The CEO is My Childhood Friend
25 He“s Coming Back
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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25 He“s Coming Back


In the middle of a bustling city, stood a grey building. As a towering figure, it blocked sunlight from reaching the ground, shadowing darkness over the pedestrians.

This structure was known as the MH Building, built by one of the biggest companies in the world, and had recently become a signature in New York City for its height.

Although sounds of honking cars, revving engines, and chattering surrounded the tall building, the inside of the highest room was deadly silent. Not a single sound penetrated through the glass windows.

In the middle of this room sat a tall man. Behind his dark mahogany desk, he was evaluating a stack of reports. Full dark lashes surrounded his eyes as he skimmed over the company analytics, looking for any faults in the data.

Gorgeous was not enough to describe this male specimen. The contrast between his black hair and his light skin made him resemble a beautiful vampire.

Among the workers, he was a god; both for his visuals and prodigal business mindset. He was well-known in the business sector as a figure not to be reckoned with.

While in concentration, he heard a single knock on his office door.

His sharp eyes gazed up, to meet his secretary's.

Secretary Kim was a short and skinny man. With golden rimmed glasses perched on his nose and bug-like eyes, he matched the stereotypical look of an intellectual. His visuals did not betray his character, for when it came to organization and work, Secretary Kim was the best.

The MH company was known for the brutal competition among its workers, who were all graduates from top universities. They all competed to rise in ranks. The only way to survive was by using ones intellect and wits.

Through hard work, Secretary Kim had triumphed first, earning him a spot right beside the president. Although his social skills were lacking, he had photographic memory, enabling him to remember all important details.

"What is it?" Minhyun's deep voice mumbled.

Secretary Kim fixed his tie while clenching his fingers around a tablet. "Sorry to interrupt but y-you have to see this sir."

Minhyun lifted an eyebrow. It was rare to see Secretary Kim this nervous. He was usually confident in his work. Clearly, the contents of his message would make him angered. What could the device possibly hold?

As the touch-screen device entered his eyes, he noticed the thumbnail to be taking place at a university. His business had no relations to any schools other than Harvard but Secretary Kim wouldn't be wary if it concerned his graduated school. He wondered why this video would be of importance.

He pressed play.

Secretary Kim nervously fiddled with his fingers. There was no doubt his president was going to be in fury after seeing the video. He was usually cold and emotionless - not letting any person reach his heart.

However, there were only two people that stirred Minhyun's emotions; his father and his childhood sweetheart, Yoona.

His father, was self-explanatory. The old man retired early due to Minhyun's success but continued as a board member, making him relevant for big decisions pertaining the company. Due to his continuous position of power and title as previous CEO, he constantly berated Minhyun with problems. He acted as if he was still the CEO of the company. Although the relationship between the two was terrible, it worsened every day. Minhyun hated his father with a passion.

Yoona, on the other hand, was the recipient of his president's love. Despite, staying apart for years, his president checked on the girl once in a while, in case she got hurt. The only time he smiled was when there was good news involving her.

Secretary Kim couldn't imagine how much Minhyun cared for Yoona. To think the cold, distant boss was weak for a university student. It was shocking to say at least. She must be very special.

However, as the contents of this video showed Yoona being harassed and publicly humiliated by two students, it would definitely arise anger in his superior. This was not going to end up well.

Secretary Kim prayed for his own well-being.

Unlike how he expected, Minhyun was deathly quiet.

"Secretary Kim," Minhyun began. His insides were shaking; fists pale.

Although his expression was calm, the fury in his eyes told a different story. Secretary Kim wanted to run for the hills. The boss was angrier than he expected!

Secretary Kim meekly nodded. "Yes sir?"

"When did this happen?"

Secretary Kim gulped. He could not withstand the pressure of Minhyun's burning gaze. "It happened a few hours ago. The video is going viral among the university forums."

Minhyun leaned back on his chair. The skies suddenly turned dark as the clouds covered the sun's rays. "Delete every single video. Make sure every poster gets a legal warning about the consequences of their actions."

"T-they are just university students sir, I don't think-"


The seriousness of Minhyun's tone showed that there was no room to argue. Security Kim nodded, unable to refute and began to text their lawyers to make their moves.

Although his demeanor was calm, inside of his head, Minhyun was raging with anger. How dare they treat Yoona like this? She was a sweet girl, undeserving of this treatment. Life had been so cruel to her, bringing only hardships to her life, yet another terrible event had to happen? Involving her best friend and boyfriend? His heart hurt in her stead.

Minhyun had known about Yoona's ties with the Moon Siblings, particularly her relationship with Jaemin. Although it hurt him to imagine Yoona romantic with another man, since Jaemin made her happy, he let go of the matter. As long as the girl he loved was happy, he was happy. Yoona deserved the world after everything she's been through.

He also had no right to interfere in her life due to his personal feelings. After all, he was all the way across the globe, in the heart of New York City.

Of course, these were his thoughts before the whole humiliation event happened. Right now, he couldn't wait to kill that son of a bitch. How dare he play with Yoona's feelings? The only reason to why Minhyun hadn't ruined him was because he made Yoona happy. But now? Everything changed.

"Secretary Kim."

He looked up. His round eyes looking straight at his boss. "Yes sir?"

Minhyun stood up and began to clean the papers on his desk. "Book the next plane to South Korea."

Secretary Kim widened his eyes. What was boss talking about? They had so much things to do here and future plans to work on. There was no room to go on a vacation.


"I've wasted too much time here. It's time for me to make my move," Minhyun said. He grabbed his black jacket and put it on. "Don't worry. I've done most of the work ahead of time and I can continue everything in Korea. I have everything under my control."

He couldn't refute. Secretary Kim nodded. "Okay sir."

Minhyun took a quick peep outside. His eyes lingered on the blue sky.

Luckily, Yoona had handled the situation well with her retorts. Since she was a strong girl, she didn't show any tears to her enemies.

Minhyun was proud. Truly.

However, against the Moon Siblings, Yoona had no power. From past experiences, Minhyun knew how much harder life would become for the girl. He didn't want her to experience he same pain he did.

"Yoona," he whispered. "I'm coming. And i'll help you make sure those bastards get their rightful punishments."

He was going to be her sword. And together, they will get her revenge.


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