The Sword Path
9 The First Swordsman
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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9 The First Swordsman

For the 8 hours left on his schedule , Arthur aimed to get to level 10 to be able to go to Stonedge City and pick up his class . He didn't know if there would be any leaderboards but he knew for a fact that nobody would have been able to get to level 10 yet if not for some sort of hidden quests , but he himself already completed two of these , earning a massive amount of 4000 EXP in total .

The next 5 hours were spent farming various monsters hidden deep in the forest , but none of them were higher than level 10 . Having earned quite a bit of money , 8 silvers , and now being level 10 , he used his attributes points , +6 AGI , +4 WIS , +3 STR , +5 END +2 DEX , he also earned an extra skill slot . He decided to head to Stonedge City . Paying the 30 coppers necessary to use the portal , he took a step into the blue gate and after feeling dizzy for a second , he arrived at Stonedge City .

Seeing the number of NPCs compared to the village he was previously , he thought that if a player was able to buy a shop in this city , he could get quite the amount of money .

Arthur thought of first visiting the city before heading to the adventurer's guild where one could advance into a class at level 10 . It took him nearly an hour to tour the city , and Arthur arrived in front of the building for the adventurer's guild .

' Well , if even the adventurer's guild has the fund to build something this majestic in a normal city , I can't imagine how rich the empire must be and how would look the Capital . ' thought Arthur awed at the architecture of the building in front of him .

He entered the guild , and was very surprised to see nearly no one in the building except the few receptionists and people that didn't look very approachable . He made his way to one of the receptionist .

" Hello , I would like to get my main class "

" Well that was fast , we didn't except to see an immortal so early , what class would you like to get ? "

"Swordsman " answered Arthur .

" Ok , let me get the class change orb . " said the receptionist while walking towards the door in the back .

5 minutes later , the receptionist came back with a mystical looking orb in his hand . He first explained how the class change would happen .

" Once you touch the class change orb you will be transported to a illusionary realm where you will have to do a few tasks in order to receive the class you want . Your grade in these tasks will result in having a superior swordsman class or not , to the point of simply failing if you perform really terribly . "

Grabbing the orb in his hand , he received a notification .

System : Does player wants to challenge the class change for Swordsman ( Gray to purple ) ?

He guessed that the colors indicated must be the different grades as he remembered that items bore the same colors to differentiate their ranks . He chose yes and his body disappeared into the orb .

Opening his eyes , he was standing in an empty green and vast plaine with a man with no face in front of him . As the mysterious man was standing , ready to attack Arthur , the player decided to ready himself looking at the body of the faceless man . He realized that he had exactly the same body as himself , he thought that it was maybe a mirror match . Arthur went on the offensive by first throwing a couple of light slashes to test the water , the faceless man parried and dodged them all , but it was awkward and showed the lack of strength and technique . Seeing this Arthur went a little bit harder and soon dominated the match . But while the faceless man was getting more and more injured , he was also improving a lot under the strikes of Arthur , and the player noticed that the man in front of him was indeed a mirror of himself , everytime Arthur took things a bit more seriously , the faceless man just took a few of seconds to catch up , and the injuries on his body didn't seem actually real , they didn't restrict his mouvement and even severed limbs regrew in seconds . Arthur thought that his enemy was not meant to be defeated , but since he was supposed to get a grade , he decided to go all in to see what would happen . In an instant , the faceless man's head was flying through the air separated from his body . The headless man's body fell to the ground while his head crashed aswell . Arthur was waiting for his enemy to get back up like usual , but it didn't happen , and he instead got a notification .

System : ( Epic : Purple ) Swordsman class apprentice ( Tier 1 ) obtained .

Feeling dumbfounded by his gain , his body was dragged back to reality . Not having learned the class yet , he was instantly asked by the receptionist how did it go and what grade did he earned . But seeing the glint in the guild's receptionist eyes , he decided to lie and tell that he earned the common swordsman's class . The disappointed and somewhat condescending look the receptionist gave him for a split second didn't miss his eyes and he thought that they must be trying to control the players that get good classes early on , and he was right .

Leaving the adventurer's guild building he decided to learn the epic rated swordsman class he earned , but he got shocked by the benefits he earned with it .

| Swordsman apprentice | ( Epic - Tier 1 )

+ 5 STR , +5 AGI , +3 END , + 3 WIS , +2 DEX

Class characteristic :

Sword mastery : Deals + 30% damage with sword type weapons ( Lvl 1 )

+ 30 % EXP to class skills

The bonus attributes and the sword mastery passive was huge , but the extensive list of skills he could learn amazed him even more . As the owner of a epic rated class , he could actually create a skill every 20 levels instead of picking one , but the skills he got access to weren't worse either .

As the sword mastery passive was a forced skill , he only had one spot left , and decided to learn a skill that would be relevant no matter his level , sword energy . He now had a percentage of his prana that could be used to coat his weapons and have long ranged attack .

When he finalized the change , he got a notification .

GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT : Player Arthur Pendragon is the first player to have earned a class !

Surprised by the message , he quickly checked his message to open the reward he got from being the first player to obtain a class in the world .

While Arthur was checking his stats and rewards , every players in the world were dumbfounded by the fact that someone was level 10 already while the average was still lvl 4 or so , and the experts were irritated by the fact that someone unknown surpassed them in farming and swore to remember his name .


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