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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Just a few hours ago, he was terrified of the Alpha Queen and her escorts but now, at the back of her car, if he could call it that (It looked more like a futuristic contraption. The darn thing was flying midair), he was laughing alongside them.

Who knew the Alpha Queen escorts were a bunch of pranksters. They pranked a high ranking Werie till he actually screamed at them. He looked like he wanted to explode. Jason laughed again remembering the Alpha's face. He looked out the window to see they were arriving the main city.

His jaw hung when he saw the city. It looked like a futuristic version of New York. What was more astonishing was that he didn't see people walking, only driving. The city still looked amazing.

"I don't understand something. Why is the conference hall far from this city?" He asked. "The Alphas of the various tribes are very cunning and may want to wreck havoc on the Aries Pack. This city is closer to the palace and most faeries don't know the location and aren't allowed there" Seriel replied.

"Both the city and the palace was built by the current Alpha Queen since the Ancient Dixel Palace was destroyed more than a hundred years ago. She isolated it and made it a fortress for the Aries Pack should they be threatened. The city is inhabited by indigenous wolves and a whole lot of other royal faeries who know this location cannot be compromised" Jason nodded at this.

"This city is called Mall'uoer, the city of dragon wings. It's present guardian Alpha and City Lord is Alpha Mondralle. He's a nice chap, you'll like him. His Luna however, is a pain in the neck. Even the Omega Queen hates her" Savannah explained, snorting at the end. He nodded again.

The escorts pointed at various buildings they could see and explained what they were. After an hour they approached the residential area. Seriel explained that to prevent pollution, crimes and poverty, they separated the houses from the industrial areas. The houses ranged from small houses for the family of four to huge mansions. However, none of them could compare to the Dixen Palace.

His jaw came unhinged when he saw the palace from afar. Since outsiders weren't allowed to see the palace, so no one knew what it looked like. Jason didn't have any words to describe the Palace. It was an absolute beauty.

"Shut your mouth or you'll catch flies and trust me, you do not want to. The flies here are more dangerous than those on earth. They'll sting your tongue and feed on your intestines" The Alpha Queen commented. He shut hid mouth immediately and looked at Seriel for confirmation.

"She's right. Got one in my stomach once. The darn thing lay eggs in my stomach and fed on it. I was sick for a month. If it got into humans, they would die in 24 hours and as for earth born wolves, they would die in a month" She confirmed. He gave both of them a horrified look.

"That sounds terrifying" he said, shivering. "Ehn, the flies are just the tip of the ice berg. There are other dangerous creatures in this realm and that's why I love it here" Savannah commented, shrugging.

"You're insane" "Ehn, I've heard that one before" Jason simply shook his head at her. They were approaching the first front gates of the palace and he was simply ingesting the sights before him. However, his concentration was disturbed by the annoying escort beside him named Lorema. It seemed like he wasn't the only one discomforted by her.

"Lorema, could you do us all a favour and stop chewing loudly, it's really pissing me off' Seriel asked irritated. "Nope" Lorema replied, burping for emphasis. "you're disgusting Lorema" Jason said with a frown.

"And you're adorable. Besides, I'm a Werie" Lorema argued. "I'm also one but I'm not disgusting" Jason shot back. "Whatever. Lay off me boy' Lorema huffed, losing while Jason grinned in victory.

"I see that you're enjoying yourself Jason. Don't worry, the queen is not that bad. Just avoid bruising her ego, challenging her, running from her, irritating her and her hairbrush and you should be fine" Savannah advised cheerily.

"Cross one from the list cos I already ran from her. Almost gave me a heart attack. But, why her hairbrush?" Jason asked, confused. "Well, she has an unconditional love for that hairbrush and almost killed Lorema for using it. That's why Lorema has that big claw mark on her neck" Savannah replied, still in an upbeat mood.

"Well in my defense, it looked so old I thought she didn't use it anymore" Lorema supplied, scratching her neck. "Haven't I warned you to not get your hands on my stuff? You deserved it. That'll teach you that being a slob is a bad thing" The Alpha queen shot at her, making a turn to the right.

