The CEO is My Childhood Friend
26 True Friends
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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26 True Friends


Yoona called in to cancel her shift.

Although she needed the money for rent, with her current mental state, she couldn't force herself to smile at the customers. It was impossible. She didn't want to break down in the middle of work.

Since the manager knew that Yoona was a diligent worker and wouldn't call in without a legitimate reason, her absence was accepted. Instead of serving, she was able to stay at home to calm her heart.

Thank god for her good track record.

After breaking down, Yoona went to the washroom to wash up. She wanted to take a quick shower to cleanse herself. After all, she was a mess. Her eyes were terribly red and puffy, decreasing the size of her eyes by half. Every strand of hair on her head was in different directions caused by friction. Luckily, this was okay compared to what could've happened.

If the siblings went one step further and she had broken down in public, then Yoona would've fallen off the edge. Her smile completely gone. She wouldn't be this sane. She was saved by that one push due to her will.

After washing up, Yoona spent this time easing her heart by binge-watching korean dramas. Due to her busy schedule, she wasn't able to watch any during the school year.

She couldn't spend the hours sulking about the Moon Siblings. Her pride won't let her. Enough was enough.

Although, she wasn't an avid fan of shows in general, the specific content she chose to watch was to her liking. Currently she was eating popcorn while watching a revenge-based drama on the screen. Perhaps, her choice was biased due to today's events. Nonetheless, it was satisfying to see justice served by the female lead.

Everything erased from her mind as she drowned herself into the drama world.

Hours continuously passed. Other than going to the washroom and grabbing more snacks, Yoona hasn't budged from her seat. She needed to see the happy ending by today.

Suddenly, Yoona heard her doorbell. It was passed one in the morning and someone was standing in front of her door, waiting to enter.

Her eyes widened. Who could be visiting her at this hour?

She was terrified. Her tendrils curling in terror.

Could it be another surprised hatched by the Moon Siblings? Or perhaps a kidnapper? At this hour, either answers were possible, and not one was better than the other.

Her phone rang against her glass coffee table. The buzzing sound echoed through the air.

She gulped and peered at the screen. To her relief, Eunha's name lit in a small box.

"Hello?" She croaked. Since she spent the time crying, her throat was dry. Her vocal chords had aged thirty years.

She could hear shuffling in the background. "Hello? Hey Yoona. You didn't come to work today and Lucas and I were really worried. You wouldn't skip unless something really bad happened. Are you okay? You sound terrible."

To think these two would come out of worry. Yoona was touched. She never expected for them to care for her this much. They also came to visit right after work. They should be very tired.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She was thankful. Truly.

Maybe she was exaggerating, but after a terrible event, this was exactly what she needed. Hope that there were still good people in this world. Eunha and Lucas proved that she had people by her side.

Now, the problem with this power that they held was that if these two would also leave her, then her sanity would be dead. all hope lost. They wouldn't do that... Right?

She had no idea.

Nevertheless, she took a shot. she craved human compassion. A deep breath escaped her lips. "I am a mess right now but since you came, come inside."

"Are you sure," Eunha said nervously.

"Yes. I would love some company."

Yoona stood up from her seat while her muscles ached with pain, before opening the door for the two.

The minute Eunha saw her friend's terrible state, she couldn't help but feel pain. Who could have done this to Yoona? She was a strong girl, yet she spent the hours crying. Eunha quickly grabbed Yoona's hand and squeezed it.

"Oh my god. Are you okay?"

Yoona chuckled awkwardly. "I'm better now."

"It's okay, we're here." Eunha embraced her in a hug.

The human warmth made the pain slightly ease. It was a small but still a difference. Yoona reciprocated the hug and leaned her head against Eunha's.

While they were interacting, Lucas was standing against the frame with his arms crossed. He hadn't taken his eyes off of Yoona since she opened the door.

Then he took his back against the wall while stepping forward. He toward over the young girl. "You are not okay. This was worse than I thought. What the fuck happened?"

Although his words were rash, Yoona could see the sincerity behind his eyes. Lucas cared.

She gulped and nodded, unable to respond to his question. Her heart wasn't prepared to vent. Instead, she offered them to come inside. She had to warm up before telling her story.

While walking inside, Lucas eyed the tissues and the bowl of popcorn placed in front of the television. Through these observations, he noted how hurt she must've been due to whatever situation she's been through.

Since Lucas wasn't the best at affection, he was glad Eunha was here to fill that portion of help.

Whatever had happened, Lucas knew for a fact that Yoona didn't deserve any of it. They both knew. After working at Bianchi for long, anyone could tell that Yoona was a good and hardworking person. She would never intentionally hurt someone for selfish reasons.

He whispered to Eunha. "Make her relax. She's tense right now."

Eunha widened her eyes as she stared at Lucas. "How?!"

Looking at how Yoona was alone and playing in the background was a revenge drama, he concluded that something had happened between Yoona and her ex-boyfriend.

He shrugged. "Don't talk about her ex-boyfriend and divert from that topic. Just make her smile. She needs it."

