiting for in such a sketchy road?

When Yoona saw him, she couldn't help but run and jump into his arms. The two spun around, like the scenes in the movies, before meeting eye to eye.

He kissed her, their lips lingering together for a few seconds before spreading apart. "You look absolutely beautiful."

She playfully flipped her hair and gave him a peck. "Thank you Jae."

As someone admired by other students, she was used to the compliments. However, nothing touched her heart quite like Jaemin. The genuineness made her feel warm.

"Where are we going?" She asked. "We haven't gone out in a while so there's a lot of places we could visit."

He opened the car door and winked. "It's a surprise. Why don't you come in first?"

She walked into the front seat and sat patiently as Jaemin proceeded to put on her seat-belt for her. Usually she'd wouldn't let a guy do something so useless, but he insisted on it. The action had a romantic touch so she didn't mind too much. In fact, when she saw the looks of admiration and jealousy from other girls, she couldn't help but feel like she was treated like a princess.

Jaemin proceeded to sit in the drivers seat and revved the engine. The deep growl echoed through the air as they made their way onto the main road. The smell of fresh leather filled her noes. Her boyfriend had gotten the car only a few weeks ago. He had a habit of collecting foreign cars and upgrading every now and then. This car was a limited edition Ferrari, only one existing in Korea.

"I can never get used to this car," Yoona said with a sigh.

Jaemin laughed. With his left hand stirring the wheel, he grabbed her hand, clasping their fingers together. "Sorry, I know you don't like flashy things. Next time i'll bring my Audi."

To her, an Audi would cost more than her tuition combined, but it was better than this car. The Ferrari was way too much for her liking, the bright red standing out from the neutral colored motors on the road.

"Much better," she teased.

"I just wanted to let you know but If you want, I can buy you a car," he suggested. Since the car was at a red light, he turned his head towards her and raised an eyebrow. The corners of his lips lifted into a smile. "What do you say babe?"

Yoona didn't smile. "No."

He chuckled. "There really is no point in asking. The only times I can actually buy you presents is during special occasions. You better expect something big for our first year anniversary this week."

She squeezed his hand. Personally, she didn't need anything materialistic but if he wanted to get her something, then she wasn't going to say no. The boy always wanted to spoil her; she just wouldn't let him on the daily basis. But since it was the anniversary, she didn't have an excuse to say no.

"You better not go overboard."

The light changed and the car sped down the road again.

"Who knows?" Jaemin said. "It's our first year together after two years of trying to get you to like me back. I'm going to make it super special."

There was no doubt he had something planned. She just had no idea what. As a Moon Sibling, there were endless possibilities to how Thursday was going to go down.

Since Yoona didn't want to pry in too much, she changed the topic to something else. She wanted her anniversary present to be a complete surprise. "On the topic of first year anniversaries, this leads quite nicely to something that happened yesterday at work."

"What happened?"

"Well, she began. She stretched her fingers, ready to recite the story. "I was serving a couple who was celebrating their one month anniversary. Right off the bat, I could tell that the boyfriend was a total tool since he was hitting on me."

She could see Jaemin's grip on the wheel tighten. Although he was a sweet and kind guy, like a prince, he definitely had a protective side over her.

"Anyways, they were being all sweet and everything. Their date going wonderfully. And then these two girls come in the restaurant right? Turns out, he was cheating on the two of them and all hell went loose. Everyone was screaming, crying, and in the end, our precious pasta was thrown everywhere."

"Ouch," he replied. "That must've been a big mess to deal with."

"Yeah, I got that cream sauce all over me. But hey, I got over a hundred dollars in tip so that was great. He also gave me his number afterwards but I threw that away."

He shook his head in disappointment. "He asked you for your number after all that? I should be more careful, there are too many guys desperate to hit on you."

Yoona rolled her eyes. "You know the best that I would never go for those tools. After all, it took you two years to get me to say yes."

Jaemin chuckled. He recalled back to those hard memories. For a moment, he truly thought that she wouldn't fall for him. "That's true."

"Anyways, I just couldn't believe those types of douchebags existed. And to think that the coincidence of meeting the second girl would happen on the couple's first anniversary, isn't that crazy? Poor girl. I feel so bad for her."

Jaemin stayed silent while in deep thought. There was an unreadable expression on his face. Although he was smiling, his eyes symbolized something else. He almost looked sadistic? Yoona noticed the hint of darkness surrounding his figure, but she ignored it. Clearly, her eyes were playing her.

"Yeah, poor her."


[1] deja-vu: when you feel like you experienced the same situation before.

On a separate note, a lot of you probably noticed that Yoona had a hard time remembering Minhyun.

The two met when Yoona was six and Minhyun was nine. As you get older, you tend to forget memories from when you are young. I'm sure many of us have only bits and pieces of our kindergarten days. With the death of her father and the hardships her mother faced while they were at the seaside, her brain is already filled with so many memories to begin with.

It is also very easy for our memories to get warped. In Yoona's case, her last memory of Minhyun was when her mother said "Minhyun is dead". Although it's obvious she is lying, Yoona was six. In her mind, the truth was warped into the lie and she has no reason to question it in the future. Minhyun's supposed 'death' was also a traumatic experience for her.

On the other hand, Minhyun was nine year old and his life only consisted of studying. He doesn't have any other memories other than Yoona. He would be a completely different story. I hope this helps!


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