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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Jason was dropped unceremoniously in front if his parents. "You could've been a little nicer while dropping me you know" he complained, rubbing his sore butt.

"Well that's what you get for running from me. You made me chase you when I just had my nails done" She replied, flicking his forehead. Before he could say anything else Xunia had already started talking to his parents.

"I believe this belongs to you?" She asked, shoving him forward. "Yes. I'm sorry if he caused you any difficulties, it's his first time in the realm. I have no idea as to why he ran away from you. He usually isn't like this" His father apologized, bowing deeply.

"Oh no bother. This summit is a real bore and he gave me some excitement. However, I have an idea as to why he was running. It's a completely weird reason though" Xunia replied with a smirk. The Alpha Queen was quite haughty. She waved Jason's dad off even though he was older than her.

"Would your majesty please enlighten me as to why my son would be running in the middle of a very important summit?" Greeane asked. Jason felt like the last part of the question was directed at him. He lowered his face in shame.

"Beta Greeane, your son found out I am his Werie soul mate so he ran. I am still puzzled as to why he would run away from me" She replied, shocking the crowd that had discreetly gathered around them.

Xunia noticed the crowd that had gathered around her and a hint of green flared in her iris showing she was annoyed. She let out a terrifying growl that had the crowd scattering and the hairs on my back standing. She nodded satisfactorily after that.

"So Beta Greeane, did you teach him to run away from royals or it's just me?" She inquired, cocking her head. "No your majesty, he's just a little terrified" "Terrified?" She raised an eyebrow. The Beta nodded. Xunia shrugged it off.

"Since that has been cleared, how do we handle this?" She asked, clapping her hands. "I could reject you" Jason mumbled. "Ouch, that hurt. Come on, I'm not that bad. Besides, you can't reject an Alpha, it'll kill you" She said, putting a hand on her chest dramatically.

Jason's eyes widened when he heard that. "Wait, you didn't know that? Beta Greeane, I'm beginning to have problems with how you raised your kids" She reprimanded the Beta. He just bowed in apology, embarrassed.

"With all due respect Alpha, how we raise our kids is no concern of yours" Julie interjected. She also thought a girl, no matter her position, should reprimand an older man. However what she said caused the people around her to gasp loudly.

The Alpha Queen turned to her with a cold smile. "You do not talk when not spoken to child. We are not the same age" She cautioned. "Then explain why you spoke rudely to the former Luna empress?" Julie demanded haughtily. Xunia released a cold laugh.

"First, I do not owe you an explanation but seeing you're a fan of her's, I might as well. Lupa stepped out of place and I placed her back where she belonged. Any more questions, Delta?" Xunia responded, daring her to ask another question.

"If you weren't the mother of my mate, I would've sent you to the caves for the remainder of the summit. Maybe you would learn to respect your seniors then" Xunia threatened. Julie said no more after that.

"I'm sorry about my family your majesty. They know almost nothing about royalty and how fearies are. I ensure that mistake would be corrected immediately" Greeane apologized profusely. 'Oh Beta Greeane, you didn't think I'll let them off easily, did you?" "No your majesty, we'll accept your punishment with honour" "Alright Beta, where is your Alpha?"

"Right here your majesty" Called Alpha Leonardo who was approaching steadily with his Luna in tow. "Very well then, the Luna will decide which punishment is right for the Delta and I'll give my punishment right now" She stated.

Everyone held their breath for the verdict. If she sent Julie to the caves, she would probably come back broken without repair. If she banished her, she would become rogue which would guarantee her death. However, no one was prepared for her next words.

"As punishment, Jason would be staying with me indefinitely. When I feel like it, I'll return him. However, he must return when he's of age to get married to me and become the Luna King" If not for the fact that they were strong creatures in nature, some would've fainted. That was an unusual but harsh punishment.

Jason looked at the Alpha Queen, horrified. He was to stay with this scary mysterious woman for an indefinite time. How could he handle it? He was at most an apprentice level wolf. She could be a legend level or Ancient level wolf. He shivered involuntarily. He looked towards his father's direction, pleading with him silently to save him from this predicament.

However, Beta Greeane was powerless. Alpha Xunia was his superior and he couldn't refuse her. Even if he was an Ancient level wolf, she had the backing of her ancestors that made her similar to a demigod. He could only smile uneasily. He looked at his son solemly.

"Go with your mate son. She won't hurt you. If you try to escape, she'll catch you without breaking a sweat and annihilate our pack, hang the leader's head in the hall of shame and imprison you. You really have no choice. You're bearing the punishment of your impudent mother" His father said, his words getting colder at the end of his speech.

Jason meekly nodded and hugged his father and sister. As for his mother, he gave her a cold stare. She just had to chose the wrong side to side with.

He followed after the Alpha Queen immediately after the matter of his belongings was sorted. She walked to where her escorts were and they all left. According to her, she had already gotten what she came for. Turns out she knew he was at the summit after all.


The Weries have hierarchical rankings for their strength and amount of metaphysical abilities they have. Those would be explained in a few chapters.


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