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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Jason, Elite Class 1, Monsoon Genius Academy.

Jason waltzed into the class the next morning after his run. He had become quite popular in his two weeks in the Academy. He was very handsome and extremely talented. He was also conferred the highest noble title in the whole faery realm, Lord of the Dixen house.

His lush black hair with golden strands attracted a lot of attention as they gleamed as the sun reflected on them. He exuded elegance from all pores even as he sat. He looked like a true royal even though he had been under Maery's tutelage for a month and two weeks.

He did undergo some training in basic etiquette on earth before so it was easy for her to teach him the King's grace, a path of etiquette designed specially for the Luna Kings. He rest his head on his chin and waited for the teacher lazily.

Lord Alben entered the class with a veiled woman in tow. He seemed very respectful towards the black veiled woman as she took her seat gracefully on the teacher's chair. Even though Jason's King's Grace art was superior to the Woman's Noble art, it was obvious it was a high levelled noble art. The woman was a noble.

"Good morning students"

"Morning Lord Alben" The class chorused, bowing with the exception of Jason.

"Today we have a substitute teacher for you. She has volunteered to teach you incantations. Please welcome Her holiness, Lady Yagamana, the Dark High Priestess" Lord Alben introduced with a beaming smile. Jason thought it was weird while the Dark High Priestess's mouth twitched under her veil. She never volunteered, she was forced.

While the whole class was greeting the new teacher, Jason's poor mind was in disarray. He has heard about the natural enimity between the fairies and the witches and he thought it was strange that Lord Alben, A high ranking fairy was happy to see the Dark High Priestess take over his class. He couldn't make out any part of it so he set it aside to ask the Queens later.

"Thank you all for the warm welcome. Your class is quite lovely" She complimented and the class blushed. Her voice was very soothing with a tilt that made her accent almost sound British.

"Since I'm teaching such a wonderful class like this, I'm going to give this my all. So listen closely as I might not repeat what I'm about to say" She had their utmost attention now.

"Incantation is the foundation for darkness magic of all kind and is optional for light type magic. For darkness type, incantations are a must and for light type, incantations can only be used for enhancement but only if the spell has darkness element infused into it.

For other types of Metheron energy users, incantations can be used for enchantment of materials for defence, attack and support. Say you use a sword and your patron Judge is Power, you cannot use an incantation with that kind of judge but you can enchant your sword with an attack incantation.

Incantations can be learnt or created. The ones learnt are for those with low level darkness affinities and ones created are for high level darkness affinities with high comprehension. These incantations are recorded into grimores, chronicles and holy books.

These books are always locked and need an activation key to open them. The higher the level of the book, the more mysterious the Key. There are some exceptions to these rules. No matter how high the darkness affinities of the individual, they still have to use some of these books.

Let me demonstrate how an incantation works in the ways I have explained. Lord Alben, please give me a sword" She said and the latter immediately disappeared, reappearing a minute later with a steel sword. She smiled and took it from his hands. He bowed as she did that.

"Pay attention students. I'm going to try the attack enchantment on this sword" she instructed they all fastened their eyes on her. She lay the sword flat on the table and took out a black wand.

"Dear students, it is better for you to use channels instead of your hands or your minds for enchantment. This wand is my channel so I can restrain my soul power and not blow up this sword. It's a safer and practical solution" she explained and they nodded, jotting down what she said.

She began chanting and twirling the wand. The chants were in a completely different language that none of the students have heard of. At the tip of the wand, a black ball of darkness energy was condensing. The aura from it was enough to push the students away.

"{The laws of darkness and curses bend to my will}

{Anyone who is touched by this sword shall receive a soul curse}" She finished in their language and the ball of energy that condensed to the size of a ping pong ball left the tip of the wand and fell on the wand. That resulted in a bright flash of light that made them cover their eyes. When it was done, the silver sword had turned into a sword shrouded in darkness.

'She's a witch alright' thought Jason with a wry smile.

"That's an abundance of curse energy" Some in the class exclaimed. Everyone in the class could see that. Curse energy Metheron was one of the most dangerous untapped forces in the realm. It was hard to control and if you tampered with it without precautions, you could die.

"She is right. There is indeed curse energy in this. This sword unfortunately cannot be touched by anyone until it finds someone suitable to manage it's power. I will have to place 10 seals on it since it's high level magic. Let's go for the next one, defence enchantment" She said and stored the sword.

"Next I will do a defence enchantment on a shield and a support enchantment on a pendant. Lord Alben" She called and he disappeared again, presenting a shield and diamond pendant when he reappeared.

She repeated the incantation she did earlier and both equipment shew the pulsing black energy earlier. Curse energy. She ended her class there and requested for Jason's presence on Lord Alben's office.

"Lord Jason, it's an honour to meet you in person. I've heard a lot about you" The Dark High Priestess said as soon as Jason settled down. She smiled as she did so, lifting her veil. Beneath the veil was the beautiful face of a woman in her late twenties.

"I unfortunately cannot say the same Lady Yagamana. I haven't heard a lot about the Dark fae region except that you're a clan of recluse" He replied honestly.

"Well, you are right. Not much information is shared about the Faery council leaders and for a good cause. Not even to our people. Most don't even know what we look like" She said still retaining her gentle smile. Jason found it hard to believe she was a witch.

"Okay then. May I ask why Lady Yagamana has requested to see me?" He asked politely. He was honestly curious about the Witch asking to see him.

