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The Holy Guardians: of love, of blood, of power
Author :Greyworrld
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25 Alpha Empress

Beta Greeane's home, Pack Livresal, Earth.

After two weeks of ineffective planning, one morning brought pleasant surprises for Jason. Standing in front of his door were three people. A man and two women. He only knew the man but he was completely blank on the other two.

"Good morning my lord. Sorry to disturb you but I have something important to discuss with you" Oliphilis greeted.

"Sure, it's no problem. You three can come in" Jason replied after his confusion faded away.

The four walked into the cosy sitting room that was specially redesigned by Jenna for him. The young wolf woman was preparing breakfast for her brother.

Miwi was in her cat form on the couch, purring lazily. She only opened her eyes to observe the newcomers and after confirming they weren't a threat, she continued her lounging.

"Oliphilis, why are you here and who are these women?" Jason asked after they all settled in.

"My lord, this is my mate and her sister. My mate's name is Corey and her sister is Kierra" Oliphilis replied.

Corey and Kierra looked alike with their matching brown hair and green eyes. They were both moderately sized and Kierra was taller than Corey. They were both beautiful by Earth standards but Jason could tell they were in disguises.

Corey had a sharp aura and Jason knew she had a lot of muscles despite looking a bit plump. Her posture and mannerisms showed she had lived on earth for a fairly long time and she was probably a business woman.

Kierra was different. She had a gentle and calm aura. She looked like a delicate woman but she was anything but. Unlike Corey's muscles, her's were showing a little. Her posture showed she hasn't lived on earth for long and had lived in the feary realm for almost all her life.

"My lord" both greeted with a bow. Jason's brow furrowed when they did it.

"Who are you Kierra?" Jason asked in suspicion.

"You're quite observant young lord. Seems like the queens taught you well" Kierra said with a calm voice. She smiled and a bright light weaved around her body. The light died down to reveal an otherworldly beauty.

She had the signature drooping pointed ears of the Weries with ten studs on each. Her hair was the darkest shade of black and her eyes electric blue. Her lips were pink and pouty. She had a gentle smile on her face and her eyes were warm.

She was wearing a warrior's outfit for women with a Taurus tattoo on both hands. Jason had a vague idea who she was but he waited for her to talk.

"The current Alpha Empress, your lordship" she introduced herself. Jason's jaw hung and Miwi opened both her eyes to stare at the wolf woman.

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"Sovereign, I greet you too" Kierra said respectfully to the cat. Miwi gave a little meow and turned into her cat woman form.

"So, what is the Alpha Empress and Taurus Alpha Chief doing on Earth?" Miwi inquired, directing her second question to Corey, who blushed deeply.

"I may be a beast woman but I know a little about Weries, since one rules our world. I recall the former Taurus Alpha Chief having twins and betrothed one to the Alpha Emperor Kove, when he found out they were mates. The second one, Koryia, was made the Alpha Chief.

Two of you have led very interesting lives with very interesting spouses. Koryia Taurus, the older one, mature and responsible. Shorter one of the two and most intelligent. Mate is the guardian of the gateway, chosen by Orikson.

Kierra on the other hand ran away from her mate with her son. Her current whereabouts, unknown. That is until now" Miwi said calmly.

Corey gave a sheepish smile and her disguise wore off. She looked exactly like Kierra except her black hair had strands of white in them.

Jason gave Miwi a pointed stare.

"How do you even know that?"

"Cats talk a lot and I'm their leader so I hear a lot of things when I come out of hibernation" Miwi replied shrugging.

"Apologies sovereign, my lord. I'm afraid we cannot discuss that today" Corey replied.

"What we're here for, is to offer our help. You plan on unravelling the century old secret of the disappearance of the Capricon tribe, we can help you with that, if you would let us" Kierra said to Jason.

Jason mulled over it before voicing his agreement.

"Of course. All you need in return is for me to help you with Kove, am I right?"

"Yes my lord" Kierra replied, her voice laced with emotion. Jason nodded.

"So, where do we start from?" Kierra gave him a smile that made a shiver run down his spine.



In a huge clearing, Jason and Kierra stood opposite each other in fighting stance.

Jason wore the standard male light armour, covering his vital parts while he was left to protect his head. He cut a dashing figure with his hair tied in a ponytail, blowing in the soft wind and his golden spirit spear floating in his hand.

Kierra wore the same armour as she did last time. Her hair was tied into a ponytail too and her normally dropping ears were alert, occasionally twitching. She held two spirit katanas in her hands, one silver and the other black.

The space around them undulated in a less visible degree as it was locked by Miwi, who was seated in a carriage, floating in the air. The carriage was also occupied by Jenna, Oliphilis and Corey.

