The Heir of the World
3 Chapter 03 - Viole
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The Heir of the World
Author :infinitysword
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3 Chapter 03 - Viole

Rael was carefully put out of the coffin by the Violet who soon left. Seimon watched the scene with a faint smile as he studied the woman. Rael on the other hand was worried if she would start to get sick or something, in relation to the kiss. Even though she had a serious, half-rigid expression, she did not do any harm to Rael and did not seem to be irritated by the kiss.

"Seimon, what an interesting surprise, what's wrong with your body?" Is that what I think it is? Violet asked, ignoring Rael and looking at the old man.

"I do not have time to explain it, as I promised, I came to set you free." Seimon hurried. Violet was a little annoyed, she did not know how long she was sleeping and how the world would be now.

You jerk! You no longer have a physical body, and you brought me a child to wake me up, where is your judgment? She asked, burning her throat, her teeth clenching. Rael stared at them both with a confused expression, but he was not afraid. Apparently kissing her would not be the focus of anger, so he felt relieved, even if he was not exactly afraid.

"Oh, do not worry, I'm sure your feelings are already different. From now on, the kid will grow up and become a handsome man too, so you do not have to worry. - explained Seimon.

- He knows? She asked, glancing quickly at Rael and looking back at the old man.

"At the age of ten, even if he did, it would not make any difference. Said the old man without encouragement. Violet was relieved to know that at least Seimon had not explained this inconvenient little detail.

"So you became a God?" She asked.

"It was not my plan, but when we destroyed it, the balance of time was activated and all of us who were close were caught," Seimon said with a little dismay in his tone, sounding a little regretful.

"Caught indirectly by the rules of the world, that's the fabulous excuse I get after sleeping-for how many years?" Asked Violet.

- for ten thousand years. Said Seimon. Leaving Violet with creepy hairs.

Ten thousand years?" Are you kidding me? This is a joke? Violet had been really angry. His tone was almost so loud it could be considered a scream.

- Oops, my time is over Violet, I'm sorry, but I need to go back. Well I do not even need to say to take care of the boy, he has some dreams and a certain inheritance that soon you will realize. Seimon disappeared before Rael or Violet could say anything more. Violet sighed slowly, still looking forward where Seimon was soon.

She stood up and stretched her arms, as if she had just woken up, and then she looked at Rael sideways. Rael stood, curious about what would happen next. "Inheritance?" He asked himself as he thought, but he did not say anything to Violet, surely Seimon was mistaken, unless he was talking about the power he had just received, that should be it, he had nothing else besides that same.

- What is your name? Violet asked normally.

"Rael, sister," he replied politely. Unlike the old man, Violet was very much alive to him, adding to the fact that he had kissed her just a little, it made things a little strange. Even as a child, he did not know exactly how to react to her.

- And your family? Friends? She asked casually.

Rael lowered his face to the ground and tightened his wrist before speaking.

"I do not have anyone like that in my life. He replied.

Violet could feel the cold tone of her words and wondered, could a child at that age already be so cold? She could feel even a strange perverse feeling flow through him, which left her in awe. Adults with this feeling would not be a surprise, but a child?

"Then you'll stay with me." Do not call me sister, I do not like, treat me by my name, Violet. Remember, I will not be your mother and I will not even replace any part of your missing family, I will be just Violet for you, just as you will Rael for me, was I clear? She asked.

"Yes," Rael said, looking into her eyes. Violet had to admit that for a ten-year-old, he was quite adventurous.

"Why do not you sit down and get some rest?" It's bruised and hungry, I can feel it. She said, looking at Rael carefully.

"I'm fine, no need to worry. Even Rael in that miserable state, he refused to admit his cruel situation and continued to express an air of force.

Violet stared at his strong yet admired expression, but she could see Rael's legs trembling, even though it was still barely visible. He was clearly trying to disguise his weakness. Only this minute action has already made Violeta's heart beat harder as she wondered how Rael would be when he became a man? In fact, even when he was already a teenager he would become an incredible young man.

"Beautiful words, but your body does not correspond with them. Violet sighed. "Rest for the rest, you're almost fainting." She said, moving away. And it seemed as if her words were a harbinger of a future. Rael felt dizzy and ran his hand over his face, then ended up sitting down because he could not stand, until he finally fell back little by little and completely erased.

When Rael regained consciousness, he felt strangely comfortable, his body was not sore, his feet were not throbbing, he was just hungry. He felt he was lying on something soft, and his face was covered by a shadow, and he felt something soft being pressed against his lips.

As his vision returned, he realized he was being kissed by Violet, not only that, he was lying on her lap, like a child sleeping in his mother's lap. Rael could feel all the touch of Violet's warm body and even her breasts, though there was no perverted thought. But she was not kissing him, she was depositing a liquid through her lips and when she realized he was awake, she smiled and sweetly moved away from his mouth.

"You're finally awake." - she said. Rael was a bit anxious, but he nodded.

