The Demon Overlord in a Quirk World
1 Chapter 1: TWO LIFES
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The Demon Overlord in a Quirk World
Author :clock54
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1 Chapter 1: TWO LIFES

In a hospital room you can see a women fighting hard to give birth and the doctor doing her job to see to that the baby comes out alright without any complications. The women is covered in sweat and looks ragged and tired but she keeps on pushing.

Suddenly you can hear a baby's screams.

'"Waaaah, waaaah, waaah, waa..."

The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and proside to wash the baby. Efter the newborn is clean she goes over to the mother and says. -

-  "Congratulations it's a beautiful boy."

The doctor hands the baby to the women that's now a mother. The mother smiles while looking at the boy that's her son. She embraces him as she closes her eyes and let all the fatigue come rushing in at once and put her to sleep with her new baby.

….5 years later

The boy is now five years old and currently watching tv. His life has barely started.

….10 years later

The boy is now in school and is an exemplary student with straight A's but he feels helpless as his mother is in a hospital bed. He's just don't know what to do except study.

….15 years later

The once small boy is now a grown up man that's in his thirties. He is currently dressed in a green medical robe and gloves.  He took his studies seriously and he has finally reached his goal to be a surgeon.

….10 years later

The now highly rated surgeon is currently staring a the sky through the hospital window and hoping that this day is a nothing but a dream. He sees as a black hole covering the sun as strange and terrifying creatures are spewing out of it. He begins to run as fast as he can when he sees some of the creatures flying towards the building.

….10 years later

You see a rugged man that looks like he is only in his thirties. The man is packed with muscles and covered in blood of different colors. He is currently on a battlefield filled with bloodlust and the smell of iron. He is wielding a white type of energy as he smashes the monsters with his bare fists. They were the ones that invaded what he once called his home now he is trying to get it back.

….10 years later

The once prominent surgeon is still on a battlefield 10 years later as he is nowhere close to getting his home back from those abomination of nature. He feels helpless that all his battling has only polished his energy usage and nothing more.

….20 years later

The once young boy is now 80 years old and trying with all his might to break through his mortal lifespan but alas his raw potential was never good. Looking back in his life he feels that he never got any joy from it. He had his loving mother but she got taken by cancer when he was 15 years. Then he got his accomplishment in medicine but it felt empty as he had no one to share it with. He knew what he was missing in life, it was a whole and complete loving family. But all that was to late for him as he has a maximum of five years to live before all his battle scars caught up to him. He smiles bitterly as he feels his own helplessness ones again.

….5 years later

The the warrior is now closing his eyes as he falls into a slumber much like his first slumber with his mother after birth. He who has been allowed to live to his full lifespan can only think of it as a curse and regret his powerlessness as he falls into deep sleep never to wake up in this world again.


The darkness of death took the warrior out of his misery like it takes everyone. He who fought for more than half of his life thought that he could finally rest but alas fate had other plans for him.

He tried to open his eyes but it was too bright to see anything. He tried to get his mind straight but it was in shock as was his body. When he tried to speak all that came out was-

-"waaah, waaaaah, waa…."

It was the sound of a baby crying and all the man could do was to stabilise his own thought and ponder.

'Is that me? No it can't be, how is this possible? Have I been reborn?'

The man tried to focus his eyes as much as he could and after a while he saw a blurry picture of two shadows, one with green eyes and another with red ones.

The green eyed shadow which seemed like a giant took him into its arms and embraced him as darkness ones again took his mind.

Amon Eros pov:

Outside a room with big doors stood a big muscled man with bronze skin with seemed to be carved out of metal, pacing back and forth worriedly on the red carpet in the hallway.

His name is Amon Eros. The worry is over his wife that is giving birth in the room he is pacing outside of. This is the couple's first child and he wishes with all his might that all will be fine.

All he can hear from the outside is his wife's screams as she is giving birth. -

-"aaarrrggghh, aaaahhh, aaa…."

After what seemed like an eternity for Amon he finally hears the screaming shifting from his wife's to a baby's scream. -

-"waaah, waaaaah, waa…."

He burst the doors open and find the screaming baby in the family doctors hands.

His wife is lying in bed and looking quite exhasted, but in his eyes she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Amon walks up to his wife and kisses her pale forehead and looks in to her green eyes to see that she is fine. That's when the doctor comes with the baby and says. -

-"Congratulations it's a beautiful boy"

She hands the newly born boy to the couple. Suddenly the boy opens his eyes and looks at the newly made parents.

"He has the green eyes of Eros just like you darling" says Amon to his wife.

"I'm sure he'll have some features from you too when he gets older" she replies exhaustively.

Amon that hears his wife's tiredness feels a little helpless in this situation.

"Rest my love and you will feel better tomorrow."

This was the birth of the legend with will be known as the strongest in the world. The Demon Overlord!


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