The Sword Path
4 The First Boss Figh
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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4 The First Boss Figh

Arthur was currently sitting at 42 out of the 200 EXP needed to level up . He desperatly needed to find better monsters to achieve his objective . He decided to go further in the forest while obviously not missing the few Red-Eyed Rabbits coming his way . After 15 minutes , he saw a huge cave somewhat hidden by a couple of thicker trees . He carefully walked towards it while staying alert for any hidden attacks as he didn't know what kind of monsters could be in this area . And his vigilence was awarded , when he was only a few meters away from the entrance of the cave , a bigger than normal bat suddenly attacked Arthur from the roof of the cave . Ready for it , Arthur blocked the pointy and seemingly dangerous teeth of the bat with his sword and immediatly punched it with his other arm , dealing 2 damage to the bat . Not letting it rest , he followed by 2 accurate slashes to the wings of the bat , dealing 12 damage in a matter of seconds , and successfully destroying the bat's chances of escaping through flight . He then finished the work .

System : Lvl 8 Bloodsucking Bat killed . Obtained 8 EXP .

When Arthur saw the level of the bat , he realized that higher leveled monsters weren't as stronger as he thought , he then dived into the cave , excepting a lot of bats and maybe even a boss hiding in the depth of this cavity . While diving down , he understood the danger of this area , while being attacking by a couple of bats wasn't a problem , the further he went , the bigger were the groups of bats . What started with 2 to 3 bats at the same time , was now more than 10 at once , so he had no choice but to bait a couple and then killing the rest once done with the baited . This technique was successfull throughout the whole cave , and he earned as much as 512 EXP , putting him at 368 at level 2 out of the 400 needed to level up to 3 . He was enjoying this new farming location as it brought him much more EXP than Red-Eyed Rabbits .

He arrived at a huge room with a huge and somewhat red bat , he guessed that it was a boss monster but the horns on his head made him frown as it was the characteristic of demonic beasts , monsters that shouldn't be in a beginner's village . He decided to alert the village's chief because he was supposed to have ties with the higher-ups of the city of Stonedge , the nearest city that maybe had answers on why a demonic beast was seen in here . He readied himself and approached the huge bat . When he barely entered the room , the bat immediatly turned and stared viciously at Arthur as if he was a new prey giving himself . But Arthur noticed the several dried up bodies of NPCs behing the bat and realized that there must be a quest related to this monster , but he immediatly launched himself at the bat aiming to bait the bat into exposing his wings so that he could cut them . His battle experience and reflexes , while not be world defying , could allow him to easily defeat these sort of monsters . The bat did as he thought , flying at Arthur with a speed that somewhat surprised him because it was vastly superior to the normal bats , but it was nothing he couldn't work with . He dodged the strike and before the bat could even try to attack again , he slashed one of its wings . He was alarmed by the toughness of the mob because he could only injure the monster , not completely cutting his wing like he excepted , but the advantage of his action has already won him the fight , now the bat wasn't as fast and had troubles stabilizing itself in air . The monster was toyed with Arthur from this point but as he kept getting cut or slashed he suddenly opened his mouth and issued to cry , a cry that destabilized Arthur , but the trained player wasn't going to fall to this kind of tricks , he resumed his fight nearly immediatly , not letting the monster the chance of escaping .

System : Lvl 8 Boss Half-Demonic Huge Bloodsucking Bat killed . Obtained 160 EXP

He levelled up to level 3 , gaining another 5 free attributes points , resulting in 10 unused points left . He realized that demonic monsters would double the EXP gained and Boss monsters would multiply the EXP by ten , or the other way around . Feeling happy with the gains of his fight , he turned his attention to the bodies of the dead NPCs and saw a gray chest in the back of the room , he quickly opened it and received two gray equipments from it .

He realized he couldn't see what their attributes were but they looked like steel gauntlets and a steel light chestplate . He would have to ask the blacksmith to appraise it in the village . He picked up one of the body to present it to the village's chief and headed back to the village . When entering , one of the village's guards stopped him .

" Halt ! We need you to tell us where did you find this body " Said the guard while trying to intimidate Arthur .

Arthur chuckled to himself at the reaction of the guard , and answered :

" I went to a cave located south east of the village in the depth of the forest , and after fighting a demonic bat , I saw 4 bodies of dead person , I decided to bring one in the village to ask if they were resident of this village and ask why a demonic creature was doing here to the village's chief ."

The guard immediatly frowned and shouted to another shabby looking guard to call the village's chief here .

" Please wait for a moment , the chief will come here . "

After 10 minutes , a muscular middle-aged man equipped with a knight's armor and 2 swords hanging from his waist approached Arthur .

" Are you the one that slain the demonic bat , young adventurer ? " asked the village's chief .

" Yes I am . " Arthur answered .

" Hmm , this a somewhat troubling situation , a demonic beast was not supposed to be in this world since the last holy war 60 years ago where humanity successfully closed the door to hell . "

" Maybe the demon realm wants to once again invade the human realm ? "

" That's what I thought aswell but it shouldn't be possible , I need to inform the higher-ups and even the Vaenith Empire because this could be a major problem . Anyway thanks for your help young adventurer , the earlier this problem is discovered , the better the response will be . Also , do you happen to have the body of this demonic beast ? "

" Yes , wait for a moment "

Arthur then dropped the huge body of the demonic beast that he had trouble putting in his backpack even if it was a large one .

" A half-demonic beast ? They started corrupting monster I see ... This is more troublesome than I thought . " Exclaimed the village's chief .

Arthur then heard a notification .

Major Hidden Quest completed : Corruption Signs

Obtained 1000 EXP

Obtained 5 Low Healing Potions

Arthur leveled up to level 4 with 328 EXP out of 1600 .

He earned 5 Free Attributes Points and decided to finally use them . He decided to put +5 STR , +3 END , +5 AGI , +1 DEX , +1 WIS . He chose to invest in WIS early one because it was said on the website that low level warriors use prana which is related to wisdom . The +1 in Dexterity would allow him to level up faster his sub class when he gets one .

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Lvl : 4

Skills : 0/2

HP : 240/240

EP : 110/110

Defense : 3.8

Physical Attack Power : 4.2

Magical Attack Power : 1

Mouvement Speed : 4.2

Stats : STR : 21

END : 19

AGI : 21

DEX : 11

INT : 5

WIS : 6

LUK : 6

Free Attribute Points : 0

Equipment :

[ Unknown Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +?

Effects ?

Description ?

Durability 40/40

[ Unknown Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +?

Effects ?

Description ?

Durability 25/25

[ Basic Steel One-Handed Sword ] ( Trash )

Lvl 1

Equipment requirement : STR 6

Physical Attack Power +4

Durability 25/25

Description : A hastily casted one-handed sword by a beginner blacksmith . You can't find worse in the Steel Village .


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