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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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18 Engagement gifts

Mountain Area, Hell Forest, Aries Continent.

Jason cursed for the fifth time as he avoided one of those spiky beasts trying to force him to fall to his death. The Rocky Drakkens were small pack animals less than 2 feet in height. They were rank 2 beasts and when one was attacked by the full pack, they are comparable to rank six beasts. That was Jason's current situation.

After two hours of endless struggles and near death experiences, he finally avoided the endless barrages of the Rocky Drakkens and continued to the peak of the highest mountain. The Golden Birbies liked to build their nests on mountain peaks. This was due to three reasons. First of all, they were similar to eagles, they liked the elevation.

Secondly, most predators won't venture up to the peak and it was a safe place to raise and train their chicks. Thirdly, the usual prey for the Birbies were the Rocky Drakkens. They were the only ones who could break the natural armour of those spiky beasts.

Jason couldn't use most of his Imperial arts here because most of his techniques focused on explosive and strength based mechanisms. He didn't know if he could use his movement arts to traverse the mountain. His hands were already bleeding, along with his torso and thighs. Once again, he was in his boxer shorts.

Jason now was vastly different from when he first arrived. He used to be lean, weak and cowardly. Now, he was buff, handsome and smart. Climbing the mountain like that was some form of training for him and it was absolute bliss that he didn't know He was being watched.

Some ladies had to stop drooling because they knew they would die if they dared to lust after the fiance of the queen. However, his rough golden hair and well toned body made it impossible to look away. He was a very attractive male. Xunia looked calm as always but she was having a fierce internal struggle. She just sighed and continued watching.

An hour later, Jason arrived at the peak of the highest mountain. He spotted a huge nest, bigger than an average swimming pool. He saw three huge golden eggs that reached his torso in the middle of the nest with his Universe eyes. A huge golden bird was standing guard beside the nest, occassionaly squaking.

Jason stalked the bird for a while four hours, noting its quirks. He also admired it and saw that Xunia would love his gift. The nest he had invaded belonged to a Royal Golden Birby. It was a peak rank five beast with its flight abilities, explosive strength and it's high pitched squak. It was way worse than the River Drakken.

Jason had naturally prepared for this and looked for a chance to attack. It was a male Birby guarding the nest. Once the female lays the eggs, she immediately leaves the nest and the male raises the chicks. Female Golden Birbies were rare and each one of them are Rank seven imperial Golden Birbies.

Once Jason found his chance, he launched a spear at the blind spot of the bird and the bird let out a loud squak. He covered his ears with a rebound spell incantation which was strong enough to deflect the sound attack back to the bird. He used that second distraction to activate one of his Imperial arts.

"Imperial spear formation, cosmic star!" dozens of spears formed above the head of the bird and began attacking. The bird screeched loudly as it was being fiercely attacked by both the formation and occassionaly Jason. When Jason saw that the defence of the giant bird was breaking, he brought out his hammer of the War god and bashed it's head with enough strength to knock it unconscious.

He swept the bird and the eggs into his ring and sat down to recover his energy. Where ever the Golden Birbies set up their nests were full of light energy Metheron because they could absorb it and grow stronger because of their innate abilities. Once the can absorb and condense and circulate enough energy, they could use it to upgrade their rank.

Like every other being in the faery realm, they absorb Metheron energy, condense it in their body in where is called their soul realm where the soul power in which they use to fight comes out. When they want to use the absorbed energy, they circulate it and expel it. It gets evaporated back into the environment. It can also sustain them to increase their lifespan and productivity.

When Jason had restored his energy to about ninety percent, he heard a loud roar coming from the other side of the nest. He tensed and cursed softly. He soon heard creaking sounds which lasted a minute. He sighed in relief and observed him. It was a dark haired youth in black combat clothes. He had an ominous air around him.

"Who stole my bird and eggs? I was gone for only a day and I came back to see none of them!" the newly transformed dragon cursed loudly. The roar Jason heard earlier belonged to one of the participant dragons. Jason had seen the dragon from miles away but he didn't expect that the dragon would come towards his direction.

He had a big advantage over land fights but not aerial fights. He was a wolf afterall. He didn't have any experience in dealing with any dragon not to talking an adolescent one. He decided his best course of action is sneak attack. So he used his best Spell, 'Imperial light arts, Sunlight Convergence'.

He could use this spell from a mile away and the victim could figure out where the spell is coming from. Unfortunately for this dragon, he had a darkness affinity so this spell was most effective on him. No matter which form he took, he was still scorched badly. His loud cries of pain made Jason feel a pang of guilt. He decided to end the poor dragon's pain.

"Lightning strike, seventh tribulation!" Seven bolts of lightning descended from above and struck the dragon. The dragon let out a loud roar and when the seventh bold struck, he was transported back to where he would be healed. Jason knew everyone could watch the preview of their performance and he wasn't scared because he knew he would be protected.

He kept ahead and picked the token that had dropped from the dragon. When one is transport back, along with their tokens being dropped, all the other tokens they picked are dropped as well. Jason got the dragon's 5,000 points which he had gained and had about 2000 points added too from the other tokens he had collected. He was feeling torn so he couldn't celebrate his victory.

