The CEO is My Childhood Friend
27 Water and Flour
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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27 Water and Flour

Knowing that her friends had her back, Yoona gathered the courage to appear at school the next day. She originally wasn't going to go to class, but Lucas convinced her to attend. Skipping class would show the Moon siblings that they were winning the battle. She couldn't let them think that.

For once, Yoona decided to dress pretty to school. She wore a pretty white blouse, a jean skirt, and a pair of ballet flats. Instead of her usual bare face, she even put a tiny bit of makeup. In her mind, she wanted to show that she could live happily and well without the Moon siblings.

Of course, everything was a show. On the inside, she wasn't that strong. But she had to fake it for the sake of surviving at school.

As she walked through the halls, many of her classmates stared. Some with pity. Others with mockery. And a few with frightened looks, almost as if Yoona was going to murder them. She wondered why they would give her those types of expressions. She understood the first two, but the later was strange.

Anyhow - when she reached the classroom, she sat at the back, near the edge. She wanted to avoid all attention. Unfortunately, attention was sticking to her like a sore thumb.

When the other students noticed her sitting near, they all moved to other spots. Since she was the recipient of the Moon siblings' wrath, they didn't want to be near her.

Everyone was scared. Yesterday, they saw with their two own eyes what terrors the Moon siblings could commit.

Yoona gulped. She ignored the stinging sensation in her eyes.

She continuously looked through her study notes, as if she didn't noticed the other student avoiding her.

She reminded herself not to let their actions get to her. They were irrelevant in her life. Besides, all she needed to do is get through one lecture. It shouldn't be too hard right?

The sound giggling echoed through the large room. Everyone froze as a prominent figure walked in. Jaeun was walking through the doors with a new set of friends. All of who were rich and pretty. Basically, people worthy of Jaeun's high status. During their friendship, Jaeun had already been gathering groupies to hang out with after the betrayal. Everything was according to plan.

Yoona could feel her fingers tense but she didn't dare to look and solely focused on her work. There was no point in taking interest in the Moon siblings anymore.

The lesson went on smoothly. Yoona focused on the professor, writing down notes any chance she got.

One good thing about the break up was that since she was single, more time could be spent on studying. She wouldn't on to stay up till late at night to catch up with her course loads anymore. Her marks would improve as well.

But that didn't mean she didn't miss Jaemin. After all, they'd been together for a year and he was her first love. She still had feelings left for him. Who wouldn't? They only broke up yesterday. However, she knew better than to sob over that boy. She was going to study to get over her feelings slowly.

After the lecture was done, Yoona began to pack her things in her bag. She wanted to quickly go home to study before going to work. Originally, she was going to skip work today as well but after meeting with Yoona and Lucas, her mental state became a lot more stable. She was sure work would end up fine.

As she was grabbing her notes, a sudden feeling of ice showered over her. She could feel water dripping down her hair, making her whole body wet.

The white blouse she was wearing became see-through, showing all the contents underneath. She covered her chest area and squealed, shocked by the sudden revelation.

People started taking out their phones, taking videos of the scene.

Never had Yoona felt so violated and hurt. Although her eyes pleaded for someone to help cover her, nobody reached out their hand. How can everyone just stand there and record this embarrassing moment? Where was their basic human respect?

"There's nothing there, you're not covering anything." Jaeun mocked. Beside of her was two males, holding two buckets, one of which was used on her.

Wasn't this a form of sexual harassment? Yoona sent her a glare, ignoring the harsh words. She shouldn't take anything Jaeun says to her heart.

Jaeun scoffed. "Ignoring me? Fine. Bring the flour."

Before Yoona could reacted, white powder was shot her way, covering every inch of her body. She coughed as it entered her mouth. Her skin crawled with embarrassment.

So this is what Jaeun meant by hell.

As her ex-best friend for almost three years, Jaeun knew Yoona very well. She knew all the tricks of making Yoona fall into despair. What Yoona hated the most was having no one by her side while she was having a hard time.

Suffering alone.

By embarrassing her in public and using power to scare others away from helping, Jaeun was using the best methods to ruining Yoona's sanity.

Jaeun laughed as she saw the sorry state of her ex-best friend. It was absolutely hilarious to see her covered in flour.

She brought up her phone to take a picture.

Although Jaeun would've liked Yoona to break down, she did not fret. Since there was still one and a half years left of school, she had plenty of time to make suffer.

Yesterday when Jaeun unveiled the big secret, she was disappointed to see Yoona stand up for herself. She wanted the girl to cry in public, show her tears as a sign of defeat. It was an absolute bummer not to see such a sight. However, she had to remind herself that there was still time and many other methods to use. Yoona wouldn't be able to run away.

Besides, the school wouldn't do anything about it either. The Moon Group contributed lots of money to the funds. There was no way the Moon siblings would get published, the university would just turn a blind eye. In fact, if it was any regular students, Jaemin and Jaeun would've been suspended by now from yesterday's incident.

Yoona used her hands to brush off the flour chunks off her face. Although she was shaking in loneliness, she thought back to her two friends, Lucas and Eunha. Even if she was alone at school, at least she had other people to lean on. It was going to be alright.

For the first time in her life, Yoona was excited for work.

She calmly looked over at Jaeun. "Stop being so petty."

All her courage was backed up by the support her friends gave her last night. If they hadn't come, who knows how she would've reacted. Perhaps, she would've cried, it was very likely.

"It's not being petty," Jaeun retorted. "It's called justice. You are getting exactly what you deserve."

Yoona wanted to say more but she knew her logic wouldn't run through Jaeun's brain.

In the end, Yoona walked down the stairs, still covered in flour. Students excitedly took pictures of her, thirsting for the drama. She ignored the flash blinding her eyes and focused on getting out of this hell. Her knees were wobbly, almost breaking down, but she gathered her strength through thoughts of her friends.

Jaeun stood their in displease. Her arms were crossed as she watched Yoona walk away.

"I see that this isn't enough to make her break down." She scoffed while facing towards one of her groupies. "Then I guess I should use worse measures."

If Yoona was going to put up a fight then she would as well. There were many plans for the future.

Jaeun smirked. It didn't matter if it took one month or a year, eventually, Yoona wouldn't be able to withstand the pain. She couldn't wait to see Yoona break down and wither away.


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