The Sword Path
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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-1 Information

The VRMMORPG is called " The New World ".

The history of this world is heavily influenced by our world's myths , but also by the korean novel " Overgeared " and the chinese novel " Reincarnation of the strongest sword god " . There won't be any cultivation and the background is more western than eastern overall . There are several Kingdoms and Empires and so on in The New World and the size of the virtual planet is way bigger than the earth's . Therefore the kingdoms are mostly scattered resulting in few wars , but it will still happen ( no spoilers ). There is no posting schedule and chapters will take some time to be written therefore don't except 1 chapter per day for example . Also english is not my main language and I don't have an editor , that coupled by the fact that it's my first time writing can result in pretty frustrating moments in my novel so I can just hope that you will bear with it . I haven't written any arcs yet so there will be slow updates until I'm sufficiently ahead . Thank you for reading .


- The world in the VRMMORPG is composed of two main continent , the western continent and the eastern continent , the eastern continent is significantly stronger than the western one due to the presence of the dragon isle , located at the far east that permanenttly pumps mana into the air because the dead body of a dragon god is within the island , therefore making every eastern continent's inhabitant stronger than their western counterparts from birth . They also have the ability to go further than in the western continent in their life due to the rich environment . The problem is that they feel weak in the western continent due to the lack of mana in the air . There are several species in the game "The New World" such as humans , elves , werewolves , vampires , dragons and so on but players can only choose human . Some rituals or objects may enable race changes within the game , but they are extremely rare and changing one's race isn't necesserily good as every race has ups and downs. The most important empires in the game are :

* The Silvanon Empire , located in the southeast of the eastern continent , a powerhouse that controls the dragon isle and its ressources . The emperor for several generation have been proclaiming themselves rulers of the world and as such the Silvanon Empire doesn't have any allies but is still the strongest empire and by far .

*The Vaenith Empire , located In the southeast of the weatern continent , it is a magical developped country that relies on the enormous iron and magical ores mines that they control . They have several ties with smaller kingdoms , mostly economical as they are the main producer of weaponry in the world. One of their main ally is the Iserus Kingdom , a werewolf mainly kingdom that boast physical prowess and recetly started to use weapons due to a humiliating defeat against a smaller kindgom because they didn't use weapons .

*The Holy Empire , an empire located in the north region of the eastern continent . This is the only empire that has acces to both continents at the same time because they are the only holder of a relic capable of making a magical bridge over the Great sea separating the two continents . Due to that bridge they are the rising empire and they are in conflict with the Vaenith Empire because within the Vaenith Empire , vampires are accepted , which is considered a heresy for a religious empire such as the Holy Empire .

There a several other important locations related to myths and even undiscovered and dangerous but ressourcefull regions that will be presented in the game later on .


- Level system:

* 1-10 : beginner ( tier 0 )

* 10-25 : "class name" apprentice ( tier 1 )

* 25 -50: "class name " ( tier 2 )

* 50-100: "class name" ( tier 3 )

* 100-200: " class name " ( tier 4 )

* 200-300: "class name " ( tier 5 )

* 300-400: "class name" ( tier 6 )

*400-500: "class name" ( tier 7 )

( Every class is upgradable through certain conditions but some classes are only obtainable at a certain tier )

Each level up gives 5 stat points .

It is also impossible to surpass level 400 through normal means ( killing monsters ).

-Equipment :

* grey = trash ( no level or whatsoever restrictions )

* white = common

* green = rare

* purple = epic

* gold = legendary

* red= mythical

* black= transcendent

( each category is separated in performance from the rare grade by three category : grade 1 to 3 , with 3 being the lowest )

- Mana/Prana/Ki explanations :

* Mana is used by high level mages to interact with elements in order to use spells . The elements are : Light/Darkness/Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Thunder .

*Prana is a degraded version of mana that is mainly used by low level mages and warriors to use low level spells or strenghten one's body and use it as blasts or slashes for example . Since mana is too strong to be used as such , higher level warriors still use prana but it can , through battles and improvement , evolve into something called ki . It is raw energy only used by warriors and is very hard to get ( MINIMUM LEVEL 200 ).

* Epic weapons are called mystic codes because they necesserally are magical weapons .

* Legendary weapons or higher are called noble phantasm .

- Skills explanation :

Every player has a limited number of personnal skills ( not related to equipments ).

This number improve by one each 10 levels , every player has to choose between numerous skills at each 10 levels depending on their class and they start with two skills at level 0 , but they cannot choose their class until level 10 . Skills are subject to success rate , players can at any time ( except in combat ) start a recording procedure and execute the skill and the system will record it and provide a success rate going from 0% to 120% depending on the quality of the mouvement of the player related to the skill . This percentage will later be applied to the damage and efficiency of the skill everytime the player uses it . They have 3 chances to record the success rate when they get the skill and then have one more chance every ten levels if they keep the skill .

- Stats explanation :

* STR : strength ( affects physical damage )

* AGI : agility ( affects mouvement speed )

* DEX : dexterity ( affects success rates for secondary classes )

* END : endurance ( affects health points and ki points )

* INT : Intelligence ( affects magical damage )

* WIS : Wisdom ( affects mana points and prana points )

* LUK : Luck ( affects drop rate and exp points gain )

Players cannot directly see the numerical value of other players , they can only with a special skill called ' discerning eyes' which is ranked epic. With it they can see a grade next to each stat : F,E,D,C,B,A,S,EX with C meaning approximatly the same stat as the observer and each grade down or up means a 20% increase or decrease and EX meaning not possible to observe .

- Monsters/NPCs grades :

* Normal monsters

* Boss monsters

* General monsters

* King monsters

* Emperor monsters

* Demi-God monsters

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Thank you .


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