They drove until they reached a hill which Xunia began to steadily climb. At the top of the hill, there was the palace, surrounded by thick trees but there was enough space before anyone reached the forest.

The exterior of the mansion looked magnificent up close and Jason's jaw hit the floor, again. "Remember what I said about the flies" Xunia warned and he shut his mouth quickly.

Xunia parked in her huge garage which was filled with different transportation vessels. He couldn't even begin to fathom how she got a yacht into the garage. "I have my ways" Xunia said, which made him glare at her.

"Get outta my head woman" he requested, annoyed. "Nope. It is most entertaining to see you uncomfortable" she said, smirking.

Jason gave up and tried ways to block her out. He kept his head cleared and walked into the mansion with the Alpha queen's escort. The place was magnificent. Maids were hurrying about, automatic helpers were on their heels (Seriel explained what the robots he saw were), the chief butler was barking others and he could hear a child crying.

He scanned the main hall while his mind took in the sights greedily. The chandeliers in each ceiling was amazing, the interior décor was perfect, and the place had a general homey feel to it though it was huge. As soon as the Alpha queen stepped inside, everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed. Her escorts were bowing too so he bowed alongside them.

She payed the bowing servants no heed and walked in the direction of the cries Jason had heard earlier. Jason followed out of pure curiosity while the escorts followed out of obligation. The mother of the pup was trying and failing to calm the child. However, as soon as Xunia got there, picked up the pup and hugged him to her chest, the pup stopped crying.

"There there Leane, there's no reason to cry" Xunia cooed, smiling warmly at the pup. "Alpha Xunia, sorry to be a bother. He's been crying nonstop ever since he noticed you were gone" the mother said frustrated. "No worries Maery, I'm back now my little one. Be good to your mama" she said, causing the pup to give her a fanged smile.

She gave the pup back to his mother and walked out of the room, her escorts leaving with her. Jason was still shocked at how gentle Xunia was as he followed her. She was like a completely different person. The day was sure full of surprises.

They went up the stairs to the second floor where Seriel said was the Alpha queen's floor. "The first floor is for the escorts, the last floor for the servants. The third floor is out of bounds to everyone, especially males. Including you Jason. Women are merely punished but men are executed immediately. The only exception is if the Alpha takes you there herself" Seriel explained, giving Jason an apologetic glance.

"no worries, but you should probably tell me where the library is before I wander to the third floor by accident" Jason said, shrugging. "Savannah and Lorema would show you around later, that is after you take a nap and shower. They would also show you your schedule and introduce you to your tutors" Xunia replied.

Jason narrowed his eyes at the sound of the word tutors. "Tutors?" "Yeah. A group of the most intellectual and talented individuals in the realm would be coming around to teach you everything you need to know about being a royal. You are going to become Luna King after all" Xunia explained, her eyes daring him to disagree.

"Very well. I thought I was going to spend my days looking like a dummy by your side and sneaking off to the library when you're not looking but that works too I suppose" Jason said, shrugging again. "Excellent. I'll be in my office. If you need anything ask Savannah and Lorema. Let's go Seriel" Xunia said, leaving, Seriel at her heels.

"So, Jason, I would like you to meet another member of the Alpha Queen's escort. Maery" Savannah introduced, gesturing to the Werie with the pup that Xunia had comforted.

"Maery, this is Lord Jason, the future Luna King" Maery did a courtesy when they were introduced, which made Jason blush. "Milord, it's an honour to meet you. I'm the Omega Queen, the voice of the people, Maery Jandella Vortaire the fifth". Her charming voice almost gave him a nose bleed.

"Don't get fooled by her gentleness, she's a very dangerous faery. Just a flap of her wings can blow away a thousand giants and most won't live after that" Lorema warned, eyeing the Omega queen warily.

"Wings? Giants?" Jason asked, lost. "She's a Werie Angie hybrid so she has three forms. And as for the question of giants, they are indeed real and they live in the next continent" Savannah replied, causing him to give her a weird look.

"Alright Jason, let's get you settled in and we can start the tour" Savannah said, clapping her hands. The three queens led him to his room to freshen up and relax.


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