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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Jason, Early Morning at the Dixen Palace.

It was precisely a month after the introductory gala, that Jason started attending the exclusive genius academy located in a building behind the main palace. Although the building was greatly dwarfed by the palace, it was still a big building. When he first entered through the gates, he was pulled back by Savannah.

"Woah King, where are you going?" "To school…" Savannah face palmed. "You can't go to school like that" "I don't understand" she sighed at his reply. "come on. Follow me" she led him through a path further away from the gate and together, they started jogging towards the forest.

"School doesn't start until all morning runs have been completed. If you haven't noticed, it's eight o'clock and in faery time, that is a pretty early number as we have 36 hours" "So all the students have to run through the forest?" "No, they don't have the clearance to. The forest is off limits to anyone below space-level condensation and non-royals. It's protected by Astara and her druid guards" she explained, tapping her feet lightly on the floor.

"So, I'm not allowed in?" "Of course, you are allowed silly. The other queens are waiting for us inside the forest so hurry those stubby legs up" "Alright, alright I'm running" he huffed and increased his speed.

They ran four kilometers before stopping. Jason was bent over, breathing heavily but Savannah appeared to be just fine. "Are we here yet? or better still, are we done yet?" he asked with a hoarse voice.

"Did that short run stimulate your puberty?" Lorema asked, snickering. He raised his head to see Seriel, Lorema and Astara standing in the clearing. "We are not done yet, in fact we're just about to begin" Seriel replied him with a smirk. "So, that was a warm up?" he asked in horror.

"Of course not. That's not even considered a warm up. Jeez, four kilometers and you're pouring sweat like rain" Lorema mocked, wiggling her index finger at him. "If I may speak, I just want to tell you guys that I've never ran this long before" he complained, looking at the long trail in front of him, leading lower into the forest. "And if we must remind you, we don't care. Now, start running boy. Cos if i get your ass, imma eat it' Seriel said, sending him off with a vicious growl.

He ran like his life depended on it. The four queens stared at his back, their quivering lips showing their barely contained laughter. "He looks so adorable, running of like that. Much like a frightened rabbit" Savannah commented, smiling. "He does. But Seriel, don't you think this is too much for him? He could barely run 4 kilometers, what makes you think he'll be able to run to the river?" Astara asked in concern. The druid queen was leisurely floating above them.

'Funny you should ask, my dear druid. Fear is a very powerful weapon" Seriel replied, smiling at the druid queen. They all followed closely behind and Seriel sent mental sound reflections of her growls and snarls into his mind. The poor boy ran like his life depended on it.

"um Seriel, seems like your weapon isn't so powerful. He just collapsed at the edge of a willow tree. My druids are watching over him. Should they restore his stamina or leave him?" Astara said, alerting the group. "No, they should just watch over him till we get there" the beta queen replied and they all quickened their pace. They soon found him, lying half conscious with 20 little druids watching over him.

"Oh no, Seriel. You wore him out, mentally and physically. He's just basically in auto pilot and will attack anything that wants to harm him. It's almost 11. Just let me restore his stamina and let him go to school. If Xunia sees him like this, she'll freak out" Astara exclaimed, upset.

The queens had a concerned look etched on their faces and three of them looked at Seriel expectantly. She sighed and looked at him again.

"Do it. He's way too week to continue. Xunia would have my head if she saw him like this. I guess we would have to take it slow with him" she said. Astara nodded and wrapped him up in a moss bed that emerged from the ground.

They carried him like that till they reached the Academy's gates once more. Astara set him down from the moss bed carefully. He blinked and opened his eyes to find himself in front of the academy.

"Hun? Is it over?" He asked and looked around to see that the queens were no longer beside him. He shrugged and flexed his muscles. They no longer ached. He picked up his bag he left beside the gate earlier and entered the Academy.

He walked through the large wooden doors and into the hallway. A man was standing there patiently waiting, his hands clasp behind his back. He approached the man. "Hello Lord Jason, I've been waiting for you. The queens told me you were going to be a little late. My name is Lord Silven, I'm a Sovereign demon Lord.

I'm the academic vice principal and I'll be in charge of your assessment. Please follow me". Jason nodded and followed the Sovereign demon Lord who led him to his office. There was a huge table with an office chair behind it and a single chair in front of it.

He signaled for Jason to sit down and placed pieces of paper and a pencil set in front of him. He gave him a small device that looked like a hearing aid. He instructed him to put it in his ear.

"This is an Assessment Aid Device that transmits questions into your mind and you answer telepathically. There are ten sections to this exam, each with varying number of questions. The piece of paper is for your art test. You may start now by closing your eyes" Lord Silven instructed.

Jason closed his eyes and immediately started his test. The device took him to a mini dimension. It tasted his intelligence, his ability to understand , his techniques, his battle prowess, his knowledge, his perception, his absorption rate, his dance skills, his music skills and finally his art skills.

He took his time to draw out his favorite place in the whole palace; the garden. He found it a few days ago and was immediately drawn to it. He spent everyday there, trying to capture it's beauty in painting and sketches. He also read and relaxed there.

It didn't take him up to an hour to finish the assessment. He finally opened his eyes to see his drawing. He managed to capture the whole garden with the sunrise as the background. He was satisfied with his drawing.

"Done already? Even our best student took two hours to finish" Lord Silven commented doubtfully. He collected the device and the piece of paper. The piece of paper was already graded. He got a full mark.

Lord Silven placed the devices in a box where two small holds came up to hook them. A holographic screen came up and calculated the score. As Lord Silven looked at the scores, he became more shocked as time passed.

He got full marks for most sections and average marks for some sections he hadn't encountered before in the faery realm. The demon Lord's amber eyes kept flitting from the screen to Jason's face. He couldn't believe it.

