The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Jason, Elite Class 1, Monsoon Genius Academy.

"Okay Students, for the sake of our new student, I'm going to go over the basics of this class again. So this is going to be a very long class" He announced. The students were obviously displeased but they dare not grumble.

"Luica, What is Metheron?" The son of the city Alpha stood up and answered immediately. "it's the building block for condensation and absorption and a source of energy from the planet".

"Good. How many types of Metheron do we have?" "We have various types. Light energy Metheron, dark energy Metheron, nature energy Metheron, life energy Metheron, evil energy Metheron, static energy Metheron to name a few" he answered again, making the teacher nod at him.

"Excellent. You may sit down" the young Werie had his seat, grinning wildly.

"The planet is full of Metheron and it is located everywhere, even in the core. How we absorb this energy depends on two factors. Our patron judges and our body constitution.

We first absorb this energy then we condense it and distribute it equally in our body to nourish it.

We have different types of condensation levels and the highest level is currently unknown. The Metheron absorbed can be used for different purposes of strengthening our bodies and defending ourselves with the various condensation techniques we have.

With that being said, let's open our textbook to page 107 of condensation techniques to the most basic forms....." The man continued teaching while Josephine was still sleeping.

The class went on for two hours till it was time for lunch break. The Sovereign Lord gathered his things and flew out of the class, the students following after. Jason closed his textbook and notebook and proceeded to wake Josephine.

"Hey, Josephine, wake up, it's time for lunch" he shook her gently. That mild action still annoyed her. "I know, stop rocking me" She said, flicking him a glare and reverting to her 12 year old form. She stretched and stood from her seat.

"Let's go" she said and he nodded. She led him to the cafeteria which looked more like a royal banquet. The cafeteria was extravagantly decorated though not as much as the palace's dining room.

The meals were displayed in a buffet format with students lining up with trays. The students from the Elite Classes got the special service of their food being served to them.

Josephine took his hand and let him to a table reserved for them. After they sat, she snapped her fingers and rows of food appeared before them. Jason looked at her in awe.

"How do you always do that?" "Formless space ring. Can store up to a thousand items without them colliding with each other or spoiling. It's connected to my consciousness so I can bring out things at will" She replied, showing him a black diamond ring.

"Awesome" he complimented smiling. She smiled back and started eating. He joined her soon. They both ate soundlessly and elegantly. They both attracted attention from all over the cafe as everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at them. Jason obviously felt nervous but Josephine totally disregarded them.

Not long after, a group of students approached the table, led by Luica, the City Alpha's son. Luica first bowed then his entourage followed after.

"Greetings to Aunt Josephine and Lord Jason" he said smiling. He grew up with the escorts and Alpha Queen so he felt like he was an important person. He even had a planned engagement between him and Xunia if she hadn't found her mate when he turned 20.

Everyone was naturally shocked when they saw him calling the 12 year old Aunt. Most of them had heard of the Alpha Queen's mate but had never met him before. Luica was the most influential Werie in the Academy so if he was bowing to the strange youths, that means they were not ordinary.

"Luica, it's you? Oh my young boy, you grew up well" "Ah, thank you Aunt for the compliment" He said blushing. It was obvious he enjoyed being complimented.

He had a smug expression. There was no way a thrashy Werie from a slum pack would be able to contend with him who had a strong backer and history with the Dixen Palace. However, her next words shocked him to oblivion.

"Where are my manners? My Lord, this is Luica Naller, Son of the City Alpha" She introduced, making Jason look up from his meal. He smiled at Luica.

"Nice to meet you" he said briefly before returning to his meal. Jason could feel that Luica did not like him since the first time he saw him. He didn't know why but he kept his distance and did not pay him any attention.

Josephine noticed this and frowned. Jason just met Luica and was wary of him. If Luica was planning to harm or bully Jason because he was previously engaged to Xunia, she would retaliate in full force, regardless of their former relationship.

Her top priority was Jason's safety, physically and mentally. The only ones allowed to bully him were the Queens. Besides, she liked Jason so much more than Luica. His heart was pure and he was much better than Luica.

"Nice to see you again too Luica. If you would please excuse us, we would like to get back to eating" "Of course. If you both don't mind, I would like to join you. The rest of them can leave" Luica said, shooing the people that followed him. They left, leaving a smiling Luica.

Josephine almost had a headache with the young male troubling her. Her eyes turned scarlet and the next words she spoke were laced with her power.

"My Lord doesn't like to be disturbed and he prefers silence. If you would please excuse us" she then transformed to her normal form. She resembled a human more than a Werie. That's when everyone realised who she was.

Luica just smiled and left them alone. He walked away from their table with a burning pain in his chest. His plan had backfired. He was chased away instead. That showed the Queens preferred Jason and they were all protective of him.

"You don't like him, do you?" Josephine asked, after Luica had left, a concerned look etched on her face. "Instincts. He hates me for a reason unknown to me. My instincts never lie" He replied. Josephine smiled at him because she knew he was right.

