The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
24 Lord Jason of House Dixen
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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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24 Lord Jason of House Dixen

The Alpha's Mansion, Pack Livresal.

Jason, Jenna, and Miwi walked leisurely into the mansion of the Alpha. Jenna was only calm because Jason assured her that nothing would happen to him. Deep down she was still very nervous. Their Alpha was a scary person and he never summoned people to his office unless they did something bad.

Jason, on the other hand, was feeling irritated. He had bad memories of the mansion and didn't want to stay a moment longer. Miwi was as carefree as ever, her expression indifferent and her posture regal. She walked like she owned the place.

They got to the office and Jason pushed it open. The Alpha and the officials of the pack were seated there, along with his parent. He didn't bother to greet and just stood there. The room went silent when he entered along with the two girls. None of them uttered a word and the two girls stood behind Jason.

"You called?" Jason asked, raising an eyebrow at Alpha Leonard. When the officials saw this, they were furious while his parents lowered their heads.

"How dare you talk to your Alpha like that you disrespectful wolf? You go missing for months and you lose all semblance of rationality?" The Pack head guard yelled at him with veins bulging. Jason ignored the muscle head and kept staring at Leonard.

The other officials chimed in and started scolding Jason. When he got annoyed by it, he released his aura and everyone in the room except for Miwi, Jenna and Zurima, crashed to the floor. Blood ran freely from their eyes, nose and mouth. The officials looked at him in shock and fear. Jason's golden eyes shone and his expression went cold.

"Leonard, aside from having the guts to summon me, you allow this lowly ones to insult me? Do you wish to die?" Jason demanded coldly.

"No, milord! Please be merciful my lord!" Leonard cried with his head on the floor. Jason stared at him coldly before retracting his aura. The officials trembled but they didn't rise.

"Now Leonard, do the needful" Miwi suggested coldly. The Alpha's body shook as he felt more danger from her than Jason.

"Greetings to Lord Jason of House Dixen, the fiance of the Alpha Queen and Future Luna King" Leonard said and bowed. The eyes of the officials widened and they gave a bow too. Jason looked at them with scorn and disgust in his eyes while Miwi was angry. Jenna was too shocked to say anything.

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Jason ignored the kneeling officials and went straight to Zurima. He gave her a warm smile and an ever warmer hug. She was too shocked to reciprocate it and couldn't say a word till he left the office.

The officials pitifully pulled themselves from the ground with a dazed expression. Zurima's surprise wore off and was replaced with a feeling of utter disgust.

The pack she loved so much had come to such ruin because of these idiotic officials. They were so greedy and corrupt that they cared for no one but themselves. She was glad that Jason was back. Maybe he could fix things.

It was stupid for her to assume that because he didn't have to. It was not his responsibility in any way as being the Lord of house Dixen came with it's job requirements.

Jason walked out of the office conflicted. Myriads of thoughts and emotions went through his head as he walked back to his parents house. Seeing his Luna had lifted his mood a little but it was nothing against the huge scheme he had to stop plus the mess that had been made.

He also had to find his birth mother. How in the world was he going to do that? Few months ago, he didn't even know the Delta wasn't his real mother.

Jenna noticed his frustrated mood and took his hand in his, squeezing it lightly. It helped a lot to see how much she cared. This gave him renewed courage and energy to go through with what he was doing. He was doing it solely for his family. With a blinding smile directed at her, he squeezed back, not knowing the mini heart attack he had given both females.

The trio silently moved to the exit, each lost to their own thoughts. When they reached the doors leading out of the mansion, they were stopped by a gang of youths led by someone Jason would rather not see again in his life.

"Jenna, I heard a rumour of you following a blonde stranger. I didn't believe it and came to check. Turns out, after rejecting me, you go and hook up with an outsider" The boy sneered.

The boy would've been considered handsome if he wasn't standing opposite Jason. Jason silenced Jenna with a hand before she could protest and stepped foward till he was face to face with the boy.

"Simon, I haven't seen you in ten years. You sure have grown from a despicable bully into a despicable debauchee. You don't even recognise me, how nice" Jason said. He sounded gentle but one could tell he was anything but.

"Now, you want to hook up with my sister. Just because you're the Alpha's older son, it doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want, especially when it concerns me and my family"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Jason, Jason Salmena, her brother" Jason answered with a smile.

Recognition flickered in his eyes, then confusion. Jason normally had black hair and brown eyes, like the rest of them. Although he was handsome, he wasn't as mesmerising as now. Jealousy raked his body and he sneered.

"So, the beta trash has gone to pretty himself up and he thinks himself a man. You're still as pathetic as back then. It doesn't matter if you're now pretty, you were and will always be a nobody" He spat.

Jason's smile dropped and was replaced by a cold glare. Simon's danger instincts were flashing dangerously and Jason's aura started to unfurl.

The more his power level rose, the more fear Simon felt. He felt like an ant challenging a dinosaur. When Jason's power level reached Ancient level, Simon's body was already pressed to the ground.

"How ignorant of you Simon. Hasn't your father ever taught you never to underestimate your enemies?" Jason scorned, his handsome face twisted in annoyance.

"You don't dare hurt me! My father is the Alpha!" Simon yelled fearfuly. Jason laughed dryly at that, further mocking the boy.

"I could snap your neck now and your father would kiss my feet in appreciation. In my eyes, you're nothing but trash in this backwards pack and you can never amoun to anything" Jason said coldly and flung his body against the wall, cracking the boy's spine in the process. The boy howled in pain but no one went close to help him. Rather, no one dared to.

"It's only by your mother's grace you're alive. If you cross me next time, I'll make sure not even a speck of your ashes are left in this world, I swear it" He threatened. Simon whined lowly but he couldn't do anything.

Jason looked up to the second floor of the Alpha's mansion and glared straight into the eyes of Alpha Leonard. He raised up two fingers, showing him clearly and stormed off, Miwi and Jenna trailing after him.

However, not far from him, an odd couple watched all that happened with a smile on their face. If Jason were there, he would've recognised one of them immediately. However, that's a story for another day.


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