Eunha was shocked. Did something happen between Jaemin and Yoona? The boy was supposed to be a total sweetheart! Nonetheless, if it was a breakup, everything in this picture made sense.

Eunha took a deep breath. Multiple plans ran through her mind, trying to think of a way to ease her friend. However, after looking at Yoona's state, it was hard to pick a method. She didn't want it to backfire and make Yoona feel worse.

She laughed. "You know what happened at work today?"

Lucas nodded in approval. Good topic diversion.

Yoona cocked her head. "What happened? I can't guess."

"Well," Eunha began. Her eyes swindled back and forth, trying to muster her words. "Um. Well, nothing really happened actually. You weren't there so it was boring."

Lucas was shocked. This was definitely not what he was expecting! From his guess, Eunha was nervous about making Yoona feel better. She just didn't want to further hurt her friend.

Yoona laughed softly. She could tell what her friends were trying to do. Although Eunha's execution was awkward, it did make her happy. The whole situation was kinda funny.

Lucas's hard gaze soften when he saw the smile on Yoona's face. They were making progress.

Since Yoona understood the good intention of her friends, she sat on her couch and signaled for the other two to come sit down. They obeyed and Eunha sat right beside of her while Lucas sat on the floor in front of them.

She began to explain her situation. All the way to the very beginning of her relations with the Moon siblings to the heart-wrenching end. While speaking, tears continuously flowed down her face.

The two listened carefully, not letting a single piece of detail miss their ears. Everything about the story was an emotional roller coaster, they couldn't believe how severe these Moon siblings were! They had also never seen Yoona cry so they were shocked to see the pain she kept inside of her.

As the story progressed, Lucas's fists turned white. He was mad. Terrifyingly mad.

Eunha wanted to punch their faces. How dare they play with Yoona's heart!

After Yoona finished, the two were absolutely silent. They could not believe the absurdity of the story. To think these types of people existed in the world. It was shocking to say at least.

Lucas was the first to speak.

"Fucking hell. I am going to kill those motherfuckers."

How sick were these people? He couldn't comprehend the logic running through their heads. Never in his life did he expect to hear such a story. During his life, he'd gone to different restaurants and met many people of all personalities; however, he'd never seen anyone quite like these Moon siblings. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Eunha squeezed Yoona's hand. "That's absolutely horrifying to hear about. What kind of human would do that to another human?"

"One that has no brain or compassion," Lucas muttered.

He always knew that there was something off about Jaemin, but to think that this was it. How disgusting. These two were worse than the cheating boyfriend last week at work. At least the boyfriend didn't purposely try to ruin his girlfriend's lives.

"Thanks guys," Yoona said. Her heart was touched.

Eunha nodded. "So when are we going to kill them?"

Yoona shook her head, a small smile appearing on her lips. She loved the enthusiasm of her friends, and even though she wasn't a vengeful person, revenge did sound appealing. However, the Moon siblings were rich and powerful. They could not even put a scratch on them as regular citizens.

"Unfortunately, they are protected by the Moon group so we can't do anything about it. All I can do is survive and keep my smile."

The difference between the rich and poor was the reality of life. No matter how cruel the actions were of the high-class people, they would not get punished for their actions. Justice was never served. Of course, sometimes if the law is involved then the poor might have a shot, but in reality, the system was corrupt. There was only a slim chance to obtaining justice.

It was the sad reality of life, and Yoona had to accept it.

They all had to accept it.

Although Eunha wanted to protest and say there was hope, in the bottom of her mind, she also knew that they could do nothing. Life wasn't a drama. There was no way to bring the Moon siblings down without money.

"We will be there for you, you know that right?" Eunha assured. "We will try our best to help you keep a smile."

Lucas ran his fingers through his blond hair. "And i'll try to think of a way to get back at them. Even if it's only a tiny dent."

The warmth Yoona felt was priceless. Friends really do make a difference. She thought that everything was lost but her friends were here to help her stand up.

There really was good people in this world.

Although her heart wasn't completely healed; she was still deathly afraid of these two leaving her as well. But at the moment, their sincerity was enough to make her relax.

"You guys don't know how much of a difference you are making in my life right now," Yoona said. Tears began to well up in her eyes. "Thank you so much."

The two friends looked at each other before dissolving into smiles.

"You're welcome," Eunha said.

Lucas nodded. "We got your back squirt."


If you are curious to how the characters look like then I have some pictures from online to show you. None of them are mine, all rights to the owners. The characters don't need to look like this in your mind, and there are some difference in the photos than I had imagined the friends to look like. Nonetheless, they have the same atmosphere so it'll be help when it comes to visualization!



Also, one of the reasons to why I think this part is really important is that I didn't want Yoona to only rely on Minhyun for her mental health. I didn't want to make her dependent on only the male lead. This part shows that there are other people in her life to lean onto. Slowly, through all this love, she will become a strong person.

Remember, as Minhyun said, he is Yoona's sword to help her through life. He is not something she can't live without like food supply. This is how a healthy relationship should be ;)



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