The Flower Girl
5 MethylFleuric
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The Flower Girl
Author :SuperSniper286
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5 MethylFleuric

The sunlight burned into Clarissa's waking eyes. The eyes that had seen more in the past days than any other. Her life seemed to have taken a turn from its mundane routine. She almost appreciated her new infection before reality slapped her back into her senses.

She didn't seem to have many thoughts today. She felt as if her thousands of problems had suddenly just become irrelevant. Her measly meals showed her no trouble, her smelling clothes were thrown to wash and a fresh pair, though torn at the edges, was donned. Clarissa seemed to enjoy this carefree feeling, as if it was pause to her long suffering. She made her way out of the living room, wearing a smile, even if it had been years since that occurrence. Out of nowhere, she felt an urgent rush to look around, as if something was amiss. Her eyes landed on her kitchen sink, a stack of plates piled by the edge of the counter seemed to be what her mind was on about.

The plates seemed to shiver, as if a foreign entity agitated them.

Clarissa did not seem to flinch, while any other teen in her place would've been thrown to the side of the room yelling for someone to save them from a rogue spirit. She slowly approached the shaking stack and calmly placed her hand on them, pushing them aside. Something seemed to fly from behind the stack, out towards her. While any other person would have shielded themselves from an oncoming entity, Clarissa chose otherwise.

At breakneck speed, she instinctively spun her torso round, swinging her hand at what was coming. Time seemed to slow down as her arms moved across the air, she could see the small streaks of white as her arm cut through the air and made for its target like some ethereally guided missile. The target seemed to be an ordinary lizard that would sometimes make its way in, it seemed that today was its last day in her apartment. The whip of a hand finally made to its destination, and with near surgical precision, threw the creature towards an open crack in the window where it flew out, to land at some unlucky person

Clarissa, after thoroughly washing her hands of course, stared herself down her mirror as she lifted her eyelids, wondering if what she had just encountered was sitting right there. Of course, it wasn't. She knew what had happened the other day, the encounter with the damned flower, still sitting on her counter, the visit to the doctor and the information she received.

"Well, I guess even Nova Fleura can't help curb stupidity."

She packed what books she needed and set off for her school. She still didn't want to see any of those faces. Mesker and his pompousness would only add to the heap she had on her plate.

On her walk, she seemed to judge the world much more differently than before. She could see details she never saw. The faces of people told hundreds more stories, she could interpret emotion so much easier now. She could feel the moisture in the air from the recent storms, and perhaps the worst of all, she could smell much more accurately. Many of the men she walked by smelled of putrid scents, though one or two people with a decent choice of deodorants and cologne would come by now and then. She finally arrived at the damned building that was her school.

She hated her new gift of Fleuric Archaea. For she could now see the emotions and feeling in the students she once ignored. A young girl walked by, the only thing she could read off of her was darkness, despair and sorrow. A senior walked by, his face read out his confusion, his desperation, his fear. Of what? she couldn't guess that. Not yet anyways.

Finally making it to class, she nearly let a tear loose as she found Marie. Her face read misery, embarrassment and pain. Something she never wanted her only friend to feel and almost felt sick knowing. She dropped her bag on her respective seat, heading to Marie, to greet her with a hug. Marie stood up as she saw Clarissa come, her mood changed almost readily. She must've been feeling lonely.

"Hi, Marie. How you feeling?"

"Ah, Clari, I...I'm good, what about you? Is everything good after...yesterday?"

She almost seemed regretful to ask.

"'s been...kinda weird but I'm adapting. Anyway...what about you? you look really sad today"

Marie's eyes crept up to face Clarissa's own as her lips sealed themselves shut.

The bell rang, interrupting Clarissa's consolation. Then, the lord of the rich and the headache of Clarissa marched into class.

"Boys! Haven't forgotten about your superior, have you?"

Clarissa felt an inner urge to speak, motivating her own lips without her power

"Well your fat arse isn't something that helps in forgetting"

She immediately covered her mouth, realizing what she said. The room fell silent and all eyes fell upon Clarissa, who stood there wondering how she even said that with a straight face.

The man walked down to her seat and swung his hand for her face. Clarissa unknowingly threw up her hand, time once again slowing as it swept away Mesker as if she had combat training. Then came a retaliatory slap that rendered the millionaire unable to reply, scuttling off like a rat to its hole.

Marie snorted as Mesker mustered the courage to say "It's not over yet" as he limped off to his seat.

Clarissa let off the most delicious grin in her life as she sat down, pulling out her notebook as the first lesson began with the teacher entering the room.

"So this is what its like to be fleuric. Since I've learnt some Organic, I think I should give my own parasite a name

How about....

MethylFleuric "


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