The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
22 Saying Goodbye is harder than it appears
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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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22 Saying Goodbye is harder than it appears

Dixen Palace, Aries Continent.

Jason fell unceremoniously from his bed when the third earthquake happened. He stood angrily from the floor and rubbed his eyes. When the first and second happened, it woke him up but he knew he couldn't do anything about it. The third one, however, made his sour mood soar.

Josephine rushed into the room, saw his scrunched up appearance and winced.

"Morning my lord" He huffed and ignored her. Since he was already awake, he went to the bathroom. Josephine gave a wry smile and went to organise his outfit for the day. He wasn't only annoyed, he was pissed off, especially when the fourth earthquake happened, throwing him about in the bathroom. If not for his fast reflexes, he would be lying on the floor with numerous bruises.

He quickly took a shower in fear that another one would occur. Unfortunately, the fifth came when he stepped out of the bathroom. He couldn't even remain angry and just went to dress up. When He was done, he followed Josephine to the dining room. When the queens saw his forlorn look, they gave apologetic looks. He wasn't interested in eating till all the earthquakes were gone.

Xunia asked him to take a seat and she levitated the table and chairs so the next tremor wouldn't affect their breakfast. They are quietly in contrast to their former breakfasts. The next earthquake came and he shivered, thankful for the levitating dining table and chairs. Since the palace was very stable, the earthquakes did nothing more than shake it, but that was enough to annoy Jason.

After breakfast, they went to the front of the mansion and stood there. It looked like they were waiting for someone and someone important at that. It shocked Jason because he knew the only ones that Xunia would vow her head to are the Judges. He quickly readjusted his demeanor to that befitting a young Lord.

However, he soon lost his demeanor because he saw exactly what was causing the dreadful earthquakes. An annoying midget was stomping her way up the path to the palace and the tremors made him almost lose his balance. Thankfully, he was caught by Seriel who gave him an apologetic smile.

Soon, their guest arrived and bowed before the queen. It was a twelve year old looking girl with white hair and grey eyes. Looking at her and Xunia, they looked like mother and child.

"Your majesty, I have returned"

"Welcome back Verai" Xunia said warmly, patting her head. The both of them smiled at eachother, Verai ignoring the glares boring into her back.

"Seriel, I'm back"

"Humph" Seriel replied and turned her head in contempt. The others did the same, including Jason. Verai glared at him.

"Who the hell are you? The only one allowed to glare at me are the queens!"

"Shut up little girl! You've been disturbing me since early this morning! Was it necessary for you to stomp your way up to the palace?!" he retorted sharply. Seeing Xunia do nothing more than offer an amused chuckle, Verai knew the boy was important and she couldn't kill him so she kept insulting him.

"How dare you! I am Verai, one of the great generals of the protectors, the personal squad of the Alpha Queen and her escorts. I can squash you like a bug" She threatened, her cheeks puffed up, making her look extremely cute.

"Humph. I am the great Lord of House Dixen. My authority is higher than yours little girl!" He replied in an arrogant tone. Verai's face fell sharply. She almost cursed herself out loud for threatening the young boy. She grit her teeth and fell on one knee.

"Forgive me my Lord, I didn't know who you were"

"Hehe, that's right, grovel at my feet. For disrupting my sleep, the Alpha Queen will punish you" he continued. Verai snorted until she heard Xunia's voice.

"As you command, milord" she gave a courtesy and picked Verai up by her neck.

"You see Verai, you also disturbed my sleep with that your stomping I haven't heard in a century. Although I quite miss you, I warned you to stop it before you went into isolated training, didn't I?" she said in a dangerously low tone. Even if they didn't hear it, it was enough to drive a chill down their backs.

Xunia chocked the girl for a while before releasing her. She fell to the ground, coughing violently. Even Jason felt pity for her.

"Thank you for being lenient, my queen" Verai said, bowing. The queens gave her a look of envy because they knew the Alpha Queen was being merciful. They all went into the palace and settled in the lavish living room.

"Jason, this is Verai, one of the three great generals of the protectors. She is a rare breed of an Angie and a druid queen. She has been in isolated training for a hundred years since she was 20 years old and her strength is at Zenith Goddess now. She is a really talented person, so are the two other great generals" Xunia said, praising the young girl.

"It's nice to meet you Verai. Sorry for my rudeness but I was in a foul mood when your earthquakes disturbed my sleep" Jason apologized.

"No, no, it's all my fault. I didn't know we now had a future Luna King" Verai bowed deeply.

"Isn't he adorable?" Maery said with a dreamy smile.

"He is. Our Alpha Queen is very lucky" Verai praised, causing him to blush.