"When I heard Xunia had found you, I bugged her to meet you. She ignored my request for a long time until she got mad and punished me by sending me to this academy as a temporary replacement for Lord Alben who is going on a vacation. I pulled some strings and ended up in your class. She is going to crush me later though" She replied.

Jason, very much amused, asked why.

"Apparently she doesn't like sharing" She replied with a shrug. Jason chuckled and they chatted some more over a cup of tea. They continued to chat till it was time for Jason's next class.

When he got back to the palace that day, he told everything to the queens who as usual stood at the door to receive him. He was shocked to see Ganine and Acecila join them.

"Yagamana ehn? Xunia will rip her apart. She should know her punishment for her curiosity could be death if she wasn't a leader. Xunia just let her off since she plays a big role in her plans. If not, there would be a new Dark High Priestess the next blood moon" Seriel commented shrugging.

Jason spit out the tea he was sipping when heard that.

"Ehn? Just for talking to me?"

"Yup. Tradition says no one is allowed to speak to the Luna King privately if he or she isn't part of the royal family or if he or she hasn't gotten permission from the Alpha Queen. She was instructed to teach not talk to you" Lorema replied.

"What about my classmates?"

"No close female friends and your interaction must be limited to school. No outing unless authorised by the Alpha Queen. You are still a minor so those rules apply strictly" Savannah replied.

"But my freedom..."

"You're a minor Jason. We can't allow anything hurt you, either physically or mentally. You are the most important person in our realm right now" Maery explained.

Jason couldn't refute that. They were right. The Queens looked at him softly. They didn't want him unhappy but at the same time they couldn't let anything hurt him. If he was their mate, they wouldn't even let him out the castle. He quietly sipped his tea as he pondered his next move.

"I want to seek audience with the Alpha Queen" He suddenly said. They stared at him and exchanged looks with themselves before agreeing. They couldn't keep him away from her. It looked like they were going to join Yagamana soon.

He was led towards Xunia's office by Seriel who had a serious expression on her face, the first time he had ever seen it. Once they got to the door, she quickly abandoned him and disappeared before he could turn.

'That traitor!' He swore in his heart and knock on the door. He jolted as he heard her voice saying come in.

"Jason, please sit. Astara please serve him tea" she said and gestured to a seat immediately he entered. He didn't notice Astara was there until Xunia mentioned her name. The Druid queen had completely blended into the shadows. She served Jason a cup of tea and went back to her position.

He didn't start talking right away and sipped the tea. He was surprised by the taste of the tea.

"This tea is good"

"Indeed, it's Astara's specialty" Xunia replied, not taking her eyes off the laptop on her desk.

They stayed silent for a while. Jason honestly didn't know what to say and Xunia was working.

"If you're busy, I could come back later..."

"You're already here, so, talk" He dropped the tea cup and stared at her.

"What's going on?"

"Pardon?" This time, she looked at him.

"Why are you all so protective of me? I know I'm your mate but it seems to me like it's more than that. I have shadow guards tailing my every move and at least one Queen is present with me. It's kind of suffocating. I can accept it but before I do, I want to know the reason why".

"Jason, when we awakened your ability then, what title did we say you had?"

"The chosen one, child of the heavens"

"Exactly. We have enemies far more powerful than me. Their target, you. You are a pure vessel, the purest anyone has ever seen in three hundred years. Your patron Judge is light and that's the reason why Evil would want to corrupt you. Once you're his vessel, the universe is doomed"

"But I didn't ask for this"

"And I didn't ask to be an overlord of a realm but I am who I am and I cannot change that or else innocent people would lose their lives. Do you understand that?" He lowered his head.

"Jason, I won't force you to understand. You were born this way and you don't want to use your life to serve others. That's quite okay because you're an individual. But peace is an illusion and sooner or later, you'll be forced to chose a side. Both would be extremely dangerous and you may die.

Make good use of your destiny. If you want to be self serving, I will carry your burdens for you. However, your destiny is great and I implore you to think about what you want to do. You're a smart boy, I know you'll figure it out. If you need help, I'm here and the queens are here too. All you need to do is ask" She said standing up to hug him.

Jason's quiet sobs broke her heart. She truly pitied him. His reaction was similar to hers when she heard about her destiny. She wrecked havoc in the palace for days before accepting it. But for her, there was no one to calm her and advice her.

She stroked his hair and back. Until his sobs quiet down, she didn't let him go.

"Thank you for telling me the truth"

"I would never lie to you" she responded and he gave a wry smile.

He decided to change the topic.

"What are you working on anyways?"

"A new project concerning Earth packs. Ever since their clan lost their chiefs they have been at the bottom of all sects and have been called slum packs. I'm tryjng to fix that while trying to find their Alpha Chief" She replied, leading Jason to a couch in her office. She wrapped her body around his in a comfortable way that made Jason blush profusely.

"But their Alpha Chief got missing over a hundred years ago"

"I know. This was a small case then because no clue had been found about the missing chief. However, 20 years ago, he resurfaced. This case has been brought back to my table"

"I see. Do you need my help? I'm from there you know" He offered.

"No need for that now, I'm quite okay. I may need to visit earth for a few things so do you want to come?"

"Of course, I'd love to" he answered with an excited look.

"Perfect. Now, be my pillow, I need to rest" He blushed and complied while Xunia closed her eyes. The two looked like a peaceful couple. The Queens watching secretly clamped their jaws to prevent themselves from squealing.

Their wish to make their friend happy was coming true.


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