"Lord Jason, you have passed the assessment test and have been assigned to class 1. I would call a student to escort you to your class. Welcome to our Academy my lord" He said, smiling. Jason just smiled in return.

He summoned a student to take Jason to his class. A few minutes after Jason, a female Werie entered the office. She sat comfortably on the chair Jason just stood up from and the pressure she emitted made Lord Silven squirm.

"Queen Josephine, good morning. What brings you to my humble office?" He asked, bowing. "Oh Silven, you know what I'm here for" "Yes, right away your highness" He brought out a holographic screen from his desk and gave it to Josephine. It was Jason's test result.

"I'm his guardian and I would be watching over him and taking care of his affairs. if you want to seek audience with him like this again, you would have to go through me. Got it?" He nodded.

"Hand over the drawing too" Lord Silven stared regrettably at the drawing and gave it to the Queen. "Good boy" she mocked, smiling cruely. She went through the test result and was also shocked by his result. She then saw the format of the exam.

"Ah, spoke too soon. Silven darling, isn't this the advanced assessment? You know the only person that has gotten a full mark in all section is Xunie so that means if he had grown up here, he would've gotten a full mark.

So was the great demon Lord tutor trying to mock our future Luna King if he failed this test and you were sure he would fail because he was from a slum pack? Lord Silven, a hundred years and you still don't know who to offend and who not to? Tsk tsk tsk" She said coldly.

The temperature in the room raised quickly. The demon Lord was frying in his seat. "Try this again and I'll make sure all you see is sunlight" She threatened, looking straight into his eyes.

She then got up and straightened her skirt, turning herself into a twelve year old girl. "Bye Silven" she said, waving cheerily. She skipped out of the office, whistling as she went. Her destination, Elite Class 1 of the Monsoon Genius Academy.

Meanwhile, when Jason got to his class, the class paused as he handed a holographic screen to the teacher. He was a middle aged man with golden transparent wings protruding from his back. He collected he holographic screen that displayed Jason's result and scrolled through it. His eyes widened as he went through it and by the time he was done, his jaw had almost hit the floor. The young man in front of him was simply a monster.

He bowed deeply and payed his respects. "Forgive me my Lord for not recognizing you. This old man has never seen you before so he didn't know" "Oh please, it's no worry' Jason waved him off, blushing slightly.

"Yes my lord. My name is Lord Karmani. I'm a Sovereign Fairy Lord. It's an honor to meet you. Welcome to the Elite Class 1. These are my students, all of them possess great talent and if you need anything, we would not hesitate to help you" "Then I must thank you all in advance. It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Karmani" Jason said, smiling.

The students of the Elite class looked at themselves in confusion. Who was this young man and why did Lord Karmani pay so much respects to him? Even the City Alpha's son and The Fairy High Priestess's children respected the Sovereign Lord. The City Alpha's son was writhing silently in jealousy. He was the gold star of the class and academy, making him the favorite of the Sovereign lord and the most respected in the Academy. How could an ordinary looking Werie take his spot?

"Class, please stand up and pay your respects to Lord Jason of House Dixen. He is the future Luna King and mate to the Alpha Queen" The students immediately stood up and bowed deeply. Jason blushed and asked them to sit. He then turned to Lord Karmani and asked for a seat.

"You may take the one beside the window or the one in the middle. Those ones are the ones available" "Okay then, the one beside the window" he decided and walked to his seat. But before he could sit, Josephine dashed into the classroom in her twelve year old form.

"Your Lordship, how could you leave me behind despite me asking for you to wait?" She asked, pouting. Jason had indeed bumped into her in this form in the hall, asking him to wait for her. He didn't take her serious and walked to the classroom. Now, she got him seriously confused.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm the Zeta Queen, Josephine. I'm your guardian and also your protector. This is my young form so you may not recognize me in this form. I'll be accompanying you to classes and other events related to this. Let me show you my normal form" She said, reverting to her normal form.

In her normal form, she had scarlet hair, white unblemished skin, black eyes, great figure and a smirk. Jason's expression flitted from shock to recognition to acceptance and all this happened within a few seconds. He shrugged and was about to sit when she stopped him.

"Wait. My first priority is to change that desk and chair. It's not befitting for royals" She said and snapped her fingers. Two male Weries came inside the class and carried away his desk and chair. She snapped her fingers again, twice this time, and a set of gray desk and chair appeared before him. A crest was carved in the edge of the table and chair, the crest of the Modern Palace. A picture was carved into the top of the desk and it strangely resembled the drawing Jason did for his assessment.

The other students could only look on in envy. Though what they had on and all their school equipment were of top quality, Jason's was higher than them. From his clothes, to his bags and to his desk, everything was of superior quality. One could only imagine the life of the Alpha queen's mate.

Jason sat and brought out a notebook and textbook. Josephine changed the desk and seat in the middle too and sat, placing her head on the desk for a snooze.


I would explain the Fairy and Demon hierarchy here.

The Fairy High Priestess is the highest authority, then the Sovereign Lords who are like the upper council and her advisers, The Fairy Lords who are comprised of the children of the high priestess and children of the sovereign Lords, The Fairy Eunuchs who are in charge of the fairy chiefs and hives under their command and the fairy Chiefs who are in charge of hives consisting of Upper, Middle and Lower fairies.

The Demon King and Queen are the highest Authority, then the dragon king, then the Sovereign Demon Lords, then the demon Lords, the Dark knights and the Demon Chiefs.

Sunlight is the weakness of demons so in the inside of the Academy, they use special spells to keep the sunlight from affecting them and the students who are not weakened by sunlight can access it freely.


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