The CEO is My Childhood Friend
22 First Year Anniversary
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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22 First Year Anniversary

Today was Thursday. The day had finally come.

Yoona was sitting in the lecture hall beside of Jaeun. Although her eyes were focused on the professor's PowerPoint, her brain couldn't help but sidetrack and daydream about the hours to come. She was desperately curious to what Jaemin had planned for her. The boy hadn't made his entrance yet. All she got was a quick morning call with him saying that something big is going to happen during the day. She just had no idea what.

To her surprise, Jaeun was especially in a great mood, her smile going up to her eyes. This positive atmosphere around her was out of the ordinary. Something was up.

There was definitely going to be a huge surprise. The Moon Siblings were anything but than average. With their money and power, anything was possible.

Yoona just wished for this lecture to be quickly over.

Suddenly, in the middle of the professor's lecture, the lights turned off. A few screams echoed in the air, scared by the sudden darkness.

With the snap of ones fingers, the lights turned back on and standing in the front of the class was Jaemin with a bouquet of roses. A series of 'awes' echoed through the room, jealous of the public confession taking place.

Yoona widened her eyes and gasped. What was Jaemin doing here? She didn't expect for public event to happen.

Everything felt like a dream.

The teacher's slides quickly turned into a PowerPoint made by him. A series of their couple photos playing on the screen. Each photo was from a different time of their romance; their first date, the shot taken before their first kiss, a picture of them vacationing to Jeju Island, and more memories. Yoona felt her heart warm up as she reminiscence back to those times.

She couldn't believe it, had it really been one year? A rosy blush appeared on her cheeks.

"Yoona," Jaemin began. His puppy eyes looked straight at hers. "It took me two years to get you to fall in love with me."

"I always knew you were special. Unlike other girls, no matter how hard I tried, you wouldn't fall for my romantic advances. You had these walls around your heart, enabling me to pass through. Every day I worked harder to impress you."

Sincerity flashed in his eyes.

In Yoona's world, all she could see was Jaemin. It was a beautiful moment between the two of them. She didn't even notice the jealous gazes of the girls around them.

"After you began to reciprocated my feelings, I was in heaven. All my efforts had been paid off. My life brightened and I was instantly happy. Once you finally held the title of my girlfriend, I knew that we would last long. Now, today, is our one year anniversary. One that marks a stepping stone into our lives together."

This almost sounded like a proposal. Yoona was quite surprised.

He took a step forward. "Now, since we have reached this point in our love life, there is something I want to say."

Just like the light switch, Jaemin's aura twisted into something sinister. Yoona furrowed her eyebrows. It was as if he turned into a completely different person. She'd never seen this side of him. "Actually, i'll let my sister say it."

With a confused expression, Yoona realized that Jaeun had made her way down beside of Jaemin. When did she get there? And why was she there? No matter how hard Yoona tried to guess, she couldn't think of any reasons to why Jaeun would speak in the middle of Jaemin's presentation. It was quite odd.

What was going on?

"Now, Yoona, you're probably very confused to why I am down here as well. Everything is going to be explained in the next five minutes. Sit tight honey."

Sirens rang in her head. There was something off about the two people she most cared about. They almost looked as if they wanted to hurt her.

Jaeun flipped her light brown hair back. Her eyes sparkling with amusement. "Three years ago, I had met Yoona through our freshman retreat. After talking to this girl, I realized how sweet and kind she was. Her heart was made out of gold. It was shocking to see someone so different from anyone I had ever met. She had the ability to see the best in people."

"Despite my status as a Moon Sibling, she treated me like everyone else." And then a smirk appeared on her lips. "That's where she made her mistake."

Yoona pursed her lips. She couldn't understand where Jaeun was coming from. The sweet tone in her best friend's voice turned sinister.

"Three years ago, I made a bet with my wonderful brother. In exchange of five percent of my share of our company, he would make you fall in love with him. On the first year anniversary, we would publicly humiliate you. Although I knew it was going to be hard, I thought you were smarter than that. To think you would fall for him this hard."

Jaeun laughed devilishly. "Finally, I can stop pretending to be your friend. Surprise bitch. I hate you. From now on, I can finally make your life a living hell."

The roses Jaemin once held were trampled on the ground, and just like magic, the bouquet bursted in flames.

Their spectacular show was only starting.

And that was the beginning of Yoona's hell.


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