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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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Pack Livresal, Earth.

Jason woke up when the moonlight penetrated through his window right onto his face. He stretched and stood up from the bed. He narrowed his eyes when he discovered the bed was different from the luxurious one he was used to. He called out for Josephine and was shocked when she didn't answer.

He looked around and discovered he was in his room, where he lived with his family. He saw a small cat resting on his pillow, watching him.


'Yes, Jason?'

"What happened?"

'Xunia sent you back to Earth against your wishes and when you arrived, you were unconscious so Oliphilis brought you home. I was with you the whole time. I don't think your family knows you're home'

"Why did she send me back?" Jason asked, deflating into his bed.

'To protect you. She was going to the abyss Plane and you can't come along. Leaving you in the Faery Realm would just make you easy pickings. The only reason why you're safe is that Xunia is using her laws to protect you. Every part of the Aries Continent is covered with her Zenith sense so she can easily monitor it. This was hard for her too' Miwi answered. Jason felt depressed that she had given up a lot to protect him.

He transformed into his wolf form and howled sadly. It was so heart wrenching that even Miwi felt sorry for him. She prevented everyone in the pack except his family from hearing the howl.

A rumble was heard in the house and his door was kicked open. His parents stood there along with his little sister. They froze in their tracks as they saw him on the bed, still howling. He stopped his howl and transformed back to his neutral form.

"Jason" Jenna said, her voice cracking. "You're back". He only nodded in response, still looking morose. She ran towards him and embraced him, wailing loudly. His parents too wanted to do so but one glare from him alongside the pressure of his soul energy made them back off. They retreated from his room and left the siblings in peace.

While Jenna was still crying, Jason made a small painless swipe on her skin which she couldn't feel and the blood floated towards the white cat. It landed on the cat's horn alongside a golden red drop of blood from Jason. The cat nodded and stretched again to sleep. At the same time, Jenna released Jason from her embrace and wiped her tear-stained pale face.

"Did you escape?"

"No. She sent me back"

"Really? Why?"

"To protect me. She sent me back against my consent which made me sad"

"That's why you howled like that. I'm sorry about that. It seems like you truly miss her"

"More than you can imagine"

"I thought she was scary and very powerful. Shouldn't you be her prisoner?"

"She was at first. However, I got to know her and her escorts better and she's honestly the sweetest and kindest woman I've ever seen. She always kept me safe and gave me everything I asked for. Eventually, I fell for her and not only because she has the most enchanting smile I've seen in my life. And I'm not her prisoner, I never was. I'm her fiance" he replied with a small smile, showing her his engagement ring. His formless void ring was shown to her too.

"You have two rings, is that normal?"

"The second ring is a present from her. It's a formless void ring and it's almost the same thing as those spatial rings that you read about in those Web novels of yours, except it has an inbuilt AI called Zeze. Weird name, I know"

"It just sounds like a song I've heard" she said, shaking her head. "So, how does it work?"

"Simple. Zeze, bring me two potato chips and two colas"

'Yes my lord' a mechanic voice answered, shocking both siblings. The items Jason requested came out in an instant. While Jenna admired them in wonder, Jason was immensely puzzled.

"Wait, you can still work on Earth?"

'Yes my lord. All I need to do is connect to the frequencies running on Earth which is much simpler than those on the Feary realm. I can work in Asterilyx but not in the central realm and the Underwaild because they don't have any frequency there' Zeze replied.

"So can you contact the queens?"

'Negative my lord. Once I'm disconnected from the frequency in one realm, I can't connect to it anymore except I return to that realm and disconnect from the one I'm presently in. I am a subdivision of the central AI in the palace, belonging solely to your ring. The moment you left the Feary realm, I got disconnected and rebooted' Zeze explained. Jason was disappointed but the ring was still useful.

"Brother, is that cat yours? It's adorable"

"Yes but don't call her that, she gets annoyed by that" on cue, Miwi raised her head and hissed at Jenna. She lay her head and resumed resting.

"Her name is Miwi and she's my familiar. She's the sovereign of Felines and she's usually called the Cat Sovereign. A true troublemaker, that one" Jason introduced and Miwi snorted.

"You have a familiar? The Alpha said Familiars are rare and they're really useful to us"

"Well, in the Feary realm everyone gets theirs at some point in their life" Jenna nodded and continued questioning him.

"Why is your hair golden blonde?"

"My level is at a stage much higher than Ancient level and it's called the Celestial level. When I got to the cosmos level, I reached a stage called one with the stars and my hairs started to turn golden. My fur has specs of gold on it and my blood is golden red too. I have something called a soul dimension and I'm at a stage higher with my real bloodline" he explained.

"Okay, go and prepare for our morning run. I'll wait for you in front of the house" she nodded happily, pecked his cheek and skipped to her room. Once she was gone, the smile on his face faded and he turned to his familiar who was now in her cat woman form.

"She's your real sister. Same father but different mothers. She is a pure wolf, has a direct powerful bloodline which is lying dormant and her Patron Judges are Light, Life and Spirit. She has such a high aptitude and a coordinating soul" This shocked him. His sister was as rare as him. A coordinating soul is one where the patron judges were in sync and were more powerful than those who had normal three patron judges.

Light, Life, and Spirit were three similar judges. Two relied more on light and were more inclined towards light attributes. Another Combination could be Darkness, Death, and Power.