A soft but powerful voice trikled to their ears, saying 'begin' and the two rushed at each other.

The first clash was accompanied by a large amount of force that made the ground rumble. There was no time to blink as the next few ones came after.

Jason came to realise that Kierra was a tough opponent and he wasn't likely to win the duel. The amount of strength the lanky woman had was one he never imagined. It was at this moment that he understood why people shouldn't be judged by appearance.

As they clashed, Jason realised he wouldn't be able to use any of his imperial arts like this because she excelled in close combat. Ne decided to try ranged fighting with her.

Light energy Metheron trickling from his soul dimension to his forehead, he decided to use a spell he had learnt specifically for times like this; [Rainbow flash]. A flash of light containing all seven colours of the rainbow flew from his forehead straight at her face, momentarily blinding her.

She was powerful enough to cancel the spell but that momentary blindness was enough for Jason to get away. He jumped backwards and threw his spear into the ground. It created a large earthquake but Kierra simply jumped high enough to avoid it.

In mid air, Jason summoned his [Imperial Dagger Formation; Omega deck] to attack. The spirit daggers appeared in a large omega symbol above his head and shot at Kierra in twos. She conjured a large shield made of life energy Metheron and it blocked most of the daggers but she lost sight of Jason.

Jason had used a camouflage spell to blend in with the light energy. Kierra growled loudly and turned into a huge brown wolf. She coated her body with a layer of life energy Metheron so the daggers couldn't harm her.

[Sunlight convergence] Jason whispered and all the light energy left his side, revealing him but converging on Kierra. A loud howl came from her, making them all wince.

Jason's plan was simple. To bombard her with his arts and spells so she would only be able to defend and not retaliate. However, he didn't know he made such a blunder of letting her transform to her wolf form.

When he redirected the light energy, Kierra was no where to be found. He felt a faint prickle on his neck and quickly teleported from where he was standing. When he saw what was standing where he just left, he took a deep breath.

Kierra in her wolf form, unharmed, standing with two huge golem snakes, covered in lightning. Jason grimaced and immediately shelved his dagger arts. He decided to use his spear arts, which were similar to the dagger arts but with the use of spears. He rushed at her again, resuming the spar.


Jason hit the floor with a loud thud in his wolf form, whinning lowly. The aerial carriage lowered and Jenna ran fast to where he was. The sharp needle of life energy at Jason's neck didn't even deter her. Kierra immediately dismissed it, not willing to annoy the young female further.

Jason was in his neutral form in a second and his body was riddled with bruises and cuts, making his body look like a bad artwork. He twitched occassionaly and some of his bones were sticking out.

Miwi winced when she saw him and cast [Sunlight convergence] on him. The light energy gathered around him and his wounds started to heal at a rate visible to the eyes. The last bone popped back with a loud pop and he blinked his eyes open.

"Well, I don't think I've ever gotten such a sound beating in my life" Jason commented, stretching. Kierra chose not to reply and healed her own wounds silently. Jenna helped him up and they teleported back to Jason's father's house.

Once they had lunch and rested well, Jason decided to bring up a pressing issue.

"I can't keep staying here. I need a place to stay and we need a home base. Now that you three are part of us, we need to regroup and expand. Do you have such a place for me Oliphilis?"

"You're right my lord and I know just the place"

"Excellent. Where's it located?"

"Ivory woods. Just two towns away. It's a cabin in the woods, perfect for all we want to do"

"Good. How soon can we move in?"

"At anytime my lord. The cabin belongs to me and it's well hidden. I can teleport us there now if you like" Jason nodded and they braced themselves for teleportation. The once full room was now empty and silent like it wasn't occupied moments ago.

The room was normal and was looking homey with the touches Jenna had added to make her brother feel comfortable. She added picture frames of both of them ranging from when they were young pups, to their first transformation, to their latest picture together with his golden hair.

He was smiling brightly, fixing a flower crown on Jenna's black braided hair. Miwi was in a tabby cat form, laying at their feet, napping. The siblings wore matching black pants with summer tops. A picture they look the former week, when they decided to take a break.

They looked more like a couple, instead of siblings. However, if one observed Jenna closely, one could see her hair tips were starting to turn gold like her brother's. The golden specs in her eyes could just be the reflection of the sun but if one looked at her brother, they could see the similarities.

All these were accessed by the stranger who had just teleported into the room where Jason and his entourage had just left.

The stranger had blonde hair and pale blue eyes. It was a woman and she was stroking the picture of the siblings gently like it was a treasure.

She wore a black robe with its hood down and the way she moved looked like she was phasing around and her feet never touched the ground. She took a long glance at the picture before placing it back like she met it perfectly and disappearing like she was never there.

The room once more went into a tranquil state.


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