The Sword Path
2 The Star
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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2 The Star

~3 days later~

Arthur could be seen in front of the huge gaming pad checking a few settings and preparing himself to go on a journey . He has already written down a strict schedule for him to optimize his time between the game and his outside activities - not that he has many except training . Finishing his glass of water , Arthur finally entered the gaming pod and immediatly his consciousness was brought to the virtual world . He was already familiar with the scenery as he entered the pod 2 days ago to test its functionality , but now a countdown could be seen in front of him . Displayed on it was 4 minutes , the time left until the start of the new VRMMORPG . In the gaming pod one could hear a soothing and calm music , in total contrast with the agressive font of the name of the game . Arthur's heartbeat was getting faster and louder as the countdown was approaching zero , and he took a huge breath before it reached zero and then Arthur's consciousness blacked out once again .

He arrived at a pure white room with the sentence " The New World " in front of him and under it the word " start " . He immediatly pressed it and once again the scenery changed as he heard a mechanical voice :

[ Initializing system ...

Analyzing body of the user ...

Welcome User to " The New World " created by Bethasda .

Please insert your username . Note 1 : Once chosen , it cannot be changed . Note 2 : Your username will only be visible to the players in your friendlist as you will have to choose an actual name and surname for your character aswell as a background in order to create your identity in the game . ]

After pondering for a while , Arthur chose the username ' Steel ' .

[ Username chosen , please choose your name and surname .]

He instantly chose Arthur Pendragon to honor the legend of the King of Knights because of his passion for chivalry .

[ Name and surname chosen , please choose your background among the following :

- War orphan : In the war between the Holy Empire and the Vaenith Empire 10 years ago , you were an inhabitant of one of the kindgom that got swept up by the conflict and you are the last of your family .

Perks : +1 END , -1 LUK

- Noble : You are the younger children of a bloodline of nobles of a minor kindgom . You left your home to bring honor , wealth and fame to your family after seeing the result of several small nobles families of the kindgoms affected by the war between the Holy Empire and the Vaenith Empire 10 years ago .

Perks : +1 INT , -1 STR

- Ironborn : You were born from a prestigious family of powerful warriors coming from ancestors that managed to unlock their ki , an energy that only the peak of humanity can obtain .You are in constant search for improvement and seek to obtain the strengh of your legacy through battles .

Perks : +1 STR , -1 WIS

- Starchild : You are loved by the universe . You were born under the star and was blessed by lady luck . You are now destined to a grand fate through your efforts .

Perks : +1 LUK

- Commoner : You were born from a poor family in a kindgom struggling to survive in the aftermath of the war between the Holy Empire and the Vaenith Empire . You had to steal in your childhood in order to survive and you would do anything to be able to live a better life .

Perks : +1 AGI , -1 INT ]

Arthur after seeing each perks decided not to lower any of his stats in order to strenghten another therefore he chose Starchild , the +1 in Luck could always come in handy later .

[ Starchild chosen . Identity completed . DIsplaying current status ...

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Lvl : 0

Skills : 0/2

Stats : STR : 14

END : 15

AGI : 14

DEX : 10

INT : 5

WIS : 5

LUK : 5 (+1) =6

Note : The basic player is given 5 points in each stats before analazing the body of the user . Only STR , END , DEX , AGI are modified according to the body of the user .]

Arthur was quite pleased with his starting stats as he knew it would lead to a huge advantage early on in the game .

[ Would user ' Steel ' like to make adjustements to the character's appearance ? Note : User can't go further than a 20 % modification rate .]

Arthur decided to keep his real appearance and wanted to immediatly jump into the virtual world but was interrupted by the system .

[ Character creation finished . Please choose a beginner's village as the starting point of your adventures .]

Arthur then saw a list of over 50 beginner's village scattered around the western continent but quickly selected ' Steel Village ' because according to the information on the website the steel village is nearby an iron mine close to the Vaenith empire and therefore has access to good weaponry and equipment because the village has attracted some decent blacksmiths , atleast for low level players . Every beginner's village has a different bonus but for someone that wants to walk the path of a swordsman , getting a good weapon was the first step .

After selecting his village , he was then transported to the vast world of ' The New World ' .


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