"My parents?"

"Your mother isn't the one that birthed both of you. Your father is your real father but his real soul is dormant and another is residing in his body" Jason sighed and buried his face in his hands.

"Everything is so messy right now. How am I going to solve this?" he muttered, suppressing the urge to cry out in injustice. His whole life was a lie. He felt a soft hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see Miwi's encouraging smile.

"Hey, you're not alone in this. I'm always going to be here to help you. I might not be the love of your life but I'm your familiar so you're stuck with me too" she said, squeezing his shoulder lightly. He gave her a small smile in return.

Minutes later, he was dressed in a black tracksuit, his hair tied in a bun, ready to go. He met up with his sister in front of their house and started their stretching.

"Wow Jason, you have gotten a lot more handsome than the last time I saw you. I mean you were always handsome but now, even I want to fall in love with you" his sister teased.

"Ew gross, I don't do incest" he replied in mock disgust. Jenna elbowed him and he began to make fake signs of pain.

"Wow, Jason, whatever the Queen did to you, it's certainly magical. Ever since the incident, you almost never go out or play with me anymore. The only time you've come out in years was when we had to go to the faery realm. I had never seen you so excited. Now you're just smiling" Jenna said, making Jason sober up.

"It's been that long, eh?"

"Yeah. Fortunately, all your depression is gone. I can see that. I guess God must be answered all my prayers"

"You prayed? I never knew you were religious"

"I wasn't until after the incident and when you were taken away. I can't count how many times I've sneaked off to the Pack temple"

"Wait? We have a temple?"

"Yeah. You really don't know where it is?"

"I don't know!"

"Okay, calm down brother. Let's take our run around the pack. I'll show everything to you on the way" Jason sighed and nodded.

After stretching, they transformed into their wolf forms. Jenna was a small black wolf 6 feet in height while Jason was already seven feet, four inches. He was a huge wolf. His golden streaks stood out more and his eye was completely golden.

They began with a simple trot towards the center of the pack. The whole place was completely deserted as everyone was still asleep.

Jenna showed him the things he hadn't seen before in the pack and he was surprised about how much he didn't know about where he grew up. They ran up to a cathedral-like building right next to the Alpha's mansion.

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Jason cocked his head in confusion and transformed back. Jenna did the same.

"This is the temple? Looks like a church" he commented.

"It does but the inside is different. Let's go in, shall we?" Jenna replied and he nodded. They pushed the doors open without making a sound.

The interior was much like a church with pews and glass stained windows. Unlike the conventional church, this one had a lone altar and a black gold statue of a wolf with the Zodiac symbol of the Capricon inscribed on the body of the wolf.

Behind the wolf was the statue of a woman in white marble, wearing a cloak with a staff in one hand and the Capricorn symbol floating above her other hand. Her face wasn't visible but he could tell who it was at first glance.

On the coak of the woman statue, were 16 symbols that Jason knew rather well. There was a log of white wood on the altar which he knew was burnt for prayers.

As he took in this information, he heard the amused chuckle from his familiar through their bond. He ignored her and focused on the purple-robed old man that was approaching them. The man gave him a sense of danger and it shocked Jason because he was sure that no one was stronger than him in the pack.

Jenna gave a bow to the man that just arrived while Jason gave him a curt nod. The man frowned but regained his gentle look when he heard Miwi purr. It showed that Miwi was far stronger than the man.

"Little Delta Jenna, what brings you to the temple and who is this gentleman?" the old man asked.

"This is my brother Jason and I'm here because he requested to see the temple. Brother, this is the Priest in charge, Priest Milan" Jenna replied respectfully. This incurred a sour feeling in both of them.

Jason didn't really like priests but left them since Xunia said they were necessary while the priest was annoyed that the boy wasn't giving him any respect.

"Well priest, we don't need anything from you and I need to pray. Please excuse us" Jason said plainly. The priest gave him a bad feeling. Milan gave Jason a hidden glare and walked off. When he reached a certain distance, he hid and watched the duo.

Jason observed his surroundings to see if anyone else but the annoying priest was there. When he confirmed this, he brought out his prayer circles and lit the log with his white flame. He mumbled his prayers while the log burned brightly. When he was done, he turned back to his sister and the cat fell from his head and transformed into her neutral form.

"It was as we suspected. There are no prayer angels here. The temple here is a fake" Miwi said, seemingly annoyed.

"Do they know the punishment for this sacrilege and blasphemy?" she demanded from Jenna who lowered her head. Not far from them, the priest was sweating bullets at her appearance and what she said.

"Girl, let me see your prayer circle" Miwi demanded.

"What is a prayer circle? Is it that rosary like stuff that Jason just brought out?"

"Yes. Do you have one?"

"No. Only the priest and the Alpha have one" Jenna replied meekly.

"The situation here is worse than I thought. I would like to speak to this Alpha of yours. It seems like we have found one of the lost Capricon tribes" Miwi remarked.

Just then, a young wolf ran into the temple and stopped in front of the trio.

"Young Beta Jason and Young Delta Jenna, the Alpha has summoned you both" the wolf said panting. Miwi growled sharply when she heard how Jason was addressed. The eyes of the young wolf widened in fear when he heard her. Jason held up a hand to silence her.

"Leave him be Miwi. You asked to see the Alpha and he has summoned us personally. Come on, It's time to work" Jason said with a smirk.


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