He climbed down the mountain and continued his hunting. He picked up a lot of herbs and tokens along the way. When then the others saw him, they all avoided him because no one was as gutsy as Luica to attack the future Luna King when the Alpha Queen is watching.

Ten days passed with much difficulties for Jason. He was forced to fight an aerial fight against a dragon. He got a lot of experience and defeated the dragon but he was still wounded badly. His mood was soured still when he had to fight against the best of the best in all species. When the examination ended, he was both grateful and mad.

When he walked towards the infirmiry, he let out a cold aura that made all the people next to him shiver. When all the people in the forest saw that he had the highest number of points, they all joint attacked him. Although he won, he suffered severe injuries and almost depleted his supply of healing pills.

He had a lot of untreated injuries and internal wounds. He had even lost a toe and some fingers. He had to run from ambushes and retreat to his cave most of the time. Needless to say, he was pissed. Mostly about the huge scar on his face given to him by that ridiculous dragon. He found out that the female dragon he fought was the mate of the one he sneak attacked.

Once he was inside the infrimiry, he saw Astara waiting for him there. He sighed and lay on the bed she had prepared. Vines shot out of her body and connected to Jason's body. The vines transferred light energy Metheron that started to heal his wounds. Since she was technically a tree, she could store light energy Metheron and use it.

"The world out there is dark and corrupted. The law is the law of the jungle; only the strongest and most resilient survive. Everyone out there wants the best for themselves and it doesn't matter who they hurt to get it. People here don't have values or a kind heart. Its either eat or be eaten. We're animals Jason, not humans. You need to understand that"

"I know. I am a wolf after all but it still peeves me. I feel like tearing them apart but I can't. It was a competition after all" he replied, sighing again.

"Jason, if it were them in your position of power and you threatened their authority, they wouldn't waste time to suppress you. You must do the same, competition or not. Abide to the laws of the Jungle. You are the strongest and you are above all of them"

"I know Astara and I know just who to start with. That female dragon that marred my face, I want her to have a scar for life. If i hadn't attacked had male dragon first, he would've killed me for taking the Birbies. Let her know the unfairness of this world and see that her darling mate cannot protect her all the time. As for the people that ambushed and attacked me, remove 2,000 points from theirs"

"Yes milord" Astara said with an amused chuckle. She sent a mental message to the other queens.

"You know Astara, on second thought, let them be. All is fair in love and war" he said and slept off. Astara smiled and pet his hair.

"He said never mind, right?"

"Yes. Such a sweet boy. You are very lucky Xunia"

"It would seem so but he needs to learn how to be ruthless to form his Zenith core. For those that injured him, remove 3,000 points from theirs and those that ambushed him, 2,000 points. As for that female dragon, I think Jason would like to scar her himself"

"Yes my Queen. Leave it to us" Serial and Savannah said while bowing. She waved and they all left the room.

She stayed and watched as his limbs regenerated and the scar on his faded away into a scab. She gently pet his face and withdrew her hand immediately. She grimaced as she saw her smoking finger. She lifted her top to check the burns on her body from the time she had hugged him. She touched some of the dried up one and winced. They still hurt.

Since Xunia was a pure darkness body and Jason was a pure Light body, they couldn't naturally coexist. If they both had the same level, they could touch each other freely but if it wasn't equal, they would both be burned. What Xunia did was absorb the burn for both of them so Jason wouldn't get hurt. Even if she was a Zenith supreme, she still felt pain because it was their world laws. She applied a specially made cream on the burns given to her by Judge Darkness.

Xunia quickly hid her burns as Jason was slowly awakening. His eyelids fluttered and lifted to reveal his blue eyes with a golden tint. He observed his surroundings for a while before smiling when he spotted her. He reached out to touch her but she unknowingly flinched. He was confused for a while but then he remembered. He wasn't supposed to touch her at all.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot"

"It's fine. I'm okay"

"Your finger is burnt"

"How can you see that....You know what, forget it That Universe Eyes of yours defies logic" she really thought she turn it well. He smiled and sat up.

"Have they announced the winner of the examination?"

"Not yet. Most participants are still passed out. Only when 80 percent of you are awake will we proceed with the exam ceremony. Astara estimated most of them will be awake by tomorrow"

"That's a relief"

"Yes. After that, we do our official engagement ceremony. I want to bestow your titles on you officially in front of the whole world" he blushed when she said that.

She would've done it earlier but she was always busy so his title was unofficial. That's why most people didn't recognise him with the title.

"Good thing I already have your engagement gift ready" he mumbled and she smiled. He was referring to the Golden Birbies he had captured. He might be sly and confident in front of others but in front of his mate, he was a truly bashful teenager. She smiled and pat his head. He wanted to remove her hand but he couldn't touch her.

"I am fine Gamileri. You're so cute, you know?"

"D...don't tease me like that" she laughed at him as he turned red. He felt really satisfied as he saw her smile. He had become used to her and their mate bond strengthened as they spent time with each other. They talked for a while before she left him to sleep.

