The Sword Path
7 A Close Call
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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7 A Close Call

The oversized demon didn't waste any time as he charged towards Arthur , who wanted to test the strength of his enemy . Arthur decided to take the demon's blow by blocking it with his two hands on the sword . But the simple strike of the demon with his claymore sent Arthur flying and hitting the tree behing him , causing 12 damage even though the parry was perfect . Arthur now knew that he had to use the fact that he was much faster than his enemy against him because he couldn't handle the demon's strength . Meanwhile , the demon was smirking at the power difference . But this smirk was quickly replaced by a frowning expression and an irritated look after a couple of minutes where Arthur didn't take any hit and caused some damage to the demon everytime he could . The devil decided to take the fight seriously as it was getting dangerous for him .

He was getting annoyed at the sight of this puny human dodging him constantly and he suddenly inflated his arm and roared as he dangerously approached Arthur's head with his claymore . The strength of the strike was enough to cause a small crater but unfortunately , even if this blow was fast , it wasn't fast enough for Arthur that simply side stepped enough to not get caught by the impact and used the inflated arm that was immobile for a while as a stair to viciously stab the right eye of the demon .

" Ahhhh ! You insect ! " cried the demon while trying to stop the blood from escaping his eye .

Now having lost an eye , the demon was completely furious , what he thought would be an easy meal seriously injured him in the process . He decided to let go of his claymore that was stuck in the ground and started to strike fiercely Arthur with two inflated arms this time . The player immediatly retreated to a safe distance as he didn't want to get hit , but the demon wasn't done yet . At the tip of his finger , some sort of dark red energy converged and , sensing the danger , Arthur blocked the energy beam with his one-handed sword in a quick slash . Realizing that his sword's durability went down by 6 in this single attack , he guessed that this beam must have been what hit him in the back previously and now knew that he absolutely needed to not get hit by it again .

The fight continued with arthur dodging the furious arms of the demon while stopping him from picking back his claymore that was still in the same place . The demon now realized that he needed to change the tide or he would lose this battle . He fired 3 energy beams in a small interval of time and 2 unfortunately hit Arthur . Now with less than half of his health points , Arthur was in danger and the demon sensed that considering the low damage of his opponent , except his swordsmanship and his speed , he wouldn't have another strong point so he must now be seriously hit . Thus , the demon charged towards his sword without paying attention to the vicious slashes of Arthur that retreated once the demon had his claymore back in his hand . But Arthur took advantage of this by stabbing deeply into the demon's arm at the last second .

For about 3 seconds , the demon and Arthur simply looked at each other , at maximum tension knowing that this would be the last exchange of the match . The demon took the opportunity by picking , with an inflated arm that temporarily let go of his claymore as his other arm was now disabled , the boulder near him and throwing it at Arthur . This was a mistake that Arthur wouldn't miss as he ran towards the demon while he was picking up the boulder , resulting in him being able to cause a serious injury to the right tight of the demon . Destabilized by Arthur's attack , the demon had to drop the boulder and tried to pick his claymore back but the moment he reached the hilt of his sword , His hand was completely stabbed through by Arthur who twisted his sword immediatly and then jumped back . Screaming in pain , the demon who wasn't thinking right enough wanted to catch Arthur in his arm and crush him . Arthur simply bend down and lightly slashed the left leg of the demon . Now injured on every arm and leg , and having only his left leg kind of usable . The demon was doomed as his sight became blurred because of the continious damage and blood loss .

The demon decided to run away from Arthur as a last attempt to live because he knew that he couldn't defeat him now . Arthur who didn't think the demon that was boasting previously would try to run away from the fight , was caught off guard as the demon pushed him away from him . Thinking that even though he could catch up , it was dangerous to blindly follow the demon in an somewhat unknown forest . He picked up the claymore with his two arms , and , not without trouble , threw the weapon at the head of the demon . With a precise aim even considering the weight of the weapon , the demon's head got crushed by the weight , velocity and cutting edge of the claymore and finally died .

Panting heavily because of his last move , he sit down in the middle of the forest , satisfied by his first true fight in the game and slightly irritated by his lack of power .

System : Lvl 10 Demonic minion killed . Obtained 40 EXP .

Arthur frowned when he saw the little amount of EXP he gained and the fact that this monster was just a level 10 minion . He hoped that the demonic invasion he guessed would happen would let him first grind in levels . He also noted that his lack of skills put him at a severe disadvantage in the fight . He decided to check for atleast an appraisal skill in the village when he gets to the shopping area , but he first needed to carry the big body of the demon he just killed to alarm the village chief .

He first checked his status to spend his 5 remaining attribute points . He put + 2 in WIS , +2 in AGI and +1 in STR .

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Lvl : 5

Skills : 0/2

HP : 108/240

EP : 130/130

Defense : 3.8

Physical Attack Power : 4.4

Magical Attack Power : 1

Mouvement Speed : 4.6

Stats : STR : 22

END : 19

AGI : 23

DEX : 11

INT : 5

WIS : 8

LUK : 6

Free Attribute Points : 0

Equipment :

[ Basic Steel One-Handed Sword ] ( Trash )

Lvl 1

Equipment requirement : STR 6

Physical Attack Power +4

Durability 13/25

Description : A hastily casted one-handed sword by a beginner blacksmith . You can't find worse in the Steel Village .

[ Light Steel Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +5

Description : A hastily casted Chestplate that barely covers one's body but doesn't restrict mouvements .

Durability 23/40

[ Light Steel Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +2

Description : A hastily casted Steel Gloves that are light but not really protective .

Durability 20/25

He also needed to repair his equipment before trying to farm again , and he didn't know if he had enough money to do all these things . Sighting as he knew he lost more than he won in this fight , he returned to the village carrying a 10 feet tall body on his back .


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