The Flower Girl
2 The Troubled and Troubling
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The Flower Girl
Author :SuperSniper286
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2 The Troubled and Troubling

Clarissa slowly walked down the stairs, unwilling and unhappy, attempting to cherish every moment she had without another human being interacting with her. The world could never know what she thought of it, the very thought sending her into isolation. She lived in a place where the others are sensitive to words, honesty was something she had to be extremely careful about. Speak too much and paint a target on your head, too less and be forgotten.

Unfortunately, the stairs had run out into a short hall to the door, strewn with wet newspapers and mud. One room on the left emitted moans and gasps when the right spat manic laughter. Clarissa could only shake her head to take away any thought her mind may whip up regarding the audio.

Her feet stepped onto the wet concrete stairs, built cheaply without any color or tile, not even a safety rail. She nearly slipped but managed to grab the wall, saving her from an injury that her pocket would damn her for. Sighing in relief, she continued on the long journey, the time of which she only wanted to extend. She almost didn't want to arrive at the school, to get lost and gain an infinite distance from the school. Just as she thought that and fantasized about how she could have evaded the school entirely and lived without it, she found herself walking onto the pavement of the Anderson public School. The name stirring her stomach whenever she thought of it.

A boy groped a little girl by the entrance, a prefect joined in instead of stopping them. Laughing and cooing as they fondled the young child. She couldn't do anything for these boys were involved with serious and powerful people. Their antics in the fancy schools landed them in rooms next to young Clarissa. She tried to look away from the actions but couldn't manage to not sneak a few peeks of the attempt in her eyes. Clothes falling and tears dripping, moments later; loud crying. Nobody had the will to bat an eye, fearing the powerful and elitists capability to pull a flawless lawsuit on them.

She quickly made her way to class. To where she could have some refuge.

"Clarissa! Hey!" A girl waved from the side of the classroom. She immediately recognized the voice. Young Maria Elen D'sanchez, Who had her father killed in a airplane accident. She had a rather french looking face and accent, sounding like a pureblood French but promising she was American. A face that belonged on a millionaires family, wearing a suit Clarissa could only dream of touching . Her mother, being a widow, began to attempt to find more and more men to give her a sustainable and assuring father. Sadly, none of them lasted beside her more than 20 minutes after their first kiss. Marie met Clarissa in the streets as vendors for hand-woven goods and then her mother when she had joined school and couldn't pitch into the so-called "family business". She found her in the same class, same row and on the seat behind hers. A friend that had yet to leave her side

"Marie! How goes things"

"The same. Made a good buck probably know what I'm talking about"


Her mother had also resorted to prostitution. Marie swore it was only for paying off the rent of her room but Clarissa never really believed her.

"You study for the test, Marie?"

"Yeah, I've got it down a decent bit. Though the noises were distracting. Anyways, what about you?

"Chemistry, Alcohols was the only thing I didn't get"

Marie lightly laughed at her "Hah, When your mother is a drunk, you have a bunch of time to fiddle with the labels of her drinks. Using some of the research papers I borrowed from the elitists, I could make it easier for myself to understand the alcohols"

"You didn't borrow them, did you?" Marie only gave a smirk back as they both laughed. Being with Marie was one of the very few things Clarissa actually looked forward to in her life.

Just at that moment, A boy burst through the door. His hair done sharply and he wore a suit.

"Ah, look at all you imbecile-looking boys and girls. No sense of style, if any, no money to buy it. Yet I hold all the gems in the crown of the English"

Donero Mesker III. She hated calling him that. He headed the clique of the suits and spades of the public school, son of an angry billionare, nobody dared raise his voice against him, fearing the lawsuit and the professional lawyers he had at his fingertips. All it would take was a crying face, a self inflicted pinprick and a false allegation to guilt trip the accused into suicide if the police hadn't arrested them for Juvenile behavior.

Clarissa grit her teeth, Marie grabbed her shoulder

"Clari, calm down. He's not worth being mad. Come, before you do anything that you regret later"

She found sense in her words, though her hands wanted to dig into his jaw. She realized, rather than bodily power, he had the power in his pocket to influence anyone by her side.

Clarissa felt uneasy as she sat down on her seat, while the teacher entered class, attempting to calm her anger at the headache of a boy who entered minutes ago.

If only she had the power to get back at him. If only

"Calm down Clarissa...He'll stay more powerful than you no matter what you do" She thought as she pulled out her textbooks.


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