He checked on the beasts he had captured including the Birbies and the eggs. He nodded in satisfaction as everything was fine. He had already dropped his tokens before coming to the infrimiry.

The next day, the ceremony commenced early in the morning. The students were all healed and they came out to the booths set up by the Queens to trade in their spoils. Jason first gave what he caught and collected for the queeens to them before going to trade the rest at the booths.

His goods caught most attention as the things he brought out were hard to obtain. He put them on auction to earn money. The currency used in the realm was also paper money but instead of ordinary paper, they were more like talismans which stored Metheron energy.

The most expensive currency used was the Jaspin from the Aries Continent. The other currencies used were in a 1000 to one ratio conversation rate. That was how expensive it was. That also meant the richest person was the Alpha Queen.

The lowest price for Jason's items was at 2,000 Jaspin. That was already very expensive. But many students, teachers, officials and Royals were seen bidding for them.

"10,000 for the Vermora seed!"

"Ignore this old man, I'll give you 25,000!"

"100,000 for one bunch of the Golden Birby feathers!"

"200,000 for one set of the River Drakken scales!" The crowd at his booth was bustling and his business was booming. Fortunately for him, he had Zenith body protectors as guards and Josephine was helping him sell.

His highest bid item went for 50 million Jaspin which was the heart core of a Royal Grade Ice Drakken. It was a cold white crystal object the size of two fists which was pulsing with Ice energy Metheron. From his sales, he had a total of 100 million Jaspin.

"Wow, a millionaire from a single auction. Such efficiency" Josephine praised.

"I'm just lucky, that's all"

"You're right. Even your existence in itself is lucky"

"You know, when I was back in my pack, I used to hate my life. I thought I was born to be mundane and slave off as a beta for the rest of my life like my dad. But ever since I met Xunia, my life changed. For better or worse, o don't really know but I enjoy it. Loom at me now, a few months and I'm already a millionaire of one of the most expensive currency in the universe. Hey, how much would this exchange for in pounds?"

"100 pounds for a Jaspin. 150 Euroes for one and 250 dollars for a Jaspin"

"Woah! I'm filthy rich"

"Yeah you are" they high fived.

"Wait, where do I exchange it?"

"Go to the UK embassy in your place and ask for the highest official"

"Awesome" he exclaimed.

"Please all students and readers should close their booths and head to the conference hall for the selection ceremony" came Savannah's voice from the intercom. She said it three times more before cutting the line.

Jason and Josephine packed up and joined the crowd heading to the conference hall. It was the same place where Jason first met Xunia and she took him away. Jason felt nostalgic seeing the familiar paintings in the hall. He was told by Xunia that the place he was wandering about was the corridor that led to the Queen's personal room.

He took lunch there and relaxed with the Queens there before the Ceremony started. When Jason heard who the special guests were, he was shocked to say the least.

"All the Judges are coming here?"

"Yes. Well, their avatars are"

"To search for talents and future disciples. Under this hall is a teleportation array that leads directly to the Orikson Fullei Star. Only a hundred people are allowed to go there. This array had been under construction for a hundred years and was only recently completed"

"Wow!" He exclaimed. He was both excited and nervous that he was going to meet his patron Judge though it was her avatar.

Jason followed Xunia and the Queens inside the hall and he sat beside the top ten students in The Academy. At the head of the hall, there were sixteen grand chairs and sixteen chairs below them. Xunia sat on one of those chairs along with her escorts. He then realised that those chairs were reserved for the Judges. On closer inspection, he realised one of the chairs was dull and rusty.

"Please rise as we welcome the Fifteen Immortal Judges of our Great Creator" Seriel announced and all of them stood up. Fifteen figures descended from above and occupied the chairs. Everyone bowed and sat down. Jason examined them all and his eyes fell on a figure wrapped in white light. He knew that was his patron Judge because she called out to his soul.

She floated from her seat to where he was.

"My child, oh how I have waited for this moment. Come with me" she said stretching out her hand to him. His eyes flitted to Xunia who was seated beneath Darkness. She nodded lightly and he took her hand. One if the Judges cooed as she saw that.

"Oh my. Such beautiful and pure love" Judge Love commented in a lovely voice. This however, brought more annoyance to Xunia.

"We have some scores to settle Love"

"Ah Xunia, don't be so irritable" Love replied, rolling her eyes. Xunia glared at her and ended up rolling her eyes too.

Jason went with Light and occupied the chair beneath her. She pet his hair as she addressed him, much to the envy of others.

"I've always watched over you since you were born and I'm sorry I couldn't help you. However, I knew without all of that, you wouldn't have turned out to be a splendid person"

"Thank you Judge"

"Please, call me godmother" Darkness's finger twitched when she heard that.

"Okay godmother"

"Such a lovely boy" she said excitedly, petting his hair.

"Is she always like that?" Xunia asked Darkness who was watching them.

"Unfortunately, yes. Now, she's even happier. Even Joy is creeped out" True to her words, the Judge Joy had a pale face watching the two. Xunia laughed at this even though she was also peeved out by the way Light was treating Jason.


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