"After lunch, we're going somewhere to raise your condensation level. You've been stuck at this level for a long time so I'm going to help you breakthrough and give you some condensation techniques in the palace suitable for your affinity" she said and he nodded.

They soon finished their lunch and stood up. Josephine told him that their dishes would be taken care of and he followed her. She led him out of the academy to the back of the palace, right to the garden. He then saw that Seriel, Lorema, Savannah and Astara were waiting for him.

"Took you long enough Josie" Savannah complained, pouting. "Ran into a little trouble. Are you ready?" Josephine replied. Jason then noticed she had reverted back to her 12 year old form.

"We're ready. Astara would test and find out his affinity, patron judges and body constitution" Seriel replied Josephine while pointing to a white spell circle drawn on the ground with Astara in the middle.

"Okay. Jason, you'll stand in the middle of the spell circle and whatever happens, don't get distracted, okay?" Josephine said and Jason nodded. He walked hesitantly to the middle of the spell circle and the spell circle showed blue which meant it was locked. All five queens stood around the spell circle, holding hands and chanting.

The spell circle kept changing colour to different shades of blue till they finished their chant. They then backed away and the spell circle slowly changed from navy blue to deep red then purple then green then brown then silver to pitch black and finally, blinding white.

The Spell circle died down to its original colour and Jason opened his eyes. During the operation of the spell circle, his life from beginning to that moment was shown.

It exhausted him physically and mentally to go through his good and bad memories. He felt the joy and pain in those memories. He wanted so badly to give up. But he persevered till the end.

When the spell circle died down, he saw the shocked expression on the faces of the queens. He was confused, wondering why they were looking at him like that. However as he was bout to ask them, they all fell on their knees in a bow.

He thought it was for him till he heard her voice. "The Chosen one, child of the heavens. I was right" The Alpha Queen said, looking straight at him. "What does that mean?" He asked, still confused.

"Affinity: Light energy Metheron. Body constitution: Ethereal tier. Patron Judge: Light. Therefore conferred with the title from the central realm; The Chosen one, child of the heavens" Xunia replied, smiling at him.

He wanted to ask further but his body collapsed on him. Xunia caught him before he could hit the floor. "You should rest, this has taken a toll on your soul" she said, carrying him gently. "You girls too" She said to her escorts and left, carrying an unconcious Jason in her arms.

Meanwhile, around the universe, various people felt a jolt in their heart. The knowledgeable ones knew that a powerful entity had been awoken.

A certain Judge in the bright region of the central realm opened her ethereal eyes filled with purity and smiled. He had finally awoken.


Jason woke up with a jolt. A powerful migraine sent him back to the bed. He blinked to see he was in a room different from his own. The silky black bed sheet and blanket were his first clue.

Almost everything in this strange room was black. The curtains which were held up to bring in the evening light were pitch black. He held his head as pain flashed through it again.

"You were out for a while so you might want to rest for a little more time. Don't worry, you're safe in my room. I helped raise your condensation level while you were unconscious so that's why your head hurts. There are pills beside you to help alleviate the pain" A voice projected to his ears.

He looked to the bed side table to see a glass of milk and tablets. He searched the room with his eyes and he found the owner of the voice. In the middle of the room was the Alpha Queen, floating in a lotus position with her eyes closed.

He took the tablet and his migraine went down immediately. "Thank you" he said, bowing.

"You're welcome. Before you leave, I need to give you some instructions. You're now at peak star level condensation and I expect you to breakthrough Cosmos level by tomorrow morning. You need to spend tonight consolidating your foundation.

You can only absorb energy during the day because that's the only time light energy Metheron is available. There are some condensation techniques already available in your room and various resources. Josephine would guide you through everything. Good luck" He could clearly hear her words but her words but her lips weren't moving.

He bowed again and left her room. She sighed and opened her eyes, to reveal how black they were. She then drew out a energy formed rod and threw it behind her. The rod dissipated before it reached its target.

Xunia saw the visitor clearly, smiled and bowed her head. "What brings your holiness here to visit me?" She greeted. A figure shrouded in pure light came out of the shadows and approached Xunia.

"You undid the seal, why?" "To help him protect himself. I can't always be there to protect him and neither can you" "You are right young wolf but what if this backfires, you know he's the main key into taking down my brother?" The visitor asked worriedly.

"He'll be fine light. Besides, you have those protective mechanisms that protect him when he's up against people stronger than him. He's doing great" "Oh, I hope so. My sister sends her greetings" "Then I'll have to trouble you to thank godmother for me" Xunia replied, smiling. The visitor smiled back and disappeared.

After the visitor left, Xunia crashed to the floor and spat out a mouthful if blood. All she had done that day had drained most of her soul power. She was extremely exhausted but still managed to stand infront of Jason and his patron judge. She too was scared of the safety of her mate but she had hope.

So she prayed to the creator that her hope and efforts would not be in vain.


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