The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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I was still processing what just happened. He Alpha Queen seemed very angry. What she said in her tongue also bothered me. Since I could barely understand and speak our language, Jarun, I turned to my dad.

"Dad, what did Alpha Xunia say?" I asked as soon as he looked at me. My dad blinked before answering me. "It's nothing son, don't worry about it. It's safer not to intervene in the matters of royals". Knowing fully well I couldn't pressure my dad into giving me more answers, I decided to drop it.

"Okay dad. I'm going to use the restroom now" "No problem. Don't stay long and come have lunch with us" Dad said nodding. I stood from my seat in the hall and headed towards the area the guide had shown us.

My dad was a beta of a small pack on earth, Pack Livresal, Beta Greeane Salmena. My mum was automatically the Delta, Julie Salmena. My sister, Jenna was just a year younger than me. I was only the Beta's son and we were barely nobles.

I wandered the halls looking for the restroom. After minutes of searching, I gave up and went to look for one of the Aries Pack women. I walked down a passageway for some minutes till I found one of the Amazonian looking women. I asked her for directions and she led me to the restroom closest to us.

After answering nature's call, I came out and decided to look around. The Dixen Palace was a lot farther from the conference hall, which was built to accommodate more than a million Weries and was specifically located away from the royal palace. But the Pack's conference hall was also an impressive monument, said to have been built by giants and elves. I didn't believe either existed even if I was a mythical creatures to humans myself.

The walls of the corridors all had pictures which had names and descriptions under them. Some were works of art while the others were portraits of former and present leaders.

I was completely enthralled by the portraits in front of me that I didn't notice someone else was passing through the corridor. As I turned to inspect the portrait at the other side of the corridor, I bumped into the person and my hand brushed her exposed arms.

MATES. Immediately my eyes turned white and hers turned pitch black. I recovered from my shock to see who my mate was and almost had a heart attack. Standing before me and grinning like she had just won a jackpot, was none other than the Alpha Queen Xunia.

'Seems I have finally found my mate and he's a boy. How very interesting' She commented. Faced with such a perilous situation, I did what most people wouldn't do when they just met their other halves. I ran.


In third person's perspective. The Aries Pack conference hall.

Jason ran like he was being chased by his worse nightmare when it was only his mate but with her being one of the most powerful faeries he knew, he ran like his life depended on it. Xunia, who wasn't expecting it, shook out of her shock, transformed into her wolf and dashed after him.

He ran out of the hall, accidentally running into his dad and out to the forest beside the hall. He sensed someone was chasing after him and discovered it was his mate. "Little mate, stop running from me and hurting my feelings" She called softly from behind.

He made the mistake of looking back and saw a smirk in the woods, not seeing her full body. He increased his speed though he was running in neutral form. "What's your name?" he didn't reply and swerved around a tree.

:Please stop running. I just want to have a chat with you. I'm not going to hurt you" he still ignored her and charged deeper into the woods. He looked behind him and couldn't sense her presence anymore.

He stopped in panic and observed his surroundings carefully, looking for her. A huge silver wolf dropped in front of him and transformed into a woman. With a smirk, she asked, "Looking for me?".


Jarun: The official language of the Weires. Each faery specie has their own language and culture.

For the Weries, who are faeries with the basic abilities to transform from wolves to neutral forms.

The Dixen Palace is the palace of the Alpha Queen where she and her escorts live.

The Werie hierarchy would be explained in the future chapters.


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