The Sword Path
5 The First Kill
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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5 The First Kill

After finishing to update his status , Arthur entered the village looking for a blacksmith that would appraise his equipment for cheap . Since the Steel Village was near a steel mine , there was numerous blacksmiths of different capabilities and different prices . The shop where he bought his steel sword was the cheapest in terms of buying equipment and he hoped it would be the same for appraisal . On his way to the shopping area of the village , he encountered a player . Arthur tried to ignore him as he had no intention to interact with players , at least for now but the player had different plans when he saw Arthur's equipment . Arthur could see the greedy look he had when his eyes were on his armor . He sighted as he knew that he would already bring him problems .

" Hey Brother ! Hey you ! Hello , are you perhaps interested in joining my group ? We have 10 players while 5 that are already level 1 ! I think that as the only players of this village we have to help each other right ? " He said to Arthur while trying to stop him from going forward .

" Sorry I'm not interested " Arthur answered coldly while heading to the middle of the village .

Although irritated by the answer , the player didn't stop here after seeing an expert in this village when he had to deal with 10 morons that didn't know how to play . He thought that he could leech off Arthur or even control him if he played his cards right .

" Come one brother , you know that the more the merrier , we also discovered a cave in the depth of the forest and we need one more player to clear it ! Also my name is Jean Michelin , you should remember it ! " He tried to bait him with loot and EXP , but he didn't know that this cave was already empty .

Arthur sneered at his attempt and just ignored him .

Jean was pissed by the supposedly expert , not only the number of mobs to farm was so small that only a handfull of players went to level 1 in his group , but now someone dared to ignore even when he was making a great effort in order to poach him . Jean decided that no matter how good this player can be , he wouldn't be able to deal with 11 players at once , he thought that his revenge would come soon enough .

Arthur didn't miss the seemingly evil smirk on the face of the player named Jean , and decided to stay alert as he would probably have to deal with the antics of a self-conceited player later on . He hurried to the shopping area of the village . After checking the price of appraisal of every blacksmith , he sold his 28 Bloodsucking Bat's wings at the great price of 50 copper coins after bargaining and headed to the cheapest blacksmith in term of appraisal . For the price of 30 copper coins , he got his chestplate and gauntlets identified .

[ Light Steel Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +5

Description : A hastily casted Chestplate that barely covers one's body but doesn't restrict mouvements .

Durability 40/40

[ Light Steel Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +2

Description : A hastily casted Steel Gloves that are light but not really protective .

Durability 25/25

Satisfied with getting two free pieces of equipment , no matter how bad they were , Arthur realized that he was followed by someone , but the person tracking him was a beginner at best at this because of how obvious he was . He decided to bait him outside the gate for information , but he got the feeling that it had to do with the greedy player he met 20 minutes ago . Once he was at a sufficient distance from the gate of the village , he started to dash forward . The follower obviously did the same , but what he wasn't ready for is that Arthur has been hiding behind a tree from the moment he got out of sight of the person following him . In an instant , Arthur dealt , to what he realized was a player , 50 damage in a vicous , precise and fast swordsmanship that showed his training . Even if he wanted to get information , he noticed that numerous people were dashing towards his way , so he quickly finished the player he caught , not even letting him the chance of doing anything .

System : Lvl 0 Player Killed . Obtained 58 EXP .

He guessed that he must have been tracked by the group of Jean considering the level of the player he just killed . He immediatly started sprinting towards another location in order to catch another player off guard in a 1v1 as he knew if the 10 players surrounds him , he won't be able to do anything . This bait was repeated 7 times , he decided to show himself as he got rid of the majority of the players while they still didn't realize anything . He got a tremedous 526 EXP from these kills as he realized that killing a player even from the same level doesn't yield the same amount of EXP . He guessed that what he must get everytime he kills someone is the accumulated EXP he has . Getting to a somewhat more open area in the forest , he turned around and waited for about 5 minutes before he saw a group of 3 people arriving in front of him . He laughed when he saw Jean in the middle what a haughty expression and thought that they didn't know what happened to their friends in the forest yet . He needed to act fast or the dead players will respawn and send him a message . He didn't want to let his precious EXP farm get away from him .

" Since I'm a benevolent person , if you give us your equipment then we might let you go after dying once , if not , don't blame me for being impolite , after all in a couple of minutes , 8 players will surround you since I've sent the coordinates , you can't escape . " Sneered Jean as he thought that everything went according to his plan .

Arthur suddenly burst out of laughter and while the 3 players were bewildered by his attitude and thought that he was crazy , he sprinted towards the nearest player to him and started attacking him .

" Kill him ! " Shouted Jean as the 3 players tried to surround him . But he realized that things weren't going well for him as he saw the HP of his friend , or more like his minion getting hacked away at a speed he couldn't understand by the swordsmanship of Arthur . Indeed , Arthur hasn't got hit by anything yet and wasn't going to now , he didn't give a chance to the enemy player and continiously slashed ans stabbed him while dodging every futile attack that could be thrown at him . At the time Jean and the other player arrived near the third player of their group , he was already dead , and Jean realized that he must escape as he had no way of dealing with him with only 2 people .

But Arthur wasn't going to let him go unpunished like this , he dodged the incoming attack of Jean's remaining minion and caught Jean with his superior mouvement speed , threw him towards the last player and stabbed both in the heart , resulting in a critical hit , dealing a huge 25 damage to each . Both of these players had only 110 HP so 25 gone in one hit was a big deal . Jean decided to plead for his life after seeing that he couldn't get away but it didn't matter to Arthur as he finished the job , killing the remaining 2 players . In the end , he earned the massive amount of 1020 EXP by killing these 11 players so he decided to thank Jean for his stupid move . He now only needed 252 EXP to level up to level 5 so he once more searched for a different location in order to farm .

He thought that PK would be quite good in this game considering the EXP gain and thought that assassin guilds would be quite strong aswell . He himself wouldn't choose anything other than swordsman or knight but he now knew that it was a good alternative if you want to grind and improve in fighting . He also guessed that he would have to deal with some of them because he planned to grind to the top of the players in this game , so he would obviously make a lot of enemies .


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