The CEO is My Childhood Friend
20 Lucas“s Advice
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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20 Lucas“s Advice

After the date, Yoona quickly changed at home and got ready for work. When she arrived, Eunha and Lucas were already there. The trio talked for a bit before starting their usual jobs.

Although it was a Saturday, there was not many customers around as it was not busy hour yet.

Yoona was leaning against the wall, waiting for any customers who needed assistance. She had already refilled all the water, swept the floor, and cleaned the cups in the bar so there were no other chores to do. She kept her customer smile on her face.

"Something's bothering you."

Yoona turned around to face Lucas as he leaned against the counter. His narrow eyes analyzed her face.

"What do you mean," she asked.

Lucas placed his cheek against his palm as he leaned his weight on his elbow. "Your smile. It's different today."

How did he know? Although she tried to act as if everything was fine, he could automatically tell. Lucas was a perceptive person, she knew that, but she thought that her smile was enough to hide everything.

She chuckled nervously. "It's really nothing."

Her heart cried liar.

He raised an eyebrow and walked out of the kitchen, standing beside of her against the wall. His arms were crossed.

"Don't lie," he said. "You can tell me. It's going to be better if you let it out of your chest."

Yoona took a deep breath. Normally, she didn't tell people about her problems since it would burden them, but she couldn't keep her thoughts to herself. She needed a second opinion. Knowing Lucas, he wouldn't sugarcoat his answer.

"Can you keep this a secret?"

She knew Lucas wasn't the type of person to go around gossiping, but she made sure to ask just in case. To let her heart at ease.

Lucas pursed his lips. "Who do I have to tell anyways? But yeah, what's up?"

"Well," she began. "Today I went on a date with my boyfriend. It was really great at first, we went for some good sushi and we joked around like always. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then we went to an exclusive art gallery. There we met one of his family's business partners. They talked for a while, which was totally fine, but then the old man started making rude remarks at me."

Lucas cocked his head, his eyes not leaving hers. "What did he say?"

Anger rose in her chest. "That I was just a plaything since I wasn't from the high-class. Just because i'm not 'rich enough' doesn't mean i'm a gold-digger. He also had the decency to try to set up Jae up with his granddaughter right in front of me! Unbelievable."

He shifted his eyes to the front. No words escaping his mouth. But she could tell he was displeased with her situation. Lucas originally had a dislike for rich people; this only fueled his emotions.

Then, he rolled up his white sleeves, revealing a collection of tattoos. "What did your boyfriend say?"

"He didn't say anything," Yoona answered slowly. Knowing that Lucas was going to judge, she quickly shielded her boyfriend. "But you have to understand, this is a very important business partner. He couldn't act rashly or else it could be detrimental for his business."

Lucas shook his head. "Why are you even dating him?"

"What do you mean?"

At the bottom of her heart, she knew exactly what he was talking about. But still - she wanted to hear it from his own mouth.

"If I were him, despite the importance of that rude man, I would still defend my girlfriend. He didn't respect you. Therefore, he doesn't deserve the respect back. If there is a business deal between the two families, the other party can't back out that easily due to some measly words he doesn't agree with." Lucas explained.

Yoona nodded. Everything Lucas was saying made sense. As she was a business major as well, she knew contracts and other legal issues were bind between the two companies. In a normal circumstance, there was no excuses. However, the situation was different for Jaemin, there was an extra twist to the story.

"I understand where you're coming from. From the bottom of my heart I wished he defended me. Instead of agreeing with the rude man. He could've at least said I was serious and different from other girls, it wouldn't have hurt him," she said. Then a sigh escaped her lips. "But the thing is, the Moon Group is comprised of his cousins as well. To become the president of the whole business, he has to gain the support of other business partners. Although I think he could've handled the situation differently, I see where he's coming from."

Lucas send her a dead look. "I get that but still. If he's acting like a tool now, how is he going to protect you in the future?"

Yoona hadn't thought that far. Her relationship with Jaemin was purely about the present, the future unknown. She never really thought about anything further than university. Their worlds were so different. All she knew was that her heart longed for him.

She shrugged. "I'm not sure. I just know that I love him and he loves me."

Lucas scratched the back of his head while scratching his button nose. "Well, if its love then continue on with the relationship but if you want my personal advice, then you should know that I don't like him. Not one bit. But hey, what do I know. Just be careful."

She smiled. Lucas really was a softie on the inside. "Thanks Lucas."

"You're welcome."


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