The Revelation of the Eternal
-1 Prologue 1 : Creation and Betrayal
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The Revelation of the Eternal
Author :Cairos
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-1 Prologue 1 : Creation and Betrayal

(From the History of Creation)

Before the beginning, chaos swept through the Ether as the chaotic Abyssal Nether challenged the structure and integrity of the universe. The Abyssal Hordes swept through the universe like an unstoppable tide, sowing carnage and destruction wherever their feet tread. In the end the Laws and Worlds were shattered like glass as the final bastions of the universe, the God Race, fell in the war that was almost equivalent to a genocide of the entire race. By the end of the war, the entire universe had shattered and the God race became extinct throughout the cosmos. In the end, the Abyss, the ultimate power of the Abyssal Nether, found themselves without anymore land to conquer or resources to plunder, so they began to look for new dimensions to control. Little did they know that the last of the Gods, Raksha, rose up in defiance and cast down the Abyss. Restoring order through unmatched power and strength, Raksha proceeded to beat back the Abyssal Hordes back to the Nether Realm. After that, he placed an impenetrable seal onto the barrier between the dimensions to keep the Abyss from taking a single foot back into the Ether.

After that, Raksha proceeded to restore order back to the silent, shattered universe. He rebuilt the Laws that governed the Heavens and the Earth, and started to reestablish the Celestial Heavens and the Primordial Worlds. After that, Raksha was faced with the lonely silence that greeted the empty universe. He was the last of the God race and in a desperate attempt to rebuild his race, He created the Primal Races. These races included the Dragonkind, Demonic, Beastkindred, Leviathans, Fae, and the Angels. However, each of these races were missing something important and were not quite up to Raksha's specifications. Due to the few restrictions of the God Race, even with all of Raksha's power, He could not replicate his genetic code so that he could create a second God Race. He literally had to build the races from the ground up to he So utilizing the artifact known simply as the Artiface, he proceeded to discover the origins of the God Race. After millenia of endless searching, He finally found what he was looking for. Eagerly, he created the last Primal Race: Humanity.

Satisfied with his work, Raksha built the Universal Celestial Palace and resided there while guiding the newborn races to maturity and power. The races each had different methods of cultivation that allowed them to reach the peak of power known as the Deities. These beings were the absolute powerhouses of their races and were the closest to becoming the next people of the God Race. Thrilled at His impending success. Raksha invited the Deities and their families to reside with him at his abode to help further guide them on cultivation. Perhaps, in his innocence, Raksha did not realize his folly and opened the entirety of his wealth and knowledge to fully support the newly established Daedric Clans, with the exception of the Artiface. Eagerly, the Daedric Clans attempted to send their daughters to the Universal Celestial Palace to marry the last God and enrich their bloodlines with the Divine power of the last God. He graciously accepted those offers and then proceeded to accept wives and concubines from around the cosmos and built his harem and happily enjoyed many millennia with his family and as his wives and concubines began to produce offspring. However, out of all of the thousands of wives, and hundreds of thousands of concubines, there was only one that truly held his heart: the daughter of the Deity of the Primal Race of Humanity, Shen Ruolin. She was his most beloved woman and they had many happy times together along with their many children. However, the memories of the Primal Races were short and ignored the omens and signs that were there for them to avoid. Unfortunately, men's hearts are not constant and unwaverable as rebellion started to brew within their hearts toward the unknowing God…

(end of the excerpt from The History of Creation)


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