The Empire Building System
1 Reincarnation
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The Empire Building System
Author :asuranefilm
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1 Reincarnation

Yang Xian gradually awakened.

Whats going on...How is it that I have not died?I..I vividly remember that I died in that explosion, how can I still be alive! Somehow my body is not in pain...and I do not even feel the slightest discomfort? How is this happening?

Yang Xian suddenly opened his eyes and quietly sat up. He found himself in a comfortably soft bed, with a blue banner hanging above him, rendering a festive atmosphere.

"Ah! Xian you.….you woke up!"

A women's gasp of surprise was heard from his ear and the same women appeared in his line of sight.

At a glance the women dressed in blue looked late twenties in age.she was fair as snow with charming rosy lips and a delicate nose. A touching look of deep surprise was expressed by eyes as clear and transparent as a pool of translucent spring water. Her face exuded a dazzling gentleness and softness.

Staring at the nearby women, Yang Xian took a closer look and unconsciously let words escape his lips, "Mother?"

The women lifted her jade like hands onto Yang Xian's forehead and relaxed soon after. With a joyful expression, she spoke, "Thank god, your temperature is almost back to normal. You nearly scared me to death. Little Xian, are you okay? Tell me if you feel uncomfortable anywhere."

In the face of the women's eyes that filled with deep concern, Yang Xian woodenly shook his head. He stared openly into space with a vacant gaze.

"Rest here for a while, I'll go and tell your grandma that you're awake. Today is your day! When you fainted, your grandmother almost went crazy and personally went to find Doctor Li for you."

She was in such a rush that she did not notice the abnormality of Yang Xian's current state. She pushed Yang Xian's shoulders, signaling him to lie back on the bed and hurriedly left.

As the door shut Yang Xian sat up on the bed, hands clutching his head.

This was one of the cities in the far east located in one of the thirteen kingdom of the Divine star Continent—Chu kingdom,Fire City. And he was the grandson of the Matriach of the Yang Clan—Yang Xian! He had just turned ten this year.

This is his current identity.

Before waking up he was a man in his 20's trying to find a job. He was an orphan,lived all his life in an orphanage till he can remember.After coming out of orphanage he had dream's to make his own home, to have a loving family which he longed for.

After some days he came to know it was not at all even easy to make a living. Like all other days he had gone out to find a job, but who would take an average guy a decent job and not even recommended by someone. His life got so low that he even had to beg sometimes to survive a day.

It was then that he met an old man under a bridge where he was lying with his back against the wall, starving as he had not eaten a thing in two days. The old man seeing him like that may have took pity on him,he said "Whats your story child" and gave me a breadloaf that he had with him.

I took the loaf and ate it with big bites, why not? I was very hungry.

Once I had satiated my belly a little, I gave him his answer, as he did seemed kind.

" naive you are my boy" the old man laughed and also mocked after hearing his story. He didn't say anything after that but just these words "Come with me, I will teach you skills and some common sense for you to survive in this harsh world." He stood up and started walking in a direction. I too ran bihind him when a thought came to my mind 'Maybe my life will get better from now'.

After studing under the old man for one year he inherited everything from him. As to what skills, and knowledge he gained.Well he thought him how to be sly,cunning, shameless, and also made him what every aunt and there girls would call perverted little rascal. Why would they call him that was because the old man had some godlike hand skills for thieving which he will also use on some lonely aunts which gave them happiness (😎) as all those aunt called him perverted old rascal. As they say 'Like master like disciple'. Yang Xian personality was heavily influenced by his master, Mu sheng.

Then after another two years, his master became severly ill and passed away. But he gave him a locket which had a gem embeded inside before he died, he said that it was a good luck locket which his master had given him and now he is giving it to his disciple to make this tradition live'.

'hah...good luck locket...more like bad luck locket as I died just after that in an explosion caused by some sleeper cell terrorist in a crowded place to create chaos in this already chaotic world' thought Yang Xian.