"Then you can take the rest without my help." Said Violet, helping him to his feet, then handed him a small cup with some kind of sweet tea in it, the tea was still warm, a timid smoke extinguished above the cup and then disappeared.

- You're very strong Rael, I'm impressed, I have no idea what life you've had so far, but from now on everything will be different. She said, standing up.

Rael sipped his tea as he watched Violet.

- What do you have in mind? What are your dreams? Violet asked, analyzing Rael.

"I want to grow up and become the strongest man I can, I want to end all the bondage of the world!" Rael rolled her eyes and squeezed the marble cup in her hand, the tea inside trembling.

"Okay, I like your firmness, on second thought, I prefer you at that age, at least I'll be able to shape your workout from an early age. Violet said, opening a beautiful smile, staring at Rael. But she could not help wondering what slavery he was talking about. She slept for ten thousand years, so she was not familiar with the current events around the world. Even the little walk she had given while Rael was unconscious did not help her gain any understanding of the present world.

Rael was no longer in the old metal camera, they were in what appeared to be a huge kitchen room. There was the stone stove at the corner of the wall, the table in the center, the chairs, shelves with books, another shelf with kitchen utensils like pots and pans, etc. Basically it was a big kitchen, almost of rich people, which made Rael a little silly in the old family, he could not even dream of staying in a place like this.

- Violet, where are we? Rael asked curiously.

"It's a room in the place we used to be. Violet pointed her finger at the metal door at the back. "We came from there," she explained normally.

"Why do not you sit down and wait?" While you slept I went to the city to buy supplies, I will make a soup now, the tea that I gave you must have already had the effect that it needed. She remarked.

"Thank you for that," Rael thanked Rael, who actually felt much better, then pulled the chair up and sat down as he continued to watch Violet, he tried to understand why she looked so good to him and why he loved kissing him so much. Other women would certainly vomit just thinking. That's what he thought. Of course Rael was hungry, and he smelled the soup being prepared, opened his appetite even more ..

The two of them took soups together on the table in marble dishes, and Rael repeated it three times. The soup was extremely delicious, and for him who was hungry, it was even better. Violet was smiling because she had not lost her way. Seeing Rael eating her soup so lively, it gave her plenty of comfort, a sensation that only her lineage would have after being awakened by a human.

- Pleased? She asked, watching Rael with a relieved expression on the chair in front of her.

- Yes thanks. He replied politely.

"Now, how do we find a way out of your lack of arm?" Recovered as it is now, I can do my part. Said Violet, rising from her seat. Rael felt the seriousness of those words and stood up to face Violet who was walking around the table.

- What do we do? Rael asked anxiously as Violet stepped in front of him.

"You'll have to be very strong now, growing an arm is really painful, but it will be necessary if you want to be strong as you want to be one day. She said seriously.

- I'll take it! Please do not take it easy with me! Rael said quickly, firmly. Even when he was ten years old, Violet did not cease to amaze her, she felt warm inside and in several places, but she could not lose focus or even let him see the way her face would look. Violators were extremely beautiful, they were practically perfect women, and they were obviously very vain, and yet there was another totally reversed appearance of their exposition, which they need not be exposed to except on rare occasions, and this was one of them.

"Listen," Violet crouched down to face Rael's face. "You'll close your eyes and open it when I tell you to, if you open your eyes first, everything can go wrong, it can end up dying, was I clear?" She asked.

"Yes," Rael said firmly and closed his eyes.

- Please bite that. Violet held out a small folded cloth and Rael, without seeing it, opened his mouth to accept the strange request.

"Great, now we're ready, no matter the pain you feel, do not open your eyes at all from now on. Violet said as she stared at Rael's bare chest, she had removed her dirty T-shirt and washed her chest just for a reason.

Violet let her demonic instincts come into action and her mouth was deformed and even enlarged, one part larger than the other and several dark, sharp teeth appeared. She was a beautiful woman, but that demonic appearance took away all its beauty, however it was necessary to use this to help Rael at that moment. Then she. carefully. he placed his dangerous mouth in the area of ​​Rael's armless shoulder and applied the bite by carving a good part of his teeth.

Rael felt the bite and each tooth coming into his shoulder, it was like knives tearing his skin and reaching his bones, even against his will tried to escape with closed eyes, but Violeta's arms held him firmly, avoiding any escape. He wanted to see what was happening, but he remembered the recent warning and so did not open his eyes at all, even as he felt this amazing pain. It was as if acid was being injected into her body. Rael was shaking, and even without opening his mouth to cry, tears were coming down from his eyes, he was biting the cloth with force as he put up with all the insane pain. Violet continued squeezing the boy's skin and depositing a part of his lineage into it. "Just a little longer," she thought as she closed her eyes, concentrating. She knew how much he was suffering, and it broke her heart, but it was accurate and could not be done otherwise, nor could it be avoided.


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