The Sword Path
6 Exploration
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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6 Exploration

After his slaughter , Arthur decided to continue farming as he was somewhat close to level 5 . Not too far from his original location , he found another cave that was much larger than the bat's cave . Like the first time , he approached this cave vigilently but this time , no surprise threat made its way to Arthur . After entering the den , he realized that they were a lot of bones of what seemed to be the Red-Eyed Rabbits and deducted that this must be some sort of larger creature residing in this cave as bats wouldn't be able to eat rabbits , only suck their blood , and he got his answer nearly instantly as he saw a wolf sleeping in the dark of the room he was in . He sneaked next to the wolf and tried to kill it without alarming others as a wolf pack would be impossible to be dealt with at his level . He stabbed hard the head of the wolf and at the same time held tighly his mouth to reduce the noise of its cries . He succeeded in killing the wolf without making too much noise after a few stabs .

System : Lvl 10 Forest Wolf killed . Obtained 10 EXP .

He then dived further in the cave in order to gain more EXP . After killing sneakily a couple of asleep and alone wolves . He got to the point where the wolves were awake and in group of 3 or 4 , seemingly playing around or eating . He couldn't go unnoticed anymore so he went all in and killed the groups , but he didn't even have to go further down the cave anymore as the cries of the slaughtered wolves would alert the nearby groups and then they would make their way to Arthur , who was ready for them .

He earned a massive amount of 240 EXP by doing this , only 12 EXP away from the level up and he knew that there would be a lot of normal wolves remaining before the Boss . Indeed , killing all the wolves in the cave earned him 520 EXP in total and he was now sitting at level 5 and 268 out of 3200 EXP needed to level up . He looked around for the Boss in the last room but he was caught off guard as the only thing he saw was a gray blur dashing at a alarming speed towards him . Fortunately he blocked the attack with his sword , that took a huge hit in durability , thanks to his reflexes but now he knew that the boss was a giant wolf which was faster that him , but atleast he could block the weight behind the attack of the monster at the cost of a few durability points . He quickly approached the giant wolf , not letting it use his speed to back off and engaged the fight with a hard stab into his left front paw and then immediatly pulling back the sword before it got stuck . Arthur knew if he was able to restrict the mouvement of the Boss then his victory was assured . With his first strike , Arthur successfully lowered the ridiculous speed of the beast , but it wasn't enough yet as the wolf lunged itself at Arthur's legs , trying to viciously bite off his right tight . Unfortunately for the wolf , Arthur saw through his tactic and simply jumped above the wolf that could not change his direction anymore and slashed his back in the air and then cutting deeply his left leg when he landed behind it . At this point , the rest of the fight was a child's game for Arthur .

System : Lvl 10 Giant Forest Wolf Killed . Obtained 100 EXP

Somewhat disappointed by the predictable EXP gain , he looked around the last room of the cave trying to find a chest . He then noticed a slight white light hidden at the back of the cave . He opened the white treasure chest hoping for good gears but he only got disappointement .

[ Forest Wood Heavy Bow ] ( Common )

Lvl 7

Equipment requirement : STR 15 DEX 10 AGI 12

Physical Attack Power +6

Description : A basic heavy bow made out of classic wood .

Durability 30/30

[ Silver Ring ] ( Common )

Lvl 0

Equipment requirement : None

Description : Just an expensive silver ring . Could be used for marriage .

Durability 50/50

Wiping his tears away , he decided to sell both items and hoped that he would atleast get a good amount of money from it . He decided to go deeper in the woods to check if he could find anything valuable or maybe another cave to farm . Surprisingly , what he found was a dungeon . As it was his first encounter with it and that there was no information given by Bethasda previously on the matter , he decided to gather information about this dungeon before heading back . He saw that there were 3 different levels for this dungeon , Normal , Diffucult and Hell , and that the maximum amount of players was 4 at the minimum level of 10 . He decided to try to solo the dungeon when he reaches level 10 and finally gets his class . He also noticed that difficult mode and hell mode rewards the player with 50 % more EXP and the hell mode Boss could potentially drop a rare item , not too shabby for a level 10 dungeon . He decided to take a look at the exterior of the dungeon to try guessing what type of monsters could be in it as it would be a valuable information , but since the exterior was just thick wood that wouldn't let people see through , he could only retreat back and head to the village .

He checked the time he had left until 9 pm and was surprised when he saw that he only spent 4 hours to grind to level 5 , while he excepted to take 14 . He now had 10 extra hours to work with in order to try and get above the other players . But while he was heading back to the village , his instinct suddenly ringed the alarm but his body wasn't fast enough . He felt pain at his back and noticed he lost 40 HP in one hit by something unknown . It was the first time he got hit in the game , and the fact that he lost 40 HP instantly by something he didn't notice was enough for him to understand that a threat was hiding from him . He decided to feign running back scared to the village and his bait worked , but the attacker was bigger than he excepted .

Landing in front of him was a 10 feet tall humanoid demon with an oversized jaw filled with razor like teeth . The demon blocked Arthur's way and started laughing at the puny human in front of him . He then said with a deep and menacing tone :

" Finally I encountered my first meal in a while , HAHAHAHA "

Arthur didn't answer to what he thought was a provocation and just got in stance as he was excited to finally have a decent fight .


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