Suddenly, he had a splitting headache, memory of this body kept flodding in.

Yang Xian… stilled for a long time as he slowly calmed down and settled his thoughts.

'Sigh.. look's like this body owner was killed by a servant of this clan. Probably a spy from another clan.Today was a special day for him as he was going have his talent graded and get an inherent skill if he had any as it probability was quite low. But poisoned before he could attend it.'he thought.There are three Noble clan's which resides in this town namely Yang Clan, Zhou Clan and Fang clan.Fang clan was the strongest among these clan with a stage 9 Mortal spirit master as a clan head. Zhou clan head and Yang clan head where both mortal spirit master 8.

In the Divine Spirit Continent, profound strength was most important.It's a typical dog eat dog world. Yang Xian was born in the Yang Clan, and was even the grandchild of the matriach Hui, his profound strength was at the third level of the Body temparing Realm at the age of eleven one level above his peers in other clan. Maybe he was assasinated because of this reason.

Suddenly, the door opened and an ethereal figure hastily came in. She was my older sister Yang Bai.

We had same father but different mother. My father has 2 wife which were sister's in real life.Yang Bai mother name is Fei Ju and my mother name is Fei lan three years younger than her sister.

We were five brothers and sisters.The oldest of us was sister Yang Bai age 11 with me as second and third was Yang Xui age-6.Yang Hui and Yang Mei were my younger twin sister's age-6.Yang Bai and Yang Xui had Fei Ju as mother and twin sister's and me had Fei Lan as mother.

"Oh, Xian'er, you have finally woken up." said big sis Bai."How are feeling, thus it hurt somewhere.Let me look"

"I am alright sis. I feeling fine now, look even my fever has gone down" he said while letting her touch his forehead.

"Thank god you are well. You gave me a scare when you fainted like that." she patted her still developing chest.

'hah..she would be sad if she knew that her little brother is already dead. What should I do,I cannot decieve about this' he thought while keeping a lovable boy face.

"oh yeah...I will call the little one's. They cried so much after they saw you fainting like that ,they should be with mother Ju right now" taking off right after saying that.

(DING....System initialized, linking with host's DNA. Congratulations, you have successfully bound the Divine Artefact, in your sense a system ]

He is definitely hallucinating. He pinched his cheek and felt the pain. [Host is not Hallucinating. The host has absorbed Divine Artefact Gem containing the system]

"What gem...the gem that master gave me? Did crossed over because of that." said Yang Xian to whatever he was taking to.

(Yes, that's the one. For you to become its master you have bound it with your blood.

But you were on the verge of dieing, and that's the reason your soul was transferred with my power to parallel you in a parallel world. Since both of your soul pattern is same I was able to easily fuse both of your into one.)

"What..this guy didn't die...and its fused with me...but wouldn't that affect my personality or make in another person." exclaiming he said.

(No, the soul of this body is your parallel soul, and because he was still a child, when he fused with you, you became the dominating factor and easily became one without any changes to personality except for some feelings he has for any thing or being here. You are perfectly synchronized)

*phew* Yang Xian exhales softly.

" Then...who..what are you." he raised another question.

(I am the sentient spirit of the Artefact, as for who made this Artefact and where I come from, you are not eligible to know now. You can only know that I was made to help its master to become the strongest Emperor in his universe. Well you can also call me Empire building system [EBS], as an Emperor has to have an empire.)

'You don't say😑',"Then what can do" Yang Xian said calmly but inside he was thinking 'Emperor, Empire? Does that mean I can have my harem ?'

(....Yes you can also have your harem. You can communicate with me by your thoughts. I can provide tools, function and skills that are suited to be used in this universe, the host can choose what to do.)

'....ok', suddenly sound of footsteps started nearing.

What came from that door made Yang Xian perverted mind howling.

"Xain'er, my child you made me anxious." said a busty milf that should be my grandma.


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