"Seeing you in this form is nauseating. Show him your original form" Josephine grumbled. She was used to being the only one with a young form so she was getting jealous. Verai has her a cheeky grin and transformed. She was bathed in white light and vines wrapped around her body. When they went away, the sight shocked Jason.

She had brown skin, lush white hair with two white horns growing out of her head from two sides, doey grey eyes with a hint of emerald and wore a white embroidered gown. There was a smell of fresh air, soil and flowers coming from her. She looked so innocent and heavenly that Jason had trouble connecting her to the trouble making 12 year old she was moments before.

The queens looked at Jason's gaping expression with envy and wished to show their true forms to him too. He was just too curious and fascinated by everything. Xunia was just smiling by the side, watching her escorts annoyed expressions. They looked much like little wives who were protesting against their husbands getting a new wife to add to his large harem.

It didn't faze her because she knew her only competition was a particular Judge named Light who was endlessly fascinated by the boy and a certain annoying familiar. She shifted her gaze to his engagement ring which he wore with pride. It was a priceless treasure passed down through generations that belonged to the first Lord of House Dixen, Aries the third.

She watched them argue back and forth, scaring Jason in the process. He was more valuable than a precious gem to all of them so they didn't agree to Verai coming between them and him. She ended the argument before it went too far and sent them off to their duty posts, leaving only her and Jason in the living room.

"Who are the other two great generals of the protectors?"

"Astara and Macros"

"The Astara I know? Isn't she an escort of yours and a pure breed too?"

"You are correct. However, the Astara you know is one part of a whole"

"Ehn? She's split into two? Is that possible?"

"Frankly, it shouldn't be but she has a special bloodline. The bloodline of the first high priest of the Fairies and the bloodline of the first druid queen of the druids. One part of her is pure druid and the other is pure fairy"

"Wow, where is the other part?"

"Inside the current high priestess hive"

"Are you going to get her back soon?"

"Depends on whether Ochanna is ready to give back her favorite child" Xunia shrugged.

"Alright. How about Macros?"

"He's an eccentric one. A hybrid of a beast man and dark fairy. He is a very dangerous existence as his dark bloodline is also very pure. He is currently in the small abyss as we speak"

"So cool. What about your bloodline?"

"I have what is called the blessings of my ancestors, therefore I have the pure bloodline of every Alpha Queen, Luna King, Alpha King and Luna Queen that has ever existed"

"Woah, isn't that overpowered?"

"Sure is. I was plotted against by many people because of my bloodline and almost killed many times. Fortunately because of this, I evolved and mutated some of the bloodlines"

"Wow, that's so fortunate"

"It is. I evolved one in the middle of a fight with Miwi"

"You've fought before?" Jason asked with crumpled eyebrows.

"Indeed. Imagine the audacity of this wolf to gain enlightenment in the middle of our life and death battle. How annoying" the British accent floated into their ears and they turned to see the white cat climbing the couch.

"You didn't kill her?"

"No. I protected the stupid mutt so she could safely evolved. How could you turn this majestic cat into your lowly guard?" Although Miwi's words sounded offensive, it showed her relationship with Xunia was one that transcended enimity and friendship.

"I got you the blood of your ancestor so you could evolve too. It was hard for me, a celestial at that time, to steal from a Zenith Soul you know. I was hunted down because of it" Xunia replied with a wave.

Jason looked at the two of them in utmost confusion and a tinge of awe. Both were similar actually. Both are conservative women who are fiercely loyal to who they deem worthy. He couldn't say they were friends nor frenemies. They were more like sisters.

"Okay Jason, you have a ton of things to do today so go ahead. Miwi and I have somethings to talk about" Jason groaned and put the white cat gently on the couch after lifting her from his lap and stroking her behind the ear.

Once he was gone, Miwi transformed and sprawled lazily on the couch.

"Any updates?" she asked.

"He's getting closer. Those three idiots helped spread his growth. Didn't you feel it when you came out of the abyss?"

"I did. Actually, I've felt the call in my soul ever since he stepped foot in this realm but I also felt you beside him so I decided not to come out. However, recently, my pocket dimension started to shrink and I was losing control of my territory. I went to investigate and saw corrupted energy. The darkness was different from the one usually in the small abyss. You know he won't try to take control of anything if he didn't have a good assurance"

"I know that. That's why I think sending him away is better. The other dimension you were working on should be ready, no?"

"It is. What if it's a trap? I don't think it's safe to send him away from you"

"You'd be going with him. So will Josephine and Seriel. Even if they cannot follow him everywhere, you're a cat and you can change size. It's a foolproof plan"

"Have you considered how he would feel? He is pretty attached to you and dare I say, loves you"

"You think I don't know that?! Everyday he spend in this place, his life is in more danger. I thought I could protect him by bringing him here, Now I know how stupid that decision was" Xunia said with her head hurried in her hands.

