The Demon Overlord in a Quirk World
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The Demon Overlord in a Quirk World
Author :clock54
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In a peaceful bedroom, the windows are uncovered, letting the light shine through onto the bed. In the bed there lies a beautiful woman in negligee with otherworldly features, and right beside her there is a crib.

In the crib there is a baby boy awake and looking around with his bright green eyes, when he finally manages to turn his head around he sees the woman on the bed, and at that moment he is stunned by her beauty.

The woman has pure white skin looking soft and delicate. A face thats hard to believe exists, a soft jawline, plump and full lips and a small delicate nose. What stands out about her the most is her pure white hair that's spread around messely on the bed but looks as if it can reach the lower part of her back.

All that can go through the baby boys head is.'Is that my mother in this new life of mine?' 'How can I have been reincarnated.' 'Nothing makes sense.'

Right then the woman stirs in the bed. She opens her bright green eyes to see a exact same pair looking right back at her. She stands up and walks toward the crib and sees that the baby's eyes are following her.

She picks the baby gently out of the crib with her hand behind his back and neck. She smiles toward the curious baby as she begins to speaks in a language he isn't familiar with, but he can still feel what she is saying.

"Hi my wonderful baby boy, i'm Snow Eros and I am your mother, and as your mother I will always love you." she said while smiling lovingly.

After hearing this and feeling the emotions behind her smile and voice the baby starts crying.

The woman starts to gently sway him in her arms to calm him down. Suddenly the doors open up to the bedroom and in comes a big man that has bronze like skin with muscles of metal, short black messy hair and red eyes. He has a sharp jawline with handsome features. But this intimidating man has a big grin on his face as he comes before the two.

"Let me get a good look at our son my dear" he said with a gleeful tone

The mother brings the baby in front of the father and asked. "What should we name him?"

The man takes the baby and ponders for a while but then said. " His name shall be the name fit for a king so through this life he shall be known as Solomon Eros." The man had spent the night pacing outside the door and grumbling over a perfect name for their new son and this was the result.

"Solomon Eros, a good name. It probably took you all night to come up with it." Snow said as she took back her son scared that the man would hurting him in any way. "Well are you not going to introduce yourself to him?" she continued.

"Well my son I am Amon Eros and as long as you are known as Solomon you are my son."

This was how Solomon got his name as well as how he met his parents in his new life.

This was the start of a new life for Solomon and a second chance at happiness, so he felt more than grateful for it. His parents seemed like a young beautiful couple and he could feel the emotions when they spoke to him. Their words was full of love.

'But how can this be possible? I have a second chance at a happy life. Can I really take it? Is this a dream in the end?'

While Solomon had this kind of thoughts he soon came to realise that this was not a dream. He had begun a new life as a baby in the Eros family. He was the son of Amon and Snow.

As his new life started he had to go through the usual baby stuff. Soiling oneself being unable to go on the toilet, and then getting cleaned by a drop dead gorgeous women. Shameful is all he could feel from it.

'I that have lived more than 80 years and been a warrior more than half of it cant even go to the toilet.' all he could do was to bitterly accept defeat in this battle.

Then came the breastfeeding. He was actually quite excited to get a mouthful of those big white soft breast with a cherry tip.

'How big are they? Maybe D or E size. Ahhh i'm in heaven' is all he could think when he saw them in front of him.

In the years of hot blooded battle he didn't actually get much action when it came to women so he prayed to god that those breast would never leave him.

After a couple of days of this he realised that he was actually living alone in a mansion with his parents.

'My parents must be quite the big shot in the world to own a house like this. Maybe they are world class models or entertainers. They certainly got the looks for it.'

But it didn't take long for Solomon to realise that the world was not like his last one. It was just a couple of days in that he experienced the mystical side of this world when his mom suddenly sprouted two giant grey pair of angel wings each one the size of her whole body. She did this when they suddenly had a visitor and was going to bring some deserts but had her hands full of Solomon, so she put Solomon in the embrace of her wings and carried the plates of dessert from the kitchen to the table were the guest satt down. It didn't even look as if the wings and Solomon were weighing her down when she walked towards the table.

'Are they real wing? They feel warm and soft, maybe like pillows that someone has already used just before you. But does this mean this world also has powers and energy like in my last life?'

Solomon tried to bull out one feather but it would not come out with his meager strength so he lied down and went through what just happened in his head.

As his mother satt down the guest began to ask.

"How are you feeling now a couple of days after birth? Any pain or soreness? You know I could always give you something for it." said the woman.

"No I feel quite well actually" said Snow as she set the table. Just when she was looking around for a knife to cut the cake with she remembered that she forgot to take one with her. So what she did was to pick out one of her feathers that was besides Solomon and used it to cut the cake.

Solomon that saw this could not believe his eyes that those soft feathers could become as hard as steel and actually cut a cake. The place that she pulled the feather from actually grew a new one just as fast as she pulled one out. He looked with his big green eyes at his mother which seemed to notice his stare.

"Honey you will also be able to do these kind of things when you get your quirk, I believe that you will get an amazing quirk just as powerful as your father and I if not an even better one."

Just then the woman that begun to talk.

"It is quite a good chance he will get a demonic type transformation quirk when he has the green eyes of Eros, but it is a little to early to tell. You will just have to wait and see till his quirk matures enough to show itself. As you know that usually takes 4 to 5 years."

Solomon that had not taken a good look at the woman till now saw a beautiful blonde short haired woman with soft and beautiful features with dark blue eyes as deep as the ocean.

This was Idris Saber, the family doctor as he only found out at a later date.


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