The Sword Path
8 Alarming The Vaenith Empire
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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8 Alarming The Vaenith Empire

Arthur arrived at the gate of the village covered in sweat while carrying the body of the now dead demon . The few nearby players recognized him as the guy that killed them when they tried to steal his equipment , so they decided to not get close to him , but they couldn't stop to ask themselves where did he find a demon and more importantly , how did he killed him . Noticing the few curious or greedy looks thrown his way by the players , Arthur decided to simply ignore them as he got closer and closer to the village gate . A guard came close to him and asked him where did this body comes from , and if he was an enemy or not .

" Well , what happened was that after killing a few wolves north from there , a demon suddenly appeared behind me and after we fought for a while , I luckily killed him and decided to bring back his corpse to tell the village's chief . " said Arthur .

" ... Such a troublesome situation , an adventurer recently discovered a corrupted monster in a cave so the village's chief went to Stonedge City to inform the higher-ups , but he should be coming back soon so you should wait in the guard's building , we will inform the village's chief once he comes back ." answered the guard .

Nodding , Arthur went to the huge building nearby and entered a quite large simple room where he finally put down the body of the dead demon . After waiting for about 25 minutes , someone opened the door and behind him was the serious looking village's chief .

" Oh , we meet again , you truly have a good luck for finding demons in the woods , don't you ? " joked the village's chief .

" That is a luck that I would gladly get rid off if you ask me " answered while laughing Arthur .

" Anyway , now it is a fully fledged demon instead of just corrupted monsters huh ... " said the village's chief looking down on the demon's corpse .

" Now I really need to go to the capital of the Vaenith Empire for this matter , it could really become dangerous if demons came back to the mortal realm . " he added

" Thanks for your cooperation young adventurer once more , the fact that you managed to kill a demon , even if it was only a minion at such a level proves that you have some capabilities .Don't hesitate to pass the soldier exam in the capital if you want to go down the path of a warrior .We wouldn't refuse a talented young blood ."

System : Major Hidden Quest Completed : Corruption's signs (2)

Obtained 3000 EXP

Obtained Weak Runic Leather Cape

Arthur leveled up to 6 with 208 out of 6400 EXP needed . He looked at the new item he received .

[ Weak Runic Leather Cape ] ( Common )

Lvl 5

Equipment requirement : AGI 15

Defense +3

Agility +2

Effect : { Float } Gives the wearer the ability to float and not receive fall damage .

Description : A bad leather cape that was used for training by a apprentice runemaster . Atleast it works .

Durability : 20/20

Arthur liked the stats and the effect , but could only laugh at the description , he wondered at what point the system would stop slandering the items he gets .

Equipping his gear , he moved towards the shop district to sell the numerous forest wolves' fangs he received from his farm and the equipment he couldn't use . He surprisingly earned the big amount of 5 silvers due to the demon's claymore actually being of good quality . He rushed towards the skill store to check for some sort of appraisal . Entering the shabby office , he looked through the numerous old books on the walls of the store . While he couldn't find the appraisal skill like he hoped , he found another great alternative , a skill called 'discerning eyes' .

{ Discerning Eyes} Gives the user the ability to discern the strength and abilities of monsters or objects .

While this description was simple , it would mean that he could somehow see what he would fight against if the enemy wasn't completely over his level . But when he checked the price , he nearly choked . This thing was priced for 4 and a half silver , nearly all he had . He finally decided to buy it even if that would mean he probably wouldn't be able to completely repair his gear , but this type of ability was too good to be given up , and he didn't know if this skill book would wait for him . Learning the skill , now filling one of his skill slot , he quickly used it as he knew that using a skill over and over would level it up , and his EP were only used by this ability right now so he lost nothing . He realized that he needed to use 10 EPs for the duration of 5 seconds so he emptied his reserve of EP by looking around in the street . He checked the EXP bar of the skill and noticed that he was at a quarter of it but the regeneration of his EP would take a lot of time anyway so he put that matter away .

He decided to use his 5 attributes points , +2 WIS , +2 END and +1 AGI . He decided to not invest as much in strength early on as he realized that even if he dealt less damage , he could just dodge the opponent's attack to defeat them .

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Lvl : 6

Skills : 1/2 { Discerning Eyes }

HP : 260/260

EP : 10/140

Defense : 4.2

Physical Attack Power : 4.4

Magical Attack Power : 1

Mouvement Speed : 4.8

Stats : STR : 22

END : 21

AGI : 24

DEX : 11

INT : 5

WIS : 10

LUK : 6

Free Attribute Points : 0

Equipment :

[ Basic Steel One-Handed Sword ] ( Trash )

Lvl 1

Equipment requirement : STR 6

Physical Attack Power +4

Durability 13/25

Description : A hastily casted one-handed sword by a beginner blacksmith . You can't find worse in the Steel Village .

[ Light Steel Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +5

Description : A hastily casted Chestplate that barely covers one's body but doesn't restrict mouvements .

Durability 23/40

[ Light Steel Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +2

Description : A hastily casted Steel Gloves that are light but not really protective .

Durability 20/25

[ Weak Runic Leather Cape ] ( Common )

Lvl 5

Equipment requirement : AGI 15

Defense +3

Agility +2

Effect : { Float } Gives the wearer the ability to float and not receive fall damage .

Description : A bad leather cape that was used for training by a apprentice runemaster . Atleast it works .

Durability : 20/20

Satisfied with his status , he approached one of the blacksmith to check the repair cost . After a few trip , he could only repair his sword and his chestplate for the money he had left .

Meanwhile , in a huge building that looked quite luxurious in the capital of the Vaenith Empire , one could see 5 old men sitting around a table made out of gold and platinum . They all looked somewhat agitated as the news of a demon roaming aroung the mortal realm made its way to their ears .

" So that gate has finally opened .... " said the old man that bore a scary looking scar across his face and looked the most muscular out of the 5.

" Well , we knew that the seal wouldn't last long already , but this is too early compared to what should have happened . " answered the old man that had glasses .

" Maybe ... maybe the seal has been weakened because of the arrival of the God's chosen ..." said the man holding a majestic looking sword by his side .

No one answered , as the arrival of the players was a big issue right now for these five men that held the power in the Vaenith Empire .

Arthur didn't know yet that his actions of discovering the demon so early would have great repercussions on the future of the players in the Vaenith Empire .


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