"Besides, he needs to find his real parents. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know he's a hybrid"

"He doesn't know? No pure wolf can have that amount of pure light energy"

"He needs to find his mother and the best place for him to do that is to send him away"

"Okay I agree. However, if things go awry, I would contact you. Now, how do I do that?" Xunia gave her a glance and tossed a white ring to her.

"It's connected to my home AI do you can contact me anytime. Now shoo, I have things to do" Xunia said rolling her eyes. Miwi smirked and disappeared.


Jason was quite settled in with his classmates in the exclusive academy in the palace. They had much to thank him for because he had apparently brought the best tutors from all over the realm that would make them better students. Naturally he was popular and stood out, not only because he was the Luna King to be but because of his brilliance.

His routine for the past seven months had been completely different from the one he followed back on earth. He was a lazy bum and preferred being indoors. But the Gamma, delta, Epsilon and Omega queen did not quite agree. Every morning they came to drag him out of bed during the early hours to take a run around the forest. Turns out there was a path they followed.

For the first month he was pretty miserable. Everyday he looks haggard and extremely tired. The forest was huge. The queens however ran with ease. Eventually he got used to it. He noticed he began to shed his extra fat and was looking like a man. He also increased in height and gained more muscle.

One of the queens was dedicated to teaching him hand to hand combat starting from the easiest to hardest. One was dedicated to improving his stamina, mental strength and abilities. Another the ways of the people, one history and one teaching him about the elements.

After 8 months in the faery realm he was feeling better about himself than in all the years he had lived on earth. He had overcome his fear of his soul mate and interacted with her well, when he saw her at least, which he rarely did. He related freely with everyone he knew and had more confidence.

"Jason, would you like to try this in your wolf form?" He snapped out of his reflection when Josephine asked him.

"No problem" he replied and transformed. He felt more comfortable in his wolf form and whined in pleasure. He turned to look at the Theta queen whose jaw was hung.

"Dear Aries..." she exclaimed in shock. He cocked his head at her and noticed she was smaller. That was impossible because Josephine was 6 feet 5 inches.

"How is this possible...?" she asked rhetorically.

"Follow me" she motioned leading the way. They got to a creek and she pointed at the water. He moved closer to the creek and stared at his reflection. He definitely looked bigger.
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"Wow. How did this happen?"

"I dunno really. How old are you?"

"I'm 20, why?"

"Did you by chance turn 20 when you were here in this realm?"

"Yeah about a month ago" He replied, smiling inwardly about the present he received from Xunia.

"That explains it. You see when a Werie hybrid that has lived in another realm ages in their realm of origin which is the faery realm they become more faery like. They grow to the true size of a Werie and their other half" she explained, inspecting his form.

"Wait that would mean I'm a hybrid" She nodded.

"But that's impossible. My parents are both Weries"

"I can understand your confusion but if you were a pure Werie the you would have adapted the moment you entered this realm"

"But my family was normal"

"it was a defection of your sight. Everything seemed normal to you but it's different in real life. It's an adaptive trait both humans and Angies have" She replied.

"So you're saying I'm either like you or Maery" She shrugged in reply.

"It is plausible. Now it's time to head back" he was too distraught to answer so he just trudged alongside her.

"Wait! You celebrated your birthday and you didn't tell us?!"

"Yeah. Xunia said to keep it a secret date between us" Jason replied, still out of sorts. Josephine sulked all the way back to the palace. When they arrived, they saw all the queens and even Miwi seated in the living room. Another person was there, whom Jason hadn't seen in a long time, Oliphilis.

He noticed the atmosphere was tense so he went to stand by Xunia's side. Miwi transformed into a miniature cat and leapt into his hair.

"Jason, I have something to tell you"


"I'm sending you back to earth"

"What! Why?"

"It's not safe here anymore. I can't protect you for now"

"How is that possible? You are the strongest person in this realm"

"I know that. This is hard for me too. I have something dangerous to do and when I'm gone, no one would be able to protect you as much as I do. You're extremely important Jason, more important than me. You are the future of our realm and if anything happens to me, it is your job to take over and find a suitable queen to reign alongside you"

"No! What are you talking about? You are my fiancee, my soul mate. I cannot just abandon you and shy away from your problems. Your problems are mine too. I am not going anywhere!"

"I'm sorry Jason" Xunia said sorrowfully, tears dripping from her eyes.

Suddenly, Jason felt very sleepy. He turned to see Astara emitting a gas and her unwilling expression. In fact, all the queens had unwilling expressions. Before he blacked out, he saw Oliphilis grab his hand and a white light surrounding both of them. He tried to struggle but his whole body was paralyzed. He could only watch helplessly as he was teleported back to earth and his vision went black.


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