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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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23 The Game

Ever since they were young, the Moon Siblings played a series of games.

The two were blessed with all the riches in the world. They could obtain anything with the snap of their fingers. After bathing in luxury for so long, a period of boredom quickly caught up to them. They needed something more. A source of entertainment.

It all started in high school

The siblings were enrolled in a prestigious academy in Korea, surrounded by other spoiled children. Although the students were not as rich as the Moon Siblings, most of the students had enough money to live a wealthy life for themselves.

God gave them the perfect pawns to use.

In the school hierarchy, Jaeun was the queen, sitting right at the top of the throne. However, due to her arrogance and foul personality, she used tyrannical methods to keep her position while tearing others apart. Anyone who went against her would be bombarded with physical and mental torment.

She would send her 'friends' to torture the young students. Countless students went home with bruises. However, despite their rich background, they could not tell anyone due to the Moon Siblings' high status. She was invincible. For the victims, life under Jaeun's reign was the worst.

Although there were many victims of Jaeun's wrath, the first bet did not happen until the eleventh grade.

The victim was the new girl who entered the school because she was 'new money', meaning her family's business had recently blown off to be rich. Due to her pretty face and newfound wealth, the new girl quickly rose in the school ranks. In a few weeks, this girl became a threat to Jaeun. The students began to give more power to the new girl. Her followers began to pile up.

Jaeun was beyond angry with the new revolution. She was the queen of the school so why the fuck was another girl catching up! Her territory, her rules. She had to do something about the situation.

While trying to think of a plan, she noticed that the new girl had a thing for her brother. There was no girl who could resist him. After all, with his stunning looks and sweet-talk, there was no boys in the school to compare.

Jaeun knew the insecurities her brother felt with inheriting the company. Mother and Father constantly put pressure on him to reign over their cousins to become the CEO. Since Jaemin was the favored child by their grandfather and parents, he had the best shot. However, their cousins did not back down from the challenge. Many of them became smart and sharpened their competitive edge. Soon, Jaemin found himself in a hole, scratching the walls to get out. He needed a way to succeed. The power. The money. The company. All had to be his.

Therefore, Jaeun made a simple bet. In the future, she'd own shares of the company as a daughter of the Moon Group. However, she had no interests in going into the top position of the company. She was happy being the wife of a rich man or obtaining a second place position.

Even with one percent of her share, she knew Jaemin would be desperate for anything.

They played a game: if Jaemin could seduce the girl, discover her deepest secrets, and break her heart, then he would win the game.

Since Jaemin played with girls to begin with, he quickly agreed. This was easy as pie.

Jaemin succeeded in the bet. He made the new girl completely head over heels for him. In the end, Jaeun got a hold of provocative photos of the new girl through Jaemin, planting them all over the school. As the whole relationship was a bet, the couple quickly broke up once he won. He never truly cared for her. She was just a plaything to him. The girl was embarrassed and heartbroken and soon, dropped out of their school.

The bets continued throughout high school. After the new girl, it became a quick source of entertainment for Jaeun to use against girls who were a pain in the ass. There were countless girls swayed by Jaemin's sweet looks, only to be thrown in the trash. Although the twins barely got along, this was their special game.

Now their latest target was Yoona. However, unlike the other girls, this game lasted for three years. As Jaeun hated Yoona, she wished for the worst fall. To make Yoona drown in despair. That is why she waited one year to make the couple break up.

After all, out of all the people in the world, Jaeun hated Yoona the most.


All the students turned their attention towards Yoona.

They awaited for the tears. To see the sweet girl finally fall for her demise. All of them were excited for the drama to come.

Some of her admirers were saddened and wanted to protect her but what could they do? The Moon Siblings were too strong.

However, to their surprise, Yoona stood there emotionless. At the moment, her brain couldn't comprehend the situation that had taken place. To think her two closest companions had betrayed her. It was absurd to think.

It was hard to take everything in.

A shaky breathe escaped her lips. "So everything was fake?"

The siblings she knew weren't this cruel. They wouldn't try to break her heart like this. Perhaps this was all a nightmare or a hidden camera prank.

Jaeun had her mean moments but underneath that hard layer was a sweet girl, right? Jaemin too, he wasn't the type of person to pull this off. He was sweet. A gentleman. They literally went on a date this weekend.

Jaeun smirked. "Of course it was. Who would like a poor girl like you. My brother was always disgusted by your touch."

"Of course," he said. The ends of his lips curled up "Having to force myself to even kiss her was the absolute worst."

No. T-this can't be.

After hearing Jaemin's words, reality suddenly hit. She finally realized that their relationship was all a elaborate lie. He had never truly loved her. Her best friend, Jaeun never saw her as an equal.

It was hard to breathe. Yoona's emotions were a mess; fear, despair, anger, and sadness; all swirling in her heart. As if she was thrown down a never-ending abyss, her life was falling, unable to reach the top again. To think that her closest companions would betray her like this - claiming that all the laughter and happiness they shared was fabricated - broke her heart.

Everybody has a defense mechanism and Yoona's was to laugh. Sounds of her laughter echoed through the halls, bringing chills to everyone's spines. She couldn't control the sickening emotions taking over her body.

"I can't believe it."

She suppressed the emerging tears. No matter how hurt she was, she couldn't show the siblings weakness. Her pride wouldn't allow her to.

She crossed her arms. Her eyes stinging. "I can't believe you guys faked our friendship and relationship for three years. Why? What's the point."

She hadn't committed any sins against the siblings. In fact, she had been sweet to the two of them. What could have triggered such vile hate towards her?

Why was life so cruel to her?

Jaeun rolled her eyes.

"Now, that we aren't close anymore don't talk to me like that. You are just a fucking peasant while i'm a member of the Moon group," Jaeun began. "And to answer your question. Why? Because I hate you. You're disgusting. A little bug that shouldn't exist. I couldn't believe all this time you actually thought we were friends. Why would I be friends with someone of the likes of you?"

There were many girls Jaeun came to despise but nobody topped her hate for Yoona. The girl was born to be loved. It was sickening.

Although Yoona didn't wear brand names clothing or makeup, she was able to be second to Jaeun when it came to looks. A preposterous event. If Yoona would've dressed up, she may have beaten her. This shock had compelled Jaeun to speak to the girl to see how her competitor was like. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. That was the line she lived by.

To her surprise, Yoona was an angel, genuinely nice to anyone she talked to. Plus, she didn't react differently when Jaeun talked to her.

This only compelled Jaeun's jealousy. She hated innocent people.

From the very first second the two spoke to one another, Jaeun's heart immediately blackened and had already written Yoona in her hit list.

"But what have I done to get that hate?" Yoona asked. Her eyes turned red.

"For existing," Jaeun answered. "Everything about you deserves to be hated."

Yoona stood up from her seat. She couldn't take the slander any more. No matter how hard she tried, her strong character was fading away. No matter what, she didn't want to break down in the room, but her emotions weren't cooperating. She was weak. Emotionally weak. Hearing these words from a precious friend had taken a toll on her heart.

"I cared for the both of you," Yoona finally said. She swung her bag over her shoulder. "But I guess this is what I get for being nice."

And then she stormed out of the lecture hall, just in time